Reduce child malnutrition in the community of sopachuy

Sopachuy community is located in Bolivia and, together with Alcalá and El Villar, be a part of Alcalá Territorial Development Area (ADT Alcalá). ADT focus its attention in promote the welfare in childhood and adolescence in these municipalities.

The main source of income and foods in Sopachuy is farming. The population of Sopachuy lives in a situation of poverty and vulnerability. For example, the 37% of the population haven’t secure water, in other words, obtains water from rain, rivers, slopes or ditches.

Sopachuy has one of the poorest IDH in Bolivia, it ranks in 286 from 327. The child malnutrition rate in Sopachuy is high, for every 100 children, 24 have chronic malnutrition. Definitively, in Sopachuy there are social inequalities that negatively affect, physical and emotionally way to children and to the general population.

In order to solve this inequalities, ADT Alcalá with Ayuda en Acción, has created a project that will allow to articulate the resources and efforts of three micro-projects: Food Security and Revitalization of Local Economies, Quality Schools and Social Health Management.

child malnutrition

Netquest wants to continue generating positive social impact and is going to work together with Ayuda en Acción to help to reduce child malnutrition in Sopachuy. Thanks to Nicequest users, the following aims will be achieved:

  • Increase the availability of diversified foods in families and schools.
  • Consolidate healthy eating habits in families.
  • Increase the family incomes from crops and improving access to irrigation water.
  • Reorientation of local health system, articulating in efforts to reduce malnutrition and in the health promotion.

In this project, the money raised by the Netquest users through the exchange of their points will be designated to transport, materials, personnel, training and others. The biggest beneficiaries of the project will be 67 children and youth from an educational unit, but other 55 adults will be also benefited, for example, 10 teachers. With the improvements made by ADT Alcalá project other 165 people will be indirectly benefited.

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