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Today is International Childhood Cancer Day
#NewSponsor&#NewProject: Children’s poverty

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day

Each year, there are more than 215,000 new cases childhood cancer. Even so, the good news is that medical research is advancing and scientific advances have made that there will be more medical treatments and the survival increases.


Part of it is thanks to those people who, in a disinterested way, contribute to promote and promote medical research, whether through donations, awareness and dissemination campaigns or volunteering. In that sense, the work carried out by all the companies that facilitate collaboration in these causes with employees and customers of each entity is equally important.

CapturaTicketmaster, for example, this February is collaborating with Unoentrecienmil, a foundation that was born in 2012 with the aim of supporting the research of childhood leukemia in an opportunity to develop innovative projects. Through the money that all the customers of Ticketmaster collect this month, the Foundation will be able to provide a two-year research grant that will allow a medical-scientific team to work continuously in the investigation of childhood leukemia. So far, they have collected almost 2.000€! You can follow the donation process here.

logo-aladinaAlso, Promofarma is currently supporting Aladina Foundation with the aim that the entity can organize different activities that help to liven up the day to day of children with cancer hospitalized.


If you also want that the company you are working for support social causes like this, you can contact us HERE.

Worldcoo Team

#NewSponsor&#NewProject: Children’s poverty

The first private online club, Dreivip, offers exclusive promotions of the best brands for its members with discounts between 20% and 30% regarding with the prices of the shop. In the past financial year, Dreivip close its sales with 13 million euros, 14% more than the previous year.

Dreivip continues looking for new to develop social work and, for that reason, it has decided to introduce the solidary widget in its web in order to offer to its customers the possibility of helping fund projects with high social or environmental impact.

The first project that Dreivip collaborate with has the aim to break the cycle of poverty, to guarantee that children in vulnerability situation would have the same possibilities that children that aren’t in that situation.

Unfortunately, the level of child poverty hasn’t gone down and, nowadays, 1 in 4 children live in a vulnerability situation. These children and their families haven’t incomes or basic aids that can help them to go ahead, and their situation is becoming untenable.

In order to help in this situation, Obra Social “la Caixa” created the program CaixaProinfancia. This program has the support of more than 30 social entities of the 10 principal cities OF Spain that take on responsibility of the direct attention to the families who are in vulnerability situation.

Children's poverty

With this project, Dreivip customers will be able to help to give support to these children and their families, promoting the children at risk of poverty social and educational development from an approach of integral attention.

With the money raised, 10 kids will have a daily breakfast and a weekly educative session during 6 months. Obra Social “la Caixa” wants that these children living in a situation of vulnerability only think about being kids, not about the problems that their families have.

Thanks to Dreivip and its customers, the families of the 10 children will also benefit to see that their children have everything they need to study and, thanks to that, in a future their children will be able to go ahead and not living in the situation of poverty that they are being now.

The Worldcoo team.


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