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New progress in our Horizon 2020 project

New progress in our Horizon 2020 project

As we have talked in several occasions, just over a year ago, the European Commission accredited Worldcoo as the European standard for crowdfunding in ecommerce.

Logo_widget_3.0Since then, we have worked in our project Widget 3.0 in new and better channels that will help to increase the number of donations. For example,

  • We have launched “public campaigns”, which consist of several companies can raise funds for a single cause. Companies can install the Worldcoo widget quickly and easily through this
  • We have improved our internal campaign management platform to expand and improve our recruitment channels with a much more personalized response to all the companies that collaborate with us.
  • On the other hand, we are finalizing the details to launch the new and revolutionary fundraising channel in Spain that will allow us to round up the final amount of our purchase in physical stores. All donated cents will be used to help those who need it the most.


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