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The Spanish Crowdfunding association

The Spanish Crowdfunding association

The Spanish Crowdfunding association is an independent nonprofit association representing platforms and professionals of the crowdfunding industry in Spain.

We know that crowdfunding is the new trend of collective financing for the world of entrepreneurship, cultural and social, which has taken off in Spain the past few years. It has given the emergence of new platforms of crowdfunding or microfinance.

The main objectives of this association are :

  1. Promote crowdfunding as a valuable and viable way for companies, projects or undertakings Spanish in order to raise funds for their economic viability.
  2. Be the voice of all crowdfunding platforms and crowdfunding professional services in Spain in all its various forms (grants, loans, equity and rewards) with the media and policy makers to influence and provide a single message to all Spanish society.
  3. Post a code of practice to be adopted by all platforms and crowdfunding professionals to protect their participants (sponsors and investors).

You can find more information on the website of the Association www.spaincrowdfund.org.
You can request an invitation to the Linkedin group “Spanish Association of Crowdfunding“.

In coming days the admission process as full partners will be anounced.

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