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New collaboration with Barça Foundation
Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…
The power of crowdfunding in the service of humanity
Crowdfunding grew 81% in 2012
We support the "Yo apoyo el Crowdfunding" campaign
Thank you!
Worldcoo shares its experiences in Barcelona Activa
Sergi Figueres: "Our challenge is to bring our know how in the field of crowdfunding to put our bit to help develop cooperation projects"
The communication, the best way to reach your crowdfunding aim
Crowdfunding reaches the sun

New collaboration with Barça Foundation


During this pandemic, we are proud to see how more and more companies are launching emergency campaigns to mitigate the effects of this situation among the most vulnerable people.

logo_Barça_ENGToday, we are happy to start a new collaboration with  Barça Foundation! Under the claim “Be on the side of vulnerable children”, the organization launches a new fundraising campaign in order that children at risk of social exclusion can continue their participation in the educational programs that the Foundation carries out.

At Worldcoo we have created the online platform https://fundacio-fcbarcelona.worldcoo.com where anyone who wants can make their contributions in an easy and effective way.

The Barça Foundation has supported the most vulnerable children and youth for the last 25 years through sport, games and physical activity to promote social inclusion, access to education, and the prevention of bullying. During the current emergency caused by COVID-19, the Barça Foundation continues working so that no child is left offside. They are adapting their methodologies so that the most vulnerable children can continue participating in their activities from home.

Go to https://fundacio-fcbarcelona.worldcoo.com to get more information about this project and make a donation.

Worldcoo Team

Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…

In today’s article we will approach the foundations of crowdfunding. Why? Because this funding method requires some knowledges to reach the success. Indeed, the base of crowdfunding is set on the crowd. On an internet platform, this crowd is your network.

So, the objective is to manage your network in order to glean some participations. How to do that? Why? Let’s see the answers.

How to manage your community?

Nothing more easy. When we say “manage”, it means “share” and “commit”. Your role as a member of worldcoo, a provider of project, or just a visitor, is to keep tuned your network. A little reflex like a share button clic, a comment, a like, or retweet is a lot more efficient that you can imagine! Truly, the internet communication is viral and extremely powerful. The slightest action gives birth to an incredible result.

Why do I have to engage my community?

Because you are the ambassador of the project. Worldcoo is only a platform who host it, but the communication is made by you. Also simply because it is the strongest way to bring a project to success. For example, if you make a donation and then tell it on your social account, there are many chances that your friends, members of your family, or anybody who can see what you’ve done do the same.

To conclude, if you are a donor, a mentor, or if you just want to support a project without involving money, you strongly should share a maximum the cause(s) you believe in to make them successful.

Got it? If so, lets join Worldcoo on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
And don’t forget to spread a maximum the project(s) you support!

Sharing is caring my friends 😉

The power of crowdfunding in the service of humanity

In today’s world, with globalization, we are all affected by the troubles which afflict some parts of the globe whose level of development is extremely low. Indeed, some people don’t have the technology and tools that some countries benefit for decades.

In an effort to give these regions the opportunity to live and not to survive, NGOs began to emerge after the Second World War.

Today, it is the eighth largest economy in the world (1 billion dollars per year). And it continues to grow with globalization. Despite this, NGOs are funded by donations. And apart from the generous donors with astronomical fortunes (CEO, movie star, sport star, etc..), The general public doesn’t have a very important place.

But that will change! Since the advent of the Internet, a new method of financing has emerged: the crowdfunding. The concept is simple, a project is presented on a crowdfunding platform and users can finance it in the variable tiers (sometimes undetermined).The objective is to target small donors. This concept has been proven, for example when the campaign Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. He then gleaned nearly 700 million dollars.

So what link can be made between the funding and the fight against poverty in the world? Just the fact that crowdfunding is now an intermediary between NGOs and individuals. With Worldcoo, humanitarian projects governed by NGOs are presented to the public to finance from only 5€. Everyone can now give and help impoverished countries to live in a better world.

What is more beautiful at the end of your life to tell you that you leave the world in better shape than you’ve found it?

Help your world, make your contribution by registering on Worldcoo and supporting one or more projects!

Love and appreciate, the Worldcoo team.

Crowdfunding grew 81% in 2012

Crowdfunding had last year an 81% increase over 2011, reaching $2.7 billion in 2012, according to the ‘Report Crowdfunding Industry 2013’ drawn up by the research firm Massolution. The study was based on data collected from 308 active crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) worldwide and further research done by a team of academics and analysts from around the world.
By regions, the study reveals that North America’s volume of crowdfunding contributions grew 105% to $1.6 billion raised. Europe is the second one, with a growth of 65% to $945 million. Both two dominate the landscape of crowdfunding, with a share of over 95%. All other markets grew about 125%. Oceania ($76 million), Asia ($33 million), South America ($800,000) and Africa ($65,000) come after them.

