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Ticketmaster supports breast cancer patients
Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!
Labor insertion of women in India

Ticketmaster supports breast cancer patients


As many of you know, the October 19th takes place the International Breast Cancer Day, the most common cancer in women. There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year (IARC Globocan, 2008).

The diagnosis of cancer has serious consequences for the person diagnosed and their family emotionally, economically and socially.

That is why the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) carries out various accompaniment and psychological support programs so that these people have the support they need from professionals and volunteers, completely free of charge.

In line with the “Charity Euro” Ticketmaster campaign, during October, the company supports this social cause which will affect, directly or indirectly, to all of us at some point of our lives.


How can I collaborate?

Are you thinking about buying a new ticket for a concert, theatre or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your shopping cart and collaborate with the AECC so that patients and family members of breast cancer can have the psychological support they need.


Do you want to know how much Ticketmaster customers are raising to fight breast cancer? Click here.

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Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!


As you know, since last October, Ticketmaster offers their customers the chance to collaborate with social causes though our charity widget.

logo_ticketmasterEach month, Ticketmaster has supported a different cause and its customers have had the opportunity to add € 1 (or more) to their purchase and show their social commitment. The response of the initiative has been so good that today they have already raised more than € 30,000!

This amount has been allocated to 8 social entities so that they carry out their social projects: Ayuda en Acción, Oxfam Intermón, Fundación Theodora, RAIS, Fundación Unoentrecienmil, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Unicef ​​and Voces.

Thanks to this, Ticketmaster customers have collaborated with medical research to cure leukemia, help the homeless or promote the labor insertion of women in India, among others.

Celia Carrillo, Chief Marketing Officer of Ticketmaster Spain, emphasizes that “for Ticketmaster, collaborating with Worldcoo is a priority because it allows us to respond to a social demand from our own clients. Now, they can contribute quickly and effectively with different causes of solidarity in their purchasing processes. “

For his part, Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo, adds that “through the union with Ticketmaster, we have detected that the world of entertainment and culture has an important component of solidarity. Since we started our collaboration with Ticketmaster, donors have increased every month and the response from all of them has been more than positive. “

This month of June, coinciding with World Prostate Cancer Day – June 11 – Ticketmaster supports medical research of this type of disease with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Until December, clients will have the opportunity to make their micro-contribution to fight against gender-based violence, child poverty or AIDS, among others.

All donations made by Ticketmaster users can be followed in real time through the web https://ticketmaster.worldcoo.com/

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Labor insertion of women in India


Today is the International Women Day, a good occasion to take stock of the current situation in terms of gender equality, here and in other less developed countries.

vicente_ferrer_logoThis is the case, for example in India, a country where, according to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, “95% of Indian women work in the informal sector of the economy and their work is insecure, irregular, invisible and usually not recognized.

Given this scenario, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has various programs in place to promote gender equality and fight for women’s rights in India.

logo_ticketmasterCoinciding with this important date, Ticketmaster will collaborate all this March with the Foundation to be able to take a step further in the labor insertion of women in India.

And throughout this month, when buying a ticket for any leisure event, Ticketmaster customers can add a euro in solidarity to their purchase and help the entity to 40 women in India who have suffered gender violence , are widows or have been abandoned can improve their autonomy through the generation of regular income.

The objective is to be able to carry out training workshops in relation to the production and commercialization of vegetable-based phenol (antiseptic and disinfectant product), because there is a stable demand for this product in the local market.


Remember that if you want you can follow the process of donation day by day HERE.


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