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Vegetable garden kits for a healthy and quality diet
In Spain, 1 in 3 children suffer poverty and social exclusion
Educo will give new dining scholarships
School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report
New school year, lunchroom program
School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers
#NewProject: Summer Lunch Program
3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among children at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion

Vegetable garden kits for a healthy and quality diet


Planeta Huerto has recently funded its latest project, which they will help to install a new micro-irrigation system that will ensure the food security of 10 families in the high Andean areas of Peru  through the NGO Ayuda en Acción.

This week they have started a new project in which customers who add one euro to their purchase, will be able to contribute to guarantee a healthy and quality diet of 320 families in Quiché (Guatemala), the second department in the country most affected by poverty, with an index of 41%.

educoThe entity with whom they will collaborate on this occasion is Educo. Educo will be able to combat this situation by distributing 50 orchard kits. Each kit contains 180 grams of a variety of seeds and 36 kilos of fertilizer and fertilizer. Thanks to the delivery of these kits, it will be possible to increase productivity, create reserves of basic grains for self-consumption, as well as strengthen new eating habits, personal hygiene and the home.

Remember that, if you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team

In Spain, 1 in 3 children suffer poverty and social exclusion


Dreivip, one of our e-commerce with cause, has finished his last project. Thanks to them, NGO Mumbai Smiles will be able to educate 30 children under 6 years old and prevent them from falling into exploitation networks. If you want, you can remember the project HERE.

Its next challenge, which starts today, is to end child malnutrition in Spain, a very important purpose if we consider that today more than 2.6 million Spanish children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Since the beginning of the crisis, the risk of poverty has increased to 33,4%.

logo_dreivipThrough EDUCO, Dreivip users will have the opportunity to collaborate with the “Lunchroom Scholarships Educo”, which aims to guarantee, at least, a complete and healthy meal a day to children of Primary and Secondary Education in Spain in situation of Risk of poverty and exclusion.

Thanks to their collaboration, 8 children will receive a daily meal in their school during one year, distributing 1.320 meals totally.

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team


Educo will give new dining scholarships

In early September the NGO Educo informed us about the increase of grandparents that had provided economic aids to their sons and grandchildren. Specifically, the 80% of the grandparents had given an average of 290€ per month as an economic aid to assist their families.

According to Educo with INE data, the 57% of grandparents explains that their  personal and welfare situation are getting worst because of the economic difficulties that their family are suffering, as more than 700.000 families had no income the first trimester 2015, this data are almost the double than 2007.

For this reason and concurring with the new school year, Educo began a new scholarship dining campaign with the aim to give support to families in need and to guarantee that children from families facing economic hardship receive a least one meal a day.

The alliance between Educo and Redcoon continues and, from the beginning of September, the clients of Redcoon have been making donations to help all the children living at risk of poverty.

One more time, Redcoon customers have demonstrated that they want to finish with childrens poverty. Thanks to their solidarity, 6.000€ have been raised with whom 2.400 healthy and equilibrated meals will be provided to different Spanish schools.

Many Spanish households have big difficulties to makes ends meet. Many families only eat meat, chicken or fish every two days and this fact hurt the children growth living in these homes.

Educo’s dining scholarships will guarantee a healthy daily meal to all the children living in a poverty situation and also help the situation of the children family. Moreover, this kind of grants have additional benefits to those children who couldn’t access to their school lunchrooms. It is proven that afternoon absenteeism is reduced by 100% and helps improve school performance and boost self-esteem. Furthermore, increase the time children spend in a safe, warm, comfortable and protective environment.

Educo - girl - eating

To continue helping the maximum number of children living at poverty situation, Redcoon will continue raising funds. Thanks to the collaboration of its clients, Educo will be able to provide more dining scholarships and thus eliminate the malnutrition that many Spanish children are suffering and, at the same time, Educo help them to increase their school performance and their self-esteem.

Thanks to Redcoon and its clients for their solidarity and for continue helping to fight against childrens poverty in Spain.

The Worldcoo team.

School Lunchroom 2014-2015 final report

At the beginning of September 2014, the e-commerce Redcoon became a new sponsor of Worldcoo. It meant that, since then, their customers had the possibility to donate 1€ in every purchase that they made to help fund a high social impact project.

The first project with which Redcoon began to collaborate was the School Lunchroom Program of Educo. Two months after the project started, Redcoon decided to enlarge the term to continue to get fund for the cause of School Lunchroom of Educo. From there, the alliance between Redcoon and Educo grew stronger and they decided to make a new project in every season in the year with the aim that the Spanish children could have a school lunchroom all the year. One year after, Redcoon and Educo have served their purpose. They haven’t stopped distribute School Lunchroom to Spanish children.

One of the commitments of Worldcoo is to support transparency of the donations, for this reason, today we show you an annual report where you can see in which things Educo has distributed every donated euro by Redcoon customers.

The projects that have been funded this year by Redcoon customers are the following:

  • School Lunchroom Program: 4.510€
  • This Christmas, School lunchroom program: 6.000€
  • Spring – School lunchroom program: 8.040€
  • Summer Lunchroom program: 6.000€

With the donations made by Redcoon customers, 24.550€ have been collected and it has been distributed in 46 school lunchrooms during the school year and 36 school lunchrooms during the summer. Educo has been able to distribute 9.820 meals in 21 school from 9 Spanish regions.

school lunchroom 2014-2015

Finally, we want to thank all the people that have helped to fund the four projects and we remind you that a new school lunchroom project has started. We encourage you to continue helping these children that are living at the risk of poverty.

