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Bicycles against school dropout in rural areas
Using CSR to create trust and confidence in e-commerce
New school year, lunchroom program
School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers
Emergency laughter for hospitalized children
Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

Bicycles against school dropout in rural areas


Did you know that bicycles are the most conveyance used and sold in the world? It is estimated that there are more than bicycles around the world today.

In countries like Spain, the country where the use of bicycles has increased the most during the last years, every time there are more people who decide to use this transport as an alternative to the car or moto, which are more expensive and less sustainable and ecologic.

However, there are less developed countries, such as Uganda, Kenia or India, where the bicycles has developed another use, and has become a good tool for social and professional inclusion.

fvf1-666Santa Fixie Group, one of our e-commerce companies which we collaborate with, has launched so many social campaigns in order to potential this new use of the bicycle. Their new challenge, which starts today, is to raise funds in order that Vicente Ferrer Foundation can distribute bicycles to kids and teenagers in Kothacheruvu, a very little rural area in Andra Pradesh (India), which it is located very far away from the mail school centers of the region. The lack of adequate means of transportation often leads families to decide that their children, and especially their daughters, stay at home for fear of something happening on the way to school.

The distribution of bicycles will ensure secondary education for Young people in Kothacheruvu and to Foster equal opportunities for boys and girls, in order to promote their integral development and empowerment.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.



Using CSR to create trust and confidence in e-commerce

Confidence is and always has been the base for success for whichever company: if the client doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. This is a reality which few of us are willing to dispute and neither did our grandparents dispute it when all the shops were “offline” and when the idea of “online” was more a question of science fiction than an actual reality.

Of course now, times have changed and many of those business which reached their customers on an “analogical” level now have become “traditional businesses”, whereas those who have digital tools as their foundations are modern and current businesses. And in this context, what happens with the confidence and trust? Well, it keeps playing a crucial part.

confianza_onlineIf before the trader had to make every effort possible for the buyer to believe their word and trust in them, now it is the entrepreneur dealing with digital projects which has to gain the confidence of their customer; which, if you think about it, is perhaps even more difficult. Online businesses are not able to see the faces of their clients, they don’t speak directly with them, and they can’t interpret their nonverbal language. Even with that being the case, they still have to gain the confidence of their customers.

In this context, making a special effort to create an image which reduces legitimate doubts which the customer may have prior to making an online purchase will be essential for the businesses’ success.

CSR becomes a tool which humanises a “digitalised” company, to show that they also have a heart (just as the trader had from the shops of 20 years ago where everyone used to go).

E-commerce users want to have faith in their online shops, they want to trust them. It will be hard for them not to trust them if these businesses show that they have a real involvement in the society which they have developed in, and if they show that they work ethically and represent their values.

The first step to build confidence is to show commitment and CSR is an exceptional way of doing exactly that.

Worldcoo Team.

New school year, lunchroom program

Nowadays, 770.000 Spanish families have not any income and the 37% of households fail to make ends meet. This implies that 2,55 million of children under 18 live at risk of poverty, that is to say, the 30,5% of Spanish children. The poor children and teenagers are becoming poorer to the point that, 360.000 children and teenagers can’t eat meat, chicken or fish at least every two days.

In this situation, increasingly, grandparents and grandmothers help financially their sons and their grandchildren to go ahead, exactly 8 of 10. Five years ago, this figure was 2 of 10. According to a study realized by Educo and Salvetti & Llombart, the grandparents provide aids in different ways:

–          The 50% give lunch or dinner to their sons or grandchildren every day or almost every day of the week.

–          1 of 3 grandparents give a sum of money regularly.

–          1 of 10 has welcomed at home the family of his son.

We have to remember that many of these grandparents have very low pensions and, almost always, all of that money is for pay bills, debt, help their sons…

This is Mª Angeles case, she has to welcomed their granddaughter because her parents cannot take care her.

Her parents stay with her on Sunday, the rest of the week she lives with us because they cannot take care her.” – Mª Angeles

Emma is another case, she had to go live with their two sons to her mother home for a time while she found a job and when she found it, she couldn’t go away because she didn’t have sufficient income to meet the expenses of her children.

I came to my mother’s home for few days, and I already take here eight years” – Emma

Because of the economic difficulties that our grandparents are living, 1 of 10 says his health has worsened and, the 57% says that due to the crisis, their emotional wellness have worsened.


Educo, once again, has presented their School Lunchroom campaign that has the aim to guarantee a daily healthy meal to children living at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Redcoon, one of our e-commerce with cause, wants to continue helping these families that have been affected because of the crisis. With 6.000€ donated by their customers, Redcoon will help to Educo to provide 2,400 healthy and balanced meals to children from Spanish families in need.

Together we can ensure to improve the quality of life of many children and they are not ashamed when they related with other children.