Most of this growth came from donations and rewards-based platforms (680,000 campaigns) and lending-based crowdfunding (about 250,000). The lending-based crowdfunding is arising mainly from microcredit and loans driven by local communities to SMEs, also with the adoption-reward campaigns such as based on Kickstarter. Social causes accounted for 27% of all activity of crowdfunding, which Massolution expected to change it as more start-ups and SMEs begin to take advantage of this platform. The other nine most active categories by were business and entrepreneurship, cinema, music, energy, fashion, art, ICT, editorial and science & technology. Videogames, which in 2012 raised $83 million just on Kickstarter, are also an emerging category, according Kartaszewicz-Grell.

Massolution, which is specialized in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries, were right in the forecast of 2012 about the growth of total crowdfunding volume and they expect that these figures will reach $5.1 billion in 2013, 72% in North America.

We support the "Yo apoyo el Crowdfunding" campaign

Crowdfunding seems to be trendy nowadays. And no wonder, because in last few years, since social media revolution, this is being a method that is helping hundreds of people, projects and platforms to be funded.

Crowdfunding was born from what was previously only called donations but it has evolved in such a way that in different countries has already its own specific legislation that supports, defends and promotes crowdfunding. In Worldcoo we want this legislation to reach also our home country, Spain, and to achieve it we support the campaign carried out by the portal Universo Crowdfunding called “Yo apoyo el crowdfunding”.

With the campaign “Yo apoyo el crowdfunding” a request is made to the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, to legislate the collective financing concretely as soon as possible. As a starting point, the request of the government is done with a list of little requests that are considered essential to achieve the objectives of ensuring legally this financing option:

  1. Increase deductions
  2. Flexibility in obtaining the “declaration of public utility”
  3. Reduction of VAT
  4. That everyone can participate through small investments in an easy, simple and dynamic way
  5. Tax relief for small contributions
  6. Reduction of percentage to pay for the interest on their contributions
  7. Prioritize and facilitate grants
  8. Promote active policies
  9. Facilitate and promote the activities of crowdfunding platforms

From Worldcoo we believe in it and we support the Universo Crowdfunding campaign to achieve this legislation in Spain and we encourage you to spread this campaign to get it as soon as possible. You can find this campaign in social media with the hashtag #yocrowdfunding and follow @yocrowdfunding help the cause.

Thank you!

In Worldcoo we are very happy! And it’s no wonder. It’s been a little bit more than two months since we launched our project, and we really think that this is the first stop we have to do to recap and evaluate with you what we have achieve in this time.

First of all, as you might know, our community has already exceed 400 members. We are very happy about it! In addition, we have 73 donors in our community, which means that about 20% of our members have made a donation. We can’t think of another way to thank you this fact that typing in caps THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! This project is finding its place and with your help we will succeed. We also want to thank our first sponsor, Eva Cosmetics, for believing in us and, especially, for the responsibility they show with a gesture like this. All the people, and companies, who believe in a better world have a place here in Worldcoo to let their voices be heard.

We also want to mention our projects. We started this with 3 projects working with 3 NGOs and now we are working with 5 projects and 5 NGOs. Thanks to our NGOs for their trust in us and in our community and thanks to our community again because, if it were not for this rapidly growing, we would not be able to get what we got.
Finally, we would like to inform you that something in our website has changed its look. Go round and find our new photo mosaic of our users. Thank you very much to everyone and remember, if you are not in the mosaic because you have not upload your profile picture, Upload it!

Worldcoo shares its experiences in Barcelona Activa

Yesterday, Tuesday 26th of February, Aureli Bou presented Worldcoo as part of the conference ‘Crowdfunding: innovative financing alternatives’, in Barcelona Activa.

Barcelona Activa periodically organizes training activities to help companies in finding and securing funding. Yesterday was the time to talk about crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, as we have already published, is a funding system based on collective small donations to specific business projects. It is becoming an alternative system in front of the conventional funding systems, and this is why many start-ups have recently born to work with it. Around 80 people from different fields, companies but also people interested in start-ups, were listening.

Jaume Baró, chief operating from Barcelona Activa was the responsible of welcome the assistants. After that, Javier Martín, editor from Loogic.com, referent blog about start-ups, as well as Plenummedia social media Director, did a conference about crowdfunding, under the title of “How can this new financing system help your company”.

