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The Dafort water project

The Dafort water project

The water management is one of the biggest preoccupation in the world. With this project, the NGO Santa Perpetua Solidaria wants to help the community of Dafort, in Mauritania (Maps), to fight against hunger and drought.

Some surveys were conducted and it reveals that there is underground water, but the population of Dafort cannot afford to extract as it is expensive and it needs a lot of resources. Thus, this project has been created with the help of the local population and authorities, and the community of emigrants in Catalonia.

The project is divided in three main objectives. First, the drilling of water well and the construction of the required infrastructure to provide population with safe drinking water. It will end with 12 fountains located on the streets of Dafort. Then, the creation of a water community to manage the infrastructures. That’s an economic key point to make sure that there is no waste and no problem with the distribution. Finally, teaching families in improving sanitation and hygiene habits.

16,000 inhabitant are waiting the concretization of this beautiful plan. Everything is calculated, prepared, people are ready to move away to start working on it. But the financial goal is not already reached!

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