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Today is the World Cancer Day
PromoFarma against skin cancer

Today is the World Cancer Day

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Today is the World Cancer Day, a key date on the calendar to make visible the importance of medical research, necessary to find new and better treatments that contribute to increase the healing capacity and decrease the side effects of the disease.

This month, some of the companies that collaborate with us, have joined the cause and show their commitment with people with cancer and with the medical research.

logo_BonPreuEsclatFor example, through the Charity Round Up all the customers of Bonpreu i Esclat can make a micro-donation and collaborate with AFANOC to improve the life quality of children with cancer through leisure.

logo_ticketmasterBut they are not the only ones.  Ticketmaster España, for example, offer to all who buy a ticket, the option to add 1€ for charity and collaborate with AECC to guarantee the coverage of basic needs of patients with cancer at risk of social exclusion.

logo_hawkersAlso Hawkers collaborates with the cause. They have launched a new project in which they invite their customers to make a micro-donaton and collaborate with Cris Contra el Cáncer to contribute to improve the current medical therapies.

Finally the customers of bonÀrea have raised more than €46,500 to collaborate with child cancer research through the creation of the new Pediatric Cancer Center, leaded by SJD Sant Joan de Déu.

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PromoFarma against skin cancer


¨Skin is a 90% of your selfie.  Protect it against sun, capture your best image”.

PromoFarma has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the skin from the sun.

Together with influencers and collaborators of the leading parapharmacy sales portal in Spain, the objective of the campaign is none other than to become aware of the harmful effects of solar radiation when there is no adequate protection.

logo_CRISIn line with the recently launched campaign, from now on, all of PromoFarma’s clients have the opportunity to collaborate with Cris against Cancer Foundation with the aim of obtaining the necessary funding to develop innovative therapies, and new methods to help fight skin cancer of all patients; by far, the most common type of cancer.

You can check de donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team

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