Project Monitoring Report For one@ more


Following the success of the campaign For one@ more, by Worldcoo in April 2013, the official report will enable all our donors to see the evolution of this campaign. The project´s objective was to raise the necessary funds for a student from a poor country or a situation of conflict, to come and en-role at the International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies of the University Jaume I, located in the town of Castellón. The idea for the campaign came from the students themselves following the cancellation of all public subsidies for the granting of these scholarships.

Raul Montes Osorio, was the lucky one who received the award thanks to funding obtained by the community @Worldcoo. A total of € 5,340 was raised in 5 weeks, from 146 donors. According to Raul´s report, the results of his first year have been more than satisfactory, both in academics and student integration into the community. In his final year, apart from gaining the last 60 credits of the Master,  Raul needs to present his final Master’s project  in Professional Counseling publicly before a tribunal constituted for this purpose. This is to evaluate the quality of work and decide if it is suitable for obtaining the ´Masters´ title.

We wish you the best of luck in this course Raul!

Read the full report  in spanish here: Crowdfunding Junio_septiembre Report 2014

View video report final collection

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