School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers

Today we want to explain the story of John, a man of 49 years old that, as a many people in Spain, he lost his job years ago and he hasn’t found a new job yet.

When Johbecascomedorn lost his job 5 years ago he never thought that would mean in his life and in the life of his family.

The first month without finding a job he didn’t care, he thought that he could spend time with his son David those months. The months went by, John did not find a job and the situation in John’s house went worse with the time.

One day, John and his family haven’t dinner. John tried to cheat on his child’s stomach giving him something for eat that he found in home but, when they were staying in the bed, David asked to his father why they went to the bed without dinner. John remember that moment like one of the hardest moments in his life.

Luckily, David is receiving now one of the school lunchroom that Educo provides and he can have a daily healthy meal every day.

David, at least once a day eats well, because in home he doesn’t eat well, neither he nor any of us”- John


David enjoying his meal thanks to school lunchroom

Unfortunately, like John, there are many families living in poverty and they can’t provide the adequate food to his sons. We recall that Spain is the second country of the European Union that have the child poverty rate higher: 1 of 3 children live below the poverty line.

Today we are happy to announce that Redcoon customers, once again, have helped to Educo to guarantee a daily balanced meal to children living at risk of social exclusion.

We thank to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users to continue helping achieve a better life for children living in poverty and the life of their families.

With this project, we have 34 projects funded!

The Worldcoo team.


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