Two major Catalan companies working with crowdfunding also shared there experiences in front of the audience. The first one was Verkami, born in 2010 with the hope to find funding for creativity, art and research projects. It has now more than 90,000 fans and over 70% of projects have achieved the necessary financing platform to more than 3 million. The following was The Crowd Angel, the first online platform which allows people invest in a range of professional technology and innovative start-ups. They have raised more than 600,000 euros by the projects they have in the platform.

Then, new active cowdfunding platforms in the city presented their projects. Was the turn of: Bihoop, Arboribus, Megafounder, Mynbest, Projeggt, Seed & Click and Puentis.

Worldcoo closured this meeting. Aureli Bou share in front of the audience what is Worldcoo and how together we can do big things.

For Worldcoo was an honour being part of this meeting, surrounded of all this important companies.

Sergi Figueres: "Our challenge is to bring our know how in the field of crowdfunding to put our bit to help develop cooperation projects"

Worldcoo’s CEO, Sergi Figueres, signed this morning an agreement of collaboration with Carles Llorens, director of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD). The aim of this agreement is to promote cooperation crowdfunding as a new way of financing cooperation projects, in front of the current decline of funding by the government. “What is needed is to push the business world to cooperation”, said Llorens.

This new partnership will mean for Worldcoo access to technical validated cooperation projects validated by the Agency and its advisers, and for the ACCD will be a new way to seek funding for projects that now they can not stand, joining to other already initiated ways of funding, as the sponsorship agreements.

Sergi Figueres has emphasised that “our challenge is to bring our know how in the field of crowdfunding and to get involved people and businesses through our website www.worldcoo.com. In this way, we put our bit to try to get where government does not reach”. Precisely one of the characteristics of Worldcoo is any cost for NGOs, while ensuring the full contribution of crowdfunding to projects, because their profit is in the management plans of the companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, it represents a paradigm shift on how far the world has worked in cooperation. Sergi Figueres, Aureli Bou i Bernat Mir launched this company one month ago, and they already work with projects from Intermón-Oxfam, Fundació Campaner and Desos NGO.

Carles Llorens says that “we have large difficulties to maintain public investments in cooperation for more than a year and a half, so we have put in place mechanisms to solve it”. The willingness of the Government is to find new ways of financing and innovative instruments adapted to the Catalan cooperation reality. Also meets the guidelines of the Master Plan for Development Cooperation 2011-2014, which establishes the need to promote innovation in policy instruments for development cooperation of the Government, as the tools to implement the strategies of cooperation have evolve according to the changes in international contexts.

Both Worldcoo as the Agency have shown hopefully in this agreement and wish a long and prosperous partnership.

The communication, the best way to reach your crowdfunding aim

Getting money from a crowdfunding site requires much more than having a good project. Crowdfunding experts say that it is not enough to communicate that you’re working on a good cause, which is also needed, they remark that the key factor is to reach your audience in the best way. And that means that you should invest a huge effort on planning your communication campaign, and then, of course, making it available to many people as possible.

As ReelSEO publishes, the communication in crowdfunding is a must to success, so it requires effort, patience and creativity for doing your best in it. The best idea to start is making a good video to show your project in a funny and interesting way. “You need an idea that attracts great interest, and you need to be able to spread the word using the various media outlets at your disposal”.

This is an example of a good audio-visual communication to show your project and to ask money for it:

The video is about two guys who have decided to create a peanut butter company called GoodSpread. They promise to donate a pack of therapeutic food to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition just from a purchase of one pack of their peanut butter.

This video has humour, a delicious, enticing product, and the feeling you’re doing something for a good cause aside from just helping two guys with their business. And another important thing emplaces you to share it and to explain it to all your contacts. Because sharing is caring!

Crowdfunding reaches the sun

As Forbes published in this article, “the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission could finalize regulations this year to implement the JOBS Act, the 2012 law that lets startups raise funds directly from mom-and-pop investors”.

There is one startup, called Mosaic, who has already started to make it possible. “The two-year-old Oakland, Calif. firm won approval in California and New York to allow individuals to invest directly via its website. The twist is that the investments are loans, not equity, and the money goes (for now) only to new solar power developments”. They use crowdfunding to let ordinary investors own a piece of the sun.

“One of the fastest ways to build the clean energy economy is to allow more people to benefit from it,” says Billy Parish, Mosaic’s 31-year-old cofounder and president.

Anthony Kim, a solar analyst with research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance, questions whether Mosaic can attract a big enough pipeline of investors to fund large solar projects. “For now, I think it’s a relatively niche product,” he says.

The startup hopes to build on its current 7,000 potential investors via social media referrals and by targeting foundations, financial advisors and corporations.

Source: Forbes.

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