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Health assistance in Ethiopia
Decántalo with the food provision
Ticketmaster against desnutrition in South Sudan
We reach one million euros in donations!
Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!
Therapy dogs with children with autism
Maxcolchon’s dream
Promofarma and breast cancer research
Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat
A daily food for children this Christmas

Decántalo with the food provision


A couple of days ago, the customers of Decántalo completed the challenge of raising the necessary amount so that 30 people with disabilities could perform assisted therapy sessions with horses through the entity GLOBAL HUMANITARIA. You can remember the project HERE.

Thes next challenge is to achieve that 50 people at risk of social exclusion, receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for, at least, a month and a half.  

logo_nutricion_sin_fronterasThey will do so together with Nutrición Sin Fronteras, entity that provides food to social centers through the program “Barcelona shares food”, an initiative to take advantage of food cooked surplus of hotels in the city. The entity deals with the transport of the same and performs training to food handlers, ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene and food safety throughout the process.

Thanks to the entire work circuit, it is possible to achieve the objective of reducing food waste and protecting the universal right to food for citizens living in poverty.

Remember that, if you want, you can have more information or follow the donation process lively HERE.

Worldcoo Team


Ticketmaster against desnutrition in South Sudan

This August, Ticketmaster collaborates with Comité español de ACNUR.

Children are being screened for malnutrition at a health center in Nyumanzi refugee settlement in Adjumani District of Northern Uganda 3 May 2017. ; As of March 2017, More than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees have arrived in Uganda since 2013 since the violece broke out.

Children are being screened for malnutrition at a health center in Nyumanzi refugee settlement in Adjumani District of Northern Uganda 3 May 2017. ; As of March 2017, More than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees have arrived in Uganda since 2013 since the violece broke out.

In South Sudan, more than 4,6 million refugees and displaced people depends on the humanitarian help in order to survive.  More than 63% of them are children.

Since the conflict began in 2013, violence and war have been constant and, now, hunger is increasing more and more.

“Hunger is too much. We only have one meal per day if we are lucky, mainly wild fruits”, explains Mary, 23 years old. The young woman suffers from a disability that sometimes has ocasioned some dificulties in order to have access to food distribution. (You can check more testimonials here).

sjes-acnurIn front of this situation, this August the customers of Ticketmaster will collaborate with the Spanish Committee of UNHCR in order to provide humanitarian aid and food in South Sudan and alleviate the hunger suffered, especially in the case of children.

How to collaborate

For several months ago, Ticketmaster customers can make their micro-contribution and add 1 euro solidarity to their entry. Once your ticket is selected and in the final phase of the purchase process, you can add a euro to your basket and show your commitment; in this case, with UNHCR.

Through all the euros collected, the Spanish Committee of UNHCR will be able to distribute the necessary supplementary food to treat 500 children and families suffering from severe malnutrition in South Sudan.

Would you like to know how much is collected so far? Click HERE.

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We reach one million euros in donations!

1M eng

Today is a very special day for all of us. We’ve just known that we have achieved one million euros in donations!

One million micro-donations that have helped to implement nearly 200 social and cooperation projects around the world. And what is more important, more than 163.000 people have benefited directly through any of these initiatives.


From our beginnings, our main objective has been to help NGOs to find the economic funds needed to carry out their projects. Day to day, we have worked constantly in order to develop new and better tools available to companies that favor micro-donations around the world.

Today we are more than satisfied to see that step by step, our goal has become a reality and our constant commitment to innovation and the development to new technologies has made that our ambition don’t stop growing. As you may know, this achievement coincides with the launching and implementation of the “Social Round Up”, our new fundraising channel which is already live.

UNICEF, Save the Children, Plan International, Bombay Smiles UNHCR or Educo are some of the entities we collaborate with. With them, we have fight against child malnutrition, share smiles to sick children, investigate the cure of childhood leukemia, facilitate the Access to drinking water in countries such as Peru or Kenya, find a home for abandoned dogs or promote access to education in India, among many other.


For this, we count on an extensive network of “companies with cause” (more than 50 already!) that have offered their customers and employees the possibility of making a micro-donation.

To all of them, thank you very much for collaborating with us as a social partner!

Worldcoo Team. 

Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!


As you know, since last October, Ticketmaster offers their customers the chance to collaborate with social causes though our charity widget.

logo_ticketmasterEach month, Ticketmaster has supported a different cause and its customers have had the opportunity to add € 1 (or more) to their purchase and show their social commitment. The response of the initiative has been so good that today they have already raised more than € 30,000!

This amount has been allocated to 8 social entities so that they carry out their social projects: Ayuda en Acción, Oxfam Intermón, Fundación Theodora, RAIS, Fundación Unoentrecienmil, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Unicef ​​and Voces.

Thanks to this, Ticketmaster customers have collaborated with medical research to cure leukemia, help the homeless or promote the labor insertion of women in India, among others.

Celia Carrillo, Chief Marketing Officer of Ticketmaster Spain, emphasizes that “for Ticketmaster, collaborating with Worldcoo is a priority because it allows us to respond to a social demand from our own clients. Now, they can contribute quickly and effectively with different causes of solidarity in their purchasing processes. “

For his part, Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo, adds that “through the union with Ticketmaster, we have detected that the world of entertainment and culture has an important component of solidarity. Since we started our collaboration with Ticketmaster, donors have increased every month and the response from all of them has been more than positive. “

This month of June, coinciding with World Prostate Cancer Day – June 11 – Ticketmaster supports medical research of this type of disease with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Until December, clients will have the opportunity to make their micro-contribution to fight against gender-based violence, child poverty or AIDS, among others.