The Worldcoo team.


School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers

Today we want to explain the story of John, a man of 49 years old that, as a many people in Spain, he lost his job years ago and he hasn’t found a new job yet.

When Johbecascomedorn lost his job 5 years ago he never thought that would mean in his life and in the life of his family.

The first month without finding a job he didn’t care, he thought that he could spend time with his son David those months. The months went by, John did not find a job and the situation in John’s house went worse with the time.

One day, John and his family haven’t dinner. John tried to cheat on his child’s stomach giving him something for eat that he found in home but, when they were staying in the bed, David asked to his father why they went to the bed without dinner. John remember that moment like one of the hardest moments in his life.

Luckily, David is receiving now one of the school lunchroom that Educo provides and he can have a daily healthy meal every day.

David, at least once a day eats well, because in home he doesn’t eat well, neither he nor any of us”- John


David enjoying his meal thanks to school lunchroom

Unfortunately, like John, there are many families living in poverty and they can’t provide the adequate food to his sons. We recall that Spain is the second country of the European Union that have the child poverty rate higher: 1 of 3 children live below the poverty line.

Today we are happy to announce that Redcoon customers, once again, have helped to Educo to guarantee a daily balanced meal to children living at risk of social exclusion.

We thank to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users to continue helping achieve a better life for children living in poverty and the life of their families.

With this project, we have 34 projects funded!

The Worldcoo team.


Emergency laughter for hospitalized children

Children routine change when he/she is hospitalized. It moves the child from his habitual environment to put him in another unknown, altering his and his family daily life. In order to try to make more human the stay of hospitalized children from 20 Spanish hospitals, the Theodora Foundation was created in Spain the year 2.000.

Giggle Doctors are professional artists having a specific mission, help to create hope spaces, making that the hospitalized children and teens have no tensions and help their families and the medical personnel, as far as possible, that their situation becomes less dramatic and they have a faster recovery.

Thanks to PromoFarma customers, two weekly visits from Giggle Doctors for 2 months will be guaranteed. The activities that Giggle Doctors will do during that time are the following:

  • Visit all hospitalized children and teenagers in one of the 20 Spanish hospitals, one afternoon a week. The essential aim is to cheer up pediatric plants, change the room environment and create hopes and smiles.
  • Stay in the operating room for help ease the anxiety in the child and provide that medical personnel can focus on their work.

fundación theodora

For the families of hospitalized children is also very important the work done by Giggle Doctors because while they are giving smiles, all forget where they are and why.

With 3.500€ not only 330 children and teenagers will be benefited, their families and the medical personnel will be also benefited (in total 990 individuals) all thanks to the important and rewarding work from Giggle Doctors.

Thanks to PromoFarma for being an ecommerce with cause and thanks to their customers for helping to realize this project.

The Worldcoo Team.

Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

worldcoo_segell1_english worldcoo_segell2_english worldcoo_segell3_english


All e-commerce companies that have integrated our widget to transform their online shopping purchases in solidarity receive the stamp of E-commerce with Worldcoo´s Cause. This label attesting to their social commitment and the desire to create a positive social impact alongside its users with all the guarantees of the fundraising campaign run by Worldcoo.
With the seal, Worldcoo guarantees:

  • Including a 100% secure technology in solidarity donation widget developed by technological equipment from Worldcoo.
  • The rigorous selection and auditing of all projects by a team at Worldcoo and the network of 21 ambassadors we have in 11 countries worldwide and managing international projects.
  • The traceability of every dollar donated, with the completion of monitoring and relevant verification.
  • The social commitment of e-commerce and generating a positive social impact alongside its users.

!Become an E-commerce with a Cause!
Only e-commerce that meet these regulations may obtain the stamp and become an E-commerce with a Cause with the utmost confidence for their users.Worldcoo was born with the mission of generating a positive social impact and providing a solution to the lack of public funding of NGOs. The e-commerce industry and NGOs collective solidarity allows the new system of solidarity crowd funding.  The e-commerce industry will grow at an unstoppable pace in 2015, at around 20%. The involvement to generate a positive social impact can be instrumental to realize many social and cooperative projects that otherwise would have been impossible due to a lack of resources. These provide visibility to projects and social causes and foster collaborative solidarity among its members.

Our E-commerce with a Cause
In less than a year of activity since the launch of our widgets, more than 10 e-commerces have joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (ByHours.com, MeQuedoUno.com , Network Verticomm -Uvinum, Mascotic … -, Zacaris.com, redcoon.es, Promofarma.com, LetsBonus.com, Evacosmetics.com); have funded more than 10 projects with 16,000 donors who have contributed almost 30,000 € and have benefited over 11,800 people directly.
From Worldcoo we hope that the community of ´e-commerce with a cause´ continues to grow to generate a much greater positive social impact.


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