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Banco Sabadell employees start a new fundraising campaign

Banco Sabadell employees start a new fundraising campaign


Comprehensive care for children with neurofibramatosis

bsIn the context of “Actitud Solidaria”, the social initiative promoted by Banco Sabadell in order to  collaborate with different social and cooperation projects, the company launches today a new challenge aimed at, mainly, their employees.

On this occasion, the objective is to collaborate to improve the quality of life of children with neurofibromatosis, a chronic and incurable disease that affects 1 in 3,000 births and causes many difficulties for people who suffer from it.

The total amount raised by the employees of banco Sabadell will go to the Asociación de Afectados de Neurofibromatosis so that the organization can provide children with neurofibromatosis with the tools that need to achieve an improvements in the quality of life, reduce the impact of the disease and its consequences.  

Through this link (https://bancsabadell.worldcoo.com/es/) you will get more information about this project and the other ones that Banco Sabadell collaborates with.

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