All donations made by Ticketmaster users can be followed in real time through the web https://ticketmaster.worldcoo.com/

Worldcoo Team

Therapy dogs with children with autism


Those who follow us on social network, may know that Mascoteros has recently funded its last project, which has helped Jadoul Foundation to feed 170 homeless dogs during one month and a half.  You can remember the project HERE.

It is not the first time that Mascoteros customers show their social commitment when making their purchases. In fact, to date, its customers have raised close to € 10,000. Thanks to them, 4 social entities could start up their projects related to the animal world

Now, they initiate a new challenge so that children with autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) can carry out their therapy together with dogs, something that will increase their motivation and, consequently, the results of the therapy they follow.

bocalan_logoThey will do it together with Bocalán Foundation, an entity characterized by the inclusion of animals within therapeutic or educational processes with different groups that allow greater participation.

And it is that, often, people with autism show alterations in communication and social interaction, causing them difficulties in relating and understanding social behaviors, as well as difficulties in the language. Dogs help to capture the attention of children and encourages their participation in therapy by being a living being that moves, has different textures, smells and interacts directly with them.

 The challenge of the Mascoteros clients will be to obtain the necessary capital so that 10 children with autism can benefit from the assisted therapy with dogs for 4 months.

Click HERE to follow the donation process.


Worldcoo Team

Maxcolchon’s dream

Maxcolchon joins our Companies with a Cause network!

Often, when we are in a difficult and complicated situation, having a reason that excites us and keeps our mind occupied, can be a key piece to give a boost to our day to day and break with the routine that we are used to.

It’s the same with the youngest ones; even more if they are children who suffer from a serious illness. Having a dream to pursue and hope to make it come true brings hope for the future, happiness and strength necessary to overcome their illness.

logo_makeawishThis is what Make-A-Wish Foundation does. Since 1999 they have been working to make dreams come true for children with serious illnesses.

Sick children and their families live in a harsh routine that transforms their reality. However, despite being children suffering from serious diseases, they are still children: children who play, laugh, cry and are also deluded. The entity works together with the child and his/her family in order to make their dreams come true.

logo-maxcolchonToday we talk about it because we have recently signed a new collaboration agreement with one of the great dream experts: Maxcolchon, online reference in the manufacture and sale of rest products.

In addition to being the online reference in its sector, Maxcolchon is caracterized by a strong social commitment. Since its creation, in 2009, it has collaborated with different social causes in different ways.

Now, through the Worldcoo solidarity widget, Maxcolchon goes a step further and offers all its customers the opportunity to collaborate with Make-A-Wish so that, through their online store, they can comply not only his own dream, but also that of the little ones who need it most.

Maxcolchon’s dream

The challenge of Maxcolchon’s customers is to help Timothy to fulfill their illusion. Timothy is a 9 year old boy who has a passion that helps him when, because of his oncological illness, he can’t go to school, during treatments, in the hospital. It is a passion that he shares with his little brother Kenji and that helps him to build a world in which everything is possible: LEGOLAND. A multicolored world that helps him in the difficult moments to continue fighting against the disease. And his great hope is to visit LEGOLAND and enjoy it with his family. Timothy knows that he has to work to achieve it … and that there are many people who are willing to help him so that, piece by piece, his illusion becomes a reality.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team






Promofarma and breast cancer research


The customers of Promofarma have started their challenge #10! In the past one, they collected the necessary amount in order to Aladina Foundation could organize activities that would help more than 100 hospitalized children to escape from the hospital routine (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, their social commitment is focused on medical research to stop one of the most frequent tumors in our day to day: breast cancer.

logo_CRISTo do this, they will collaborate with “Cris contra el cáncer” Foundation, a private and independent organization that promotes and finances research projects for the treatment and cure of cancer.

Euro to Euro, the total amount collected will be used to collaborate with the research led by Dr. Alberto Ocaña and Dr. Atanasio Pandiella that aims to identify the causes associated with resistance to some treatments and develop new drugs to improve the prognosis and the cure rate.

If you would like to know the currently funding status, click HERE.

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Supermarkets with a cause: Bon Preu y Esclat

bonpreu-esclatSome days ago we talked about the importance that brands have a strong social commitment. In fact, according to the study titled “Brands with values ®: The power of the consumer-citizen,  nearly  60% of population prefer those brands that respect environment, cares about social aspects or  take care of their employers.

That’s why every time there are more companies which use one of our fundraising channels in order to show their social commitment and empower their customers to make their little contribution.

In this context, Bon Preu y Esclat Supermarket has launched two new challenges so that their customers can make their little contribution:

  • 535-244-LOGO_BCN_COMPARTEIX_mes_intens_+logo_NsFSharing food: the population with lack of food resources is increasing, a situation that has been aggravated by the economic crisis. With the help of the customers of Bon Preu 50 people will receive a daily food during one month through Nutrición Sin Fronteras.


How they can collaborate?

The customers of Bon Preu y Esclat can collaborate trough the accumulated money in their customer card. They can do it in the Private Space of the web or through the app BonpreuEsclat. More information HERE.


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A daily food for children this Christmas


Did you know that 47% of families could not afford to feed their children enough meals per day?

STACKEDCoinciding with the GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to donate, help and share, Nicequest users initiate a new purpose, which is to get 1,200 children to receive a meal a day at one of the day centers of SOS Children’s Villages.

It is an important challenge if we consider that, at least, 220 million children are frighteningly alone – shut out from a caring family environment and sometimes even rejected by their communities and deprived of basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, protection and love.

sos_villageFrom many years ago, SOS Children’s Villages works to guarantee one of the fundamental rights in the life of a child: food. Now all the users of Nicequest will have the chance to do the same.

In addition, Nicequest as a company will double all donations made during Tuesday, November 28 (#GivingTuesday).

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.

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