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Nicequest and polio eradicating
Help and protection to unaccompanied children refugees

Nicequest and polio eradicating


In their last challenge, Nicequest users had shown their solidarity to prevent malnutrition in Lake Chad, where the conflict that began more than seven years ago is now affecting more than 6 million people.  With their help, Oxfam Intermón will be able to distribute hygienic kits and water to hundreds of families (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, its new goal is to contribute to the eradication of polio in Nigeria, where new cases of this disease have recently been detected, especially in areas affected by wars and violence.

They will do it in the hand of Unicef, who with their help will be able to vaccinate 8,000 children and put an end to this highly contagious disease, which attacks the nervous system and prevents normal development, especially for children under 5 years.

If you more information about this project of follow the donation process, you can do it HERE.

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Help and protection to unaccompanied children refugees

Five years ago, as a result of factors like corruption, injustice, inequality, human rights violations and poverty a war began in Syria. This war has caused one of the worst refugee crisis of the century.

Since the beginning on the war, thousands of families have fled searching for a decent living environment, while other families have stayed in the country. According to Aldeas Infantiles SOS, it is been estimated that there are 7.6 million Syrians that have been internally displaced and nearly 4 million of people have been displaced or are displaced by neighboring countries.

Unfortunately, the main victims of the war are the children. Many children have only knew the war, other have had to leave the school and the woman can’t give birth in hospitals because they are destroyed or they have no medical staff. Worst of all, are the thousands of violations, abuses and child exploitation that many children have suffered because they have remained alone and have no protection.

From the beginning of the Syrian conflict, Aldeas Infantiles SOS has worked to give their help to families and children that are in Syria or that have been displaced to some of the countries where Aldeas Infantiles SOS are present. But they not only are giving response to urgent needs, they are also helping unaccompanied children to be reunited with their families.

protección niños refugiados

Our e-commerce with a cause Pc Componentes also wants to give a protection to unaccompanied children refugees, young mothers and mothers with young children with malnutrition. For that reason, Pc Componentes is offering its customers the possibility to donate 1 euro in their purchases in order to help Aldeas Infantiles to protect these children from the effects of the war and displacement.

Thanks to the solidarity of Pc Componentes customers, 200 refugees, especially unaccompanied children, young mothers, mothers with children (especially malnourished children under 5 years) and pregnant women will receive an emergency kit valued at 20€. This kit contains food and basic products as a clothes, hygiene products and specific equipment needed to meet refugee’s needs.

“I wish that all children that can’t be with their families are with Aldeas Infantiles SOS” – mother of a foster child that have been in a Temporal attention center of Aldeas Infantiles SOS in Damascus and now he is with his family.

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