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Our 2018
School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report
The UNICEF’s promise is renewed

Our 2018


Our Annual Corporate Report is now available

The 2018 has been the year of implementation and consolidation of the Social Round Up as our new fundraising channel for social causes. In total, more than 300 establishments have offered their customers the option to round up their ticket, which has allowed us to achieve more than 260,000 donations.

On the other hand, our fundraising channel for ecommerce, has doubled the number of donations versus the previous year.

The collaboration of the 50 “companies with a cause” that have implemented one of our four fundraising solutions (Social Round Up, Charity Widget, Social Platform and Online Bank) have allowed us to get 444,774 donations.

But the most important thing for us is that all these donations made in 2018 have enabled that 84,000 people from 74 different countries receive help through the 74 campaigns that have been funded, most of all related to health, education and food projects.


We invite you to know a little bit more how has been our 2018 through our Annual Corporate Report HERE.

Worldcoo Team

School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report

At the beginning of September 2014, the e-commerce Redcoon became a new sponsor of Worldcoo. It meant that, since then, their customers had the possibility to donate 1€ in every purchase that they made to help fund a high social impact project.

The first project with which Redcoon began to collaborate was the School Lunchroom Program of Educo. Two months after the project started, Redcoon decided to enlarge the term to continue to get fund for the cause of School Lunchroom of Educo. From there, the alliance between Redcoon and Educo grew stronger and they decided to make a new project in every season in the year with the aim that the Spanish children could have a school lunchroom all the year. One year after, Redcoon and Educo have served their purpose. They haven’t stopped distribute School Lunchroom to Spanish children.

One of the commitments of Worldcoo is to support transparency of the donations, for this reason, today we show you an annual report where you can see in which things Educo has distributed every donated euro by Redcoon customers.

The projects that have been funded this year by Redcoon customers are the following:

  • School Lunchroom Program: 4.510€
  • This Christmas, School lunchroom program: 6.000€
  • Spring – School lunchroom program: 8.040€
  • Summer Lunchroom program: 6.000€

With the donations made by Redcoon customers, 24.550€ have been collected and it has been distributed in 46 school lunchrooms during the school year and 36 school lunchrooms during the summer. Educo has been able to distribute 9.820 meals in 21 school from 9 Spanish regions.

school lunchroom 2014-2015

Finally, we want to thank all the people that have helped to fund the four projects and we remind you that a new school lunchroom project has started. We encourage you to continue helping these children that are living at the risk of poverty.

The Worldcoo team.

The UNICEF’s promise is renewed

UNICEF has already published its annual report about the child survival in the World. They have named it “Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed”, because, as Anthony Lake, its executive director writes, “there is much to celebrate”, but still help is needed. This is why their promise to help the children all over the world has been renewed.

More children now survive their fifth birthday than ever before ― the global number of under-five deaths has fallen from around 12 million in 1990 to an estimated 6.9 million in 2011 (according to UNICEF). All regions have shown steady reductions in under-five mortality over the past two decades. In the last decade alone, progress on reducing child deaths has accelerated, with the annual rate of decline in the global under-five mortality rate rising from 1.8% in 1990-2000 to 3.2% in 2000-2011.

The gains have been broad, with marked falls in diverse countries. Between 1990 and 2011, nine low-income countries — Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Niger and Rwanda — reduced their under-five mortality rate by 60% or more.

But any satisfaction at these gains is tempered by the unfinished business that remains. The fact remains that, on average, around 19,000 children still die every day from largely preventable causes. With necessary vaccines, adequate nutrition and basic medical and maternal care, most of these young lives could be saved.

As the message of this UNICEF report makes clear, countries can achieve rapid declines in child mortality, with determined action by governments and supportive partners. Their progress over the last two decades has taught UNICEF that sound strategies, adequate resources and, above all, political will, can make a critical difference to the lives of millions of young children.

This report concludes that “the unfinished business of child survival remains substantial, but extraordinary progress is possible in reducing under-five deaths in all regions and mortality settings. Many countries have managed to sustain high rates of reduction over more than two decades; indeed, more than half have already reached low-mortality status”.

Source: UNICEF.

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