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Planeta Huerto is joined with Worldcoo’s e-commerce with a cause
Two scholarships lunchroom from Ayuda en Acción guaranteed during a year
Dreivip customers say NO to child poverty

Planeta Huerto is joined with Worldcoo’s e-commerce with a cause

Break the circle of child poverty continue being a pending subject in Spain. As we said in various articles of our blog, the 35% of Spanish children are living at risk of poverty. The result of the last report presented by AROPE (At Risk Of Poverty or Exclusion) shows that almost 3 million of Spanish children are living at risk of poverty and more than 800.000 children are chronic poor.

The program CaixaProinfancia of Obra Social “la Caixa” has de aim to break the circle of hereditary poverty acting on the needs of children and teenagers between 0 and 18 years who are living in a poverty or social vulnerability situation.

Obra Social “la Caixa” allocate 50 million euros annually to guarantee continued long-term care of more than 238.000 children since 2007. It can do it thanks to the collaboration of more than 30 social organizations from 11 of the main Spanish cities.

Planeta Huerto

Planeta Huerto, the e-commerce leader in garden and ecologic product, has joined to the group of e-commerce with a cause of Worldcoo. The company has integrated our solidary widget in its ecommerce platform to help fund high social impact projects.

Planeta Huerto is specialized in the sale of ecological and sustainable products in all areas of daily life. Nowadays, Planeta Huerto has more than 20.000 product references and more than 85.000 customers in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

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Planeta Huerto will help to combat children poverty

Planeta Huerto will collaborate with Obra Social “la Caixa” in order to help break the cycle of poverty by teaching those vulnerable children. For do that, children will learn how to use the tools of education to take control of their own lives.

From today, the customers of Planeta Huerto will have the possibility to make a donation in each purchase they make. With this project, Obra Social “la Caixa” wants to provide support to childhood and the families through the promotion of social and educational development of children at poverty situation from a perspective of comprehensive care by educational support and family workshops.

Thanks to Planeta Huerto and its customers, 30 children will receive a weekly school support for a month in order to improve their education and break their circle of poverty.

Welcome Planeta Huerto to the socially responsible companies’ community!

The Worldcoo team.

Two scholarships lunchroom from Ayuda en Acción guaranteed during a year

The last data related with the child poverty are still worrying and that is a 35,4% of children living in Spain living at risk of poverty and at risk of social exclusion. In other words, one in three children live at risk of poverty and at risk of social exclusion.

By the end of 2013 was born, by the hand of Ayuda en Acción, the Program of Support to childhood and their families in Spain in order to give a response to all Spanish children that had been affected by the consequences of the crisis and the cuts in aids and in the education of children.

During the 2013-2014 school year, from Ayuda en Acción could support directly 1.700 Spanish children (7.500 children were supported indirectly). Ayuda en Acción provided scholarships lunchroom, scholarships for books and teaching materials and scholarships for excursions and school support in 21 schools in Spain. One year later, they duplicated the number of children who was benefiting directly thanks to the project and Ayuda en Acción gave support to children from 31 schools in Madrid, Valencia, Aragon, Cataluña, Galicia, Islas Baleares, Asturias and Andalucía.


In the current school year, the aim of Ayuda en Acción is to benefit directly 5.00 children and benefit indirectly more than 11.000 children in 37 schools from Madrid, Valencia, Aragón, Cataluña, Galicia, Baleares, País Vasco, Asturias y Andalucía.

To achieve this aim, Ayuda en Acción will deepen in the innovation line of education and, in view of the seriousness of the unemployment situation in Spain, they will also increase workshops of employability to generate new opportunities that help the families to leave situation of vulnerability in which they live.

In order to help Ayuda en Acción with the Program of Support to childhood and their families in Spain, our e-commerce with a cause Zacaris, has been offering to its customers since May the possibility to make a donation to help getting the aim of Ayuda en Accion for this school year.


Today, we are pleased to inform that thanks to each euro donated by Zacaris customers, 900 euros has been raised which will be designated to help to give an annual scholarship lunchroom to 2 students from the schools in which Ayuda en Acción is collaborating.

Thanks to Zacaris to be an ecommerce with a cause and to their users to make this project a reality. With this project, we have 44 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

Dreivip customers say NO to child poverty

In Spain, the 30.5% of children live at risk of poverty and social exclusion. In addition, because of the crisis, the government has reduced the investment in childhood, especially in education and social protection, limiting the opportunities of the children that are in poverty situation and increasing the possibility that their poverty becomes chronic.

The situation, in which children and their families are, is becoming unsustainable because they haven’t incomes or basic helps to go ahead. To help to overcome this situation, Obra Social “la Caixa” created the program Caixa Proinfancia. This program has the collaboration of more than 30 social entities from the 10 main Spanish cities and their metropolitan areas and which in turn, coordinate more than 300 organizations working in network around Spain.

At the end of July, the first club of private sales Dreivip, integrated the Worldcoo’s solidary widget. Since then, Dreivip has offer to its customers the possibility to help fund the project that had the aim to fight against child poverty.

During these months Dreivip customers have been making donations in their purchases. Today we are very happy to announce that thanks to the solidarity of Dreivip customers, Obra Social may help to break the poverty cycle of 10 children. With 3.500€ donated by Dreivip customers a daily breakfast and a weekly educative session for 10 kids during 6 months.


With this project we already have 43 funded projects!

Thanks to Dreivip to be an ecommerce with a cause and thank to its customers to make this project a reality and help to say NO to child poverty.

The Worldcoo team.

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