Syrian refugees: emergency help

The situation of Syrian refugees is not improving. Syrian people continue to come to Europe to flee from the situation they are having in their country and the number of people who have died trying to cross the Mediterranean has increased. Refugee reception centers are scarce, winter is coming and the government does not respond with the celerity and solidarity that this situation requires.

Many people that are arriving in Europe from Syria are children, most of them are traveling alone and they may be exposed to become victims of violence, human trafficking, corruption or extortion. Aldeas Infantiles SOS, are focusing on attending to children that have lost their parents or that are separated from them. They are also focusing on mothers with young children. They are giving food supplies like products for babies, blankets and diapers and they are increasing childcare places.

Nicequest, the online platform that converts the participation in opinionated studies in a new pleasant and remunerated experience, wanted to contribute with Aldeas Infantiles SOS. Their aim is to help children traveling alone, young mothers and mothers with young children with malnutrition and protect them from the effects of war and displacement, offered to its users the possibility to change their points for donations.

Syrian Refugees: emergency help

In only two weeks, Nicequest users have donated 10.000 euros and, thanks to them, Aldeas Infantiles SOS will provide emergency kits with food and basic hygiene and food products to address the most pressing needs of Syrian children.  They also will provide kits with basic products of sanitation and hygiene, raincoats and blankets to cover children needs.

We would like to thank Nicequest for their commitment, once again, to give assistance to refugee children and we would also like to thank to Nicequest users for their solidarity, thanks to them, 500 people will be directly benefited.

With this project, we have 35 funded projects and more than 64.000 direct beneficiaries!

The Worldcoo team.

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