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Nicaragua tries to attract private investors

Nicaragua tries to attract private investors

Nicaragua expects to help the economy by accepting a new law to attract investors.Nicaragua’s economy needs evolve. In that way, the National Assembly approved a new law which allows private and state-private ventures to invest in port infrastructures. The deputy director of Water Transport report that this is the solution.

With this new law, private investors will be able to support existing ports or to create new ones. Today, Nicaragua’s ports handle the least cargo. In 2012, it represented 2,80% of the cargo flow in central america (according to the National Port Company). It represents 3.6 million metric tons of wares.

Moreover, the President of Nicaragua may help this development by enter into association, or grant concessions, for the construction of new ports. Beyond that, the law still needs reviews from National Assembly and is subject to change. An important thing is that after the expiry of the operating license of the ports by the private sector, all the equipments will be the property of the State. 

Processing cocoa in the rural communities of Kukra River could benefit of those private investments. This law would match with the Worldcoo’s project because a part of the budget is dedicated to warehouses. Thus, Bluefields port could increase or modernize. That would help cocoa farmers to produce more and manage the wares easier in order to export more.

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