Social Round Up in Condis Supermarkets

The customers of Condis can round up their purchase and collaborate with Ayuda en Acción


Condis Supermarket launches this week its third charity campaign through the Social Round Up leaded by Worldcoo.

It means that everyone who pays with card, will have the opportunity to round up their ticket and donate the cents to, in this case, Ayuda en Acción.

The objective: support school reinforcement to minors at risk of social exclusion

logo_ayudaDid you know that in Spain the 31% of population under 16 is at risk of poverty and social exclusion? In order to prevent situations of poverty and inequality, the NGO Ayuda en Acción offers help to vulnerable families so that children and young people can have the same basic skills and education opportunities.

Through this campaign, the customers of Condis will be able to contribute with the institution in order that they can offer scholarships for school supplies, educational reinforcement activities and psychosocial support for children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

The social Round Up in Condis Supermarkets

logo-condisCent to cent, the customers of Condis have had the opportunity to show their social commitment and collaborate with Fundació Arrels, Educo and the Spanish Federation of Rare Disease. This is the third campaign that they launch through the Social Round Up.

If you want, you can have more information about this and the other funded projects HERE.

Worldcoo Team

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