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CSR in e-commerce: 4 small actions which can produce big results
4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business
5 actions you can start to take to implement CSR in your e-commerce

CSR in e-commerce: 4 small actions which can produce big results

The fact that Social Corporate Responsibility is taking centre stage in companies is a reality that digital businesses, and of course, e-commerce businesses cannot escape. To be aware that companies operate in a society and a surrounding which they need to take care of is key to carry out whichever activity.

Sometimes, however, CSR can be seen from certain businesses as something which is not achievable for everybody, and that it is something which implies big investment of time and capital. And what if, in reality it is simpler than what we believe it is?

Here are 4 ideas of CSR actions you can take, which without needing a great investment, can produce big results for the business and the society in which it operates:

  1. Honesty, transparency, and confidence when dealing with a client.

What defines a business is the way it connects and interacts with its clients. In e-commerce, also, generating confidence between the organisation and client is essential to overcoming the barriers which can sometimes come about with online shopping.

Basing this relationship on values such as honesty, transparency and confidence is the first step to make the business a socially responsible organisation, and also, the business will earn more!

  1. Non-discriminatory policies when employing people.

In a society which does not discriminate, businesses should support the non-discrimination. To not refuse entry of a talent into a business for discriminatory motives will not only nurture the business with better professionals, but it will also provide the atmosphere of the business with a more open and just way of thinking.

  1. Involvement in social projects.

There are many ways for a businesses to play a simple part in social projects. The widget developed by Worldcoo, for example, allows e-commerce clients to donate a small amount of money to a particular project. Simple, transparent and socially responsible.

  1. To take responsibility for faulty products.

In e-commerce it is essential, as we have already said, to rely on the client’s confidence. To give the appropriate response to potential errors when providing a service or when selling a faulty product is not only a socially responsible action to take, but it also ensures the best possible offer for the customer and, therefore, a higher level of satisfaction and a bigger success in the businesses’ results


Worldcoo Team.

4 CSR actions you can take that will also lead to savings for your business

If one of our recent posts motivated you to start implementing CSR policies in your business, well now we are going to give you another list with four CSR actions which will not only maximise the positive impact your business has on society but which will also reduce costs and increase profits for your company.

Since Corporate Social Responsibility has a positive impact on everyone and is affordable for everyone, take note of these 4 CSR actions!

accionsrscb1. Promote actions which save energy. Switching off the lights when you don’t need them, reusing paper when it is not absolutely essential to use new paper, avoiding printing off documents when it isn’t necessary, switching off the computers before leaving the office … These practices don’t only show that you respect the environment, but they also help to reduce costs within the company.

2. Train your employees. To rely on a motivated team is to rely on people who are happy with their jobs, something which has a direct impact on our society but also on the company itself. A motivated team implies greater efficiency in the workplace. Make sure that you add value to your employees and you will see that, in the medium-term, counting on them and their energy will prove to be an investment and money-saving for the business.

3. Reconcile! Going back to point number two, a happy team has a direct impact on the economic results of the business. Did you know that one of the biggest worries for Spanish people is being able to reconcile their work life with their personal life? Make it easy for them, and you will notice that sooner rather than later, you will reap the benefits.

4. Donate your product or service. A donation to an appropriate organization or to a suitable movement could prove to be a strong tool for promoting your business. How much would it cost you to reach your target audience by paying for conventional media advertising? Do the maths; a lot of the time, investing in donations is essentially saving money in advertisement without giving up the benefits.

Worldcoo Team.

5 actions you can start to take to implement CSR in your e-commerce

Businesses that focus their efforts to sell through the internet must have the same, if not more, commitment to help the environment and society than traditional businesses. Convincing a demanding client to buy will depend largely on their capability to get involved in improving the world in which they live in.

That is why we are giving you 5 actions which you can start to take to implement CSR in your e-commerce.

1. If your businesses deals with food, donate what is surplus to food banks in your area.

Does your e-commerce dedicate itself to the world of food and sometimes find itself with food leftover and with no other option but to throw it away? Give it a better use! Take it to a food bank close by. Practically zero investment, however most definitely a positive impact.

2. Recycle all the waste that you produce.

Recycling is a way to show respect for our surroundings and to look after the environment. A simple action such as separating the waste the business produces can make a great impact on society – not only because of the action itself, but also to create awareness amongst the staff.

3. Cooperate in promoting solidarity actions carried out by other organisations and businesses.

imatge_bombetaYour business is a fantastic channel to give visibility to solidarity actions of all sorts. Engage with their causes and use all your means to make them visible to your public. To do this, tools such as our widget will prove very useful for you.

4. Sponsor cultural events.

Culture is one of the values that involves a lot of people; don’t allow your business to be left on the sidelines. Choose those cultural events that identify themselves with the image of your brand the most whilst also showing your contribution to society.

5. Create your own non-formal educative project.

It could be a workshop directed towards adults or towards children. You can show and teach new pieces of technology to those who still have not discovered them, or give the essential keys to have a healthy diet, or explain which is the best way to create a start-up. Use and transform what your business has to contribute to the world and … give it a go!

Worldcoo Team.

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