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Today is Giving Tuesday!
One week left for #GivingTuesday!
Today is #Giving Tuesday!
One week for GivingTuesday!
World Humanitarian Day

Today is Giving Tuesday!

The wait is over! Today we celebrate #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to donate, share and help those who need the most.  As you know, it is an iniciative that was born as an alternative to the famous Black Friday or Cyber Monday, days in which the massive purchase of gifts is promoted.

Giving Tuesday Stacked with Date

#GT HeartMany of the “Companies with a cause” that works with us join this movement today and promote the solidarity of all their customers. Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, DecántaloSprinter and MeQuedoUno carry out special actions in order to raise awareness about the small actions that we can do in our day to day in order to cooperate to social causes.


Our III Volunteer Day 

Coinciding with this date, the employees of Worldcoo will carry out our III Volunteer Day and this Friday we will collaborate with “Arrels Foundation” to help them to make the crafts that they prepare for this Christmas.

Equipo Worldcoo

One week left for #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday Stacked with DateOnce again, this year we join the celebration of #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to solidarity which was born as an alternative to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where people spend lot of money to buy presents.

Next Tuesday 27, we will celebrate this date with many of the “Companies with a cause” that collaborate with us. The objective it to create awareness of the importance of collaborating, helping and sharing with those who need it most.

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Ticketmaster, Planeta Huerto, Maxcolchón, Nicequest, Promofarma, Uvinum, Santa Fixie, Zacaris, Decántalo, Sprinter and MeQuedoUno are some of the companies that use some of our fundraising channels to help social organizations to carry out their projects. During the next Tuesday, all of them will help to give visibility to the small actions that we can do in our day to day and that can help so many people.

And you, do you know how you will collaborate?


Worldcoo Team 

Today is #Giving Tuesday!


Today is #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to donate, share and help. As you know, it is a movement that was born as an alternative to Black Friday or CyberMonday, days that promote the purchase of gifts before Christmas. Although all the  “Companies with a cause” who collaborate with us, encourage the good actions all year, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to claim, once again, the need to be aware and value the small contributions we do in our daily live, whether they are material or not.

#GT Heart (1)Planeta HuertoDecántaloSprinterSanta FixiePromofarma… many of the companies that collaborate with us have joined this celebration. The last one has been Ticketmaster. We really want to communicate this last agreement. We are so happy to see that every time there are more companies who offer their customers the opportunity to collaborate with many different social causes. Now, when we buy a ticket for any leisure event, we will have the option to add an euro for a concrete socal cause. Each month, a different one.

descargaOf course, all the employees of Worldcoo have also joined this movement that represents us so much; that is why this Friday the 1st we will collaborate with Obra Social San Juan de Dios in the rehabilitation of a flat for Young immigrants.

Last year, during  GivingTuesday more than €500.000 were collected; for this 2017, the goal is to exceed €700.000.

Worldcoo Team

One week for GivingTuesday!

Next Tuesday,  we will celebrate GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

CapturaCelebrated on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

Its main mission is to dedicate a day around the world, this year on November 28, to celebrate the action of giving, be it food, money, time (volunteering), second-hand objects, etc. It is born as a counterpart to the already famous #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday; days in which, as you know, the massive purchase of gifts is promoted.

Although all the “Companies With a Cause” that collaborate with Worldcoo encourage this action day after day, we don’t want to miss the  opportunity to claim, especially that day, the need to share and collaborate with social causes.

Promofarma, MeQuedoUno, Sprinter or Planeta Huerto are some of the companies that have joined the movement with different special actions for that day.


 Last year, during this day in Spain we raised more than € 500,000 for 321 projects; for this 2017, the goal is to reach € 700,000.


Worldcoo Team


World Humanitarian Day

Since 2008, every year on 19 August, the World Humanitarian Day recognizes people who face danger and adversity to help others.

This year, the UN and its humanitarian partners, under the slogan “Inspiring the world’s humanity” invite all of you to join any of the world’s humanitarian organizations and become and active messengers of Humanity.

In order to promote UN message, a campaign has been created and the focus of it will be on telling through the social networks, the stories of extraordinary resilience behind today’s humanitarian crises. The #ShareHumanity global campaign aims to enable celebrities, influencers and the general public to use their Facebook and Twitter profiles to share humanitarian stories of survival, resilience and hope. All this to achieve a goal: inspire the world to take action.

World Humanitarian Day

From Worldcoo we want to support this initiative and we are going to donate our Twitter feed for a story to be told through it. We encourage you to donate your feed, all the stories will be shared and we will be able to sensitize all about the crisis that many people are living and how others fight in order to help them.

Here you can see the link to donate your feeds:


Share humanity and join all the people who have already donate their feeds :)

The Worlcoo team.

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