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How your company (and your customers) can be socially responsible
PcComponentes against child malnutrition in Spain

How your company (and your customers) can be socially responsible


check-mark-1292787_960_720A recent study (Brands with values: the power of the consmer-citizen), confirms that almost 80% of population prefers brands with more social values, rather than companies with the best price or quality. From some years ago, the increasing products and services and the facility in which people can access to information, has made that there’s a change in consumer’s behaviour.

In front of this scenario, those brands with values have more protagonism than never before. In fact, the results of the studies show that “nearly 60% of people will choose a brand which takes cares of environment, social aspects or their employees”.

There’s a lot of options in order to show our social commitment. In Worldcoo, we offer companies the possibility that their customers employees or society in general can make their own micro-contribution through the brand itself. To do this, we put within reach of all of them (on and off line businesses, companies and banking entities), different FUNDRAISING CHANNELS:


  • widget_fonstransparent_ENG_verdOnline payment platforms: It’s our most famous channel. eCommerce companies can incorporate our widget in their payment system and invite their customers to add a micro-donation to their purchase in order to collaborate with a social cause. Today, more than 40 eCommerce already have our widget.
  • eBanking: At the same time the users of different banking entities have access to their banking operations, they can make their micro-contribution (also from its own telephone). It is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the moment and donate from any place and time.
  •  Social corporates platforms: Companies promote the social collaboration of all their employees throught different kind of campaigns; for example, the donation of €1 from their salary each month or the launching of emergency campaigns when natural disasters occur.
  • salut_anglesSocial round up: It is our latest lauchment. When we pay with credit card in a comercial establishment, we will have the option to round up our purchase and donate the cents to a social cause. It is a method that already works in countries such as France, Germany or United Kingdom, collecting more than €1M each one.

Would you like to implement some of them? Want more information? Write us at contact@worldcoo.com 

Worldcoo Team

PcComponentes against child malnutrition in Spain


Did you know that in Spain 1 in 3 children are at risk of social exclusion?

educoThe risk of poverty and social exclusion of children in Spain has increased to 33.4; a situation that undoubtedly has an impact on the emergence of problems related to child nutrition and affects their physical and social development.

In order to fight against this situation, PcComponentes customers have started a new campaign in which they will help EDUCO to implement their project “Lunchroom Shcolarships”.

Their challenge is to ensure that 10 children at risk of social exclusion can have a daily meal.  

pcThe launching of this campaign coincides with the financing of its previous project, which helped 250 children to continue their social and educational activity during the summer (you can remember HERE).

Remember that you can check the actual campaign status at any time HERE.

Worldcoo Team


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