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Nicequest and polio eradicating
Red Cross 150th Anniversary

Nicequest and polio eradicating


In their last challenge, Nicequest users had shown their solidarity to prevent malnutrition in Lake Chad, where the conflict that began more than seven years ago is now affecting more than 6 million people.  With their help, Oxfam Intermón will be able to distribute hygienic kits and water to hundreds of families (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, its new goal is to contribute to the eradication of polio in Nigeria, where new cases of this disease have recently been detected, especially in areas affected by wars and violence.

They will do it in the hand of Unicef, who with their help will be able to vaccinate 8,000 children and put an end to this highly contagious disease, which attacks the nervous system and prevents normal development, especially for children under 5 years.

If you more information about this project of follow the donation process, you can do it HERE.

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Red Cross 150th Anniversary

Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, was born on May 8 in 1828 Geneva. In 1863 he conceived the idea of relief societies in peacetime (in response to the suffering of injured soldiers abandoned on the battlefield of Solferino in northern Italy), whose purpose is to care the wounded in wartime by enthusiastic volunteers fully qualified for the job.

This idea was picked up by a group of four Swiss citizens belonging to the Geneva Society, which together with Dunant was later known as the “Committee of Five”: Moynier, Dufour, Appia and Maunoir. This committee was the one who drove Dunant’s ideas gave rise in 1863 to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Movement was born to alleviate suffering in the battlefields, but soon made ​a commitment to prevent and relieve suffering in all times and places. This caused an evolution that can be divided into three stages:

– Humanitarian action for the victims of armed conflicts.
– Humanitarian action for the victims of natural disasters and other peacetime.
– Preventing for social welfare and quality of life.
With seven basic principles which should be shared by all parts of the Movement:
– Humanity
– Impartiality
– Neutrality
– Independence
– Voluntary Service
– Unity
– Universality
Today, the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) celebrates his 150th anniversary, and has become a worlwide movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, memebers and staff in all the world, that continues are helping every day.
Worldcoo fully shares the principles of the Red Cross and wants to congratulate all the people that made this possible in his 150th anniversary.
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