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We win the first Entrepeneur Marathon of “Catalunya Ràdio” !
Worldcoo has been awarded “the Best Social Initiative in a Digital Environment”

We win the first Entrepeneur Marathon of “Catalunya Ràdio” !

log_catradioLast week Catalunya Ràdio, one of the main radios in Catalunya (Spain), celebrated its first Entrepreneur Marathon, an event that was celebrated because of the final season of the radio program “Revolution 4.0”, an space dedicated to entrepreneurship and digital evolution.


Each of the seven participants that were part of this first edition, we had the opportunity to explain our project in speeding format before a jury formed by collaborators of the program.

In particular, Worldcoo stands out for our project idea, business and future projection of Worldcoo, which highlights the future launch of our new channel of reuptake with which we can donate directly in the physical store when paying by credit card. Maier 3D and Universal Robots were the second and third ranked, respectively.

Jordi del Río, Director of Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya, was in charge of delivering the award of this first Marathon of Entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with all the entrepreneurs and listeners of Revolució 4.0 our social project and to have known so many innovative and brilliant projects. As we say in Worldcoo … “Together we can do great things”.


Worldcoo Team

Worldcoo has been awarded “the Best Social Initiative in a Digital Environment”

  • “Observatorio eCommerce National awards” was created with the aim to be a referent for the eCommerce companies.
  • “Worldcoo has been a finalist because they have been able to transform a social initiative with great appreciation in the retail sector”.

Premios Nacionales eCommerce 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that we were awarded “Best Social Initiative in a Digital Environment” by the Observatorio eCommerce.

“In 2014, 175 million ecommerce transactions took place in Spain. If the ecommerce users gave one solidary euro for every transaction, we could fund every relevant social or cooperation project in Spain. Together we can do big thinks!” With this message Sergi Figueres, Worldcoo CEO, thanked the judges and the organizers for this award.

“2015 Nacional eCommerce Projects awards”

The “Observatorio eCommerce” from “Foro de Economía Digital” created the awards to recognize the best ecommerce projects in Spain. The judges have been 50 directors of an ecommerce company, members of the Observatorio eCommerce and teachers of the Foro de Economía Digital Business School, who have had to select one project for every category taking into account the innovation, the business model and the solutions presented by the participants for their projects.

The social impact of Worldcoo

Nowadays, thanks to micro-donations of the users of our ecommerce partners (Let’s Bonus, MeQuedoUno, Uvinum, Zacaris, Redcoon, PromoFarma y PcComponentes), we have funded 22 projects from which there were over 62.873 direct beneficiaries. Many thanks to the 57.792 donations from 35 different countries which raised €77.529. We are so happy with this outcome but we still have a lot to do: we have more than 100 to be funded.

Together we can do big thinks!

The Worldcoo team.

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