The Worldcoo team.

New school year, lunchroom program

Nowadays, 770.000 Spanish families have not any income and the 37% of households fail to make ends meet. This implies that 2,55 million of children under 18 live at risk of poverty, that is to say, the 30,5% of Spanish children. The poor children and teenagers are becoming poorer to the point that, 360.000 children and teenagers can’t eat meat, chicken or fish at least every two days.

In this situation, increasingly, grandparents and grandmothers help financially their sons and their grandchildren to go ahead, exactly 8 of 10. Five years ago, this figure was 2 of 10. According to a study realized by Educo and Salvetti & Llombart, the grandparents provide aids in different ways:

–          The 50% give lunch or dinner to their sons or grandchildren every day or almost every day of the week.

–          1 of 3 grandparents give a sum of money regularly.

–          1 of 10 has welcomed at home the family of his son.

We have to remember that many of these grandparents have very low pensions and, almost always, all of that money is for pay bills, debt, help their sons…

This is Mª Angeles case, she has to welcomed their granddaughter because her parents cannot take care her.

Her parents stay with her on Sunday, the rest of the week she lives with us because they cannot take care her.” – Mª Angeles

Emma is another case, she had to go live with their two sons to her mother home for a time while she found a job and when she found it, she couldn’t go away because she didn’t have sufficient income to meet the expenses of her children.

I came to my mother’s home for few days, and I already take here eight years” – Emma

Because of the economic difficulties that our grandparents are living, 1 of 10 says his health has worsened and, the 57% says that due to the crisis, their emotional wellness have worsened.


Educo, once again, has presented their School Lunchroom campaign that has the aim to guarantee a daily healthy meal to children living at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Redcoon, one of our e-commerce with cause, wants to continue helping these families that have been affected because of the crisis. With 6.000€ donated by their customers, Redcoon will help to Educo to provide 2,400 healthy and balanced meals to children from Spanish families in need.

Together we can ensure to improve the quality of life of many children and they are not ashamed when they related with other children.

The Worldcoo team.


School Lunchroom thanks to Redcoon customers

Today we want to explain the story of John, a man of 49 years old that, as a many people in Spain, he lost his job years ago and he hasn’t found a new job yet.

When Johbecascomedorn lost his job 5 years ago he never thought that would mean in his life and in the life of his family.

The first month without finding a job he didn’t care, he thought that he could spend time with his son David those months. The months went by, John did not find a job and the situation in John’s house went worse with the time.

One day, John and his family haven’t dinner. John tried to cheat on his child’s stomach giving him something for eat that he found in home but, when they were staying in the bed, David asked to his father why they went to the bed without dinner. John remember that moment like one of the hardest moments in his life.

Luckily, David is receiving now one of the school lunchroom that Educo provides and he can have a daily healthy meal every day.

David, at least once a day eats well, because in home he doesn’t eat well, neither he nor any of us”- John


David enjoying his meal thanks to school lunchroom

Unfortunately, like John, there are many families living in poverty and they can’t provide the adequate food to his sons. We recall that Spain is the second country of the European Union that have the child poverty rate higher: 1 of 3 children live below the poverty line.

Today we are happy to announce that Redcoon customers, once again, have helped to Educo to guarantee a daily balanced meal to children living at risk of social exclusion.

We thank to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users to continue helping achieve a better life for children living in poverty and the life of their families.

With this project, we have 34 projects funded!

The Worldcoo team.


#NewProject: Summer Lunch Program

Summer is coming and with it school holidays. Most of children are happy with this moment but, for others, this fact means that they will not have their lunch scholarship and, therefore, without their healthy daily meal.

In Spain, there are thousand children that have a poor alimentation because of their family have serious financial difficulties and have no money to buy food. Thanks to Educo and his School Lunchroom Programs, most of this children have the opportunity to receive a healthy daily meat.

With the arrival of summer, most of schools close their doors and, consequently, they also close their lunchroom. One of the Educo mission is that all children have the opportunity to receive a healthy daily meal, for that reason, Educo has expanded his program to summer camps.



Educo will be present in 57 summer entities and schools of all of autonomous communities in order for children that are at risk of living in poverty, apart from doing socio-educational activities they will also receiving quality food at least once a day.

Redcoon wants to help Educo to make this project possible. Thanks to their users, they will ensure a healthy and balanced daily meal to children whose families are at risk of social exclusion and will also ensure an opportunity to participate in socio-educational activities in summer entities.

This year, half of Spanish children will not be able to go away on holidays. For that reason, the fact that, thanks to summer lunch program, they can participate in educational and recreational activities that includes a healthy meal, will be essential to have a full development.

The Worldcoo team.

3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among children at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion

Nowadays there are more than 30% of children live at risk or poverty and/or social exclusion, it means that 1 in 3 children in Spain are malnourished and not receive one balanced meal a day.

The bad alimentation not only affects in the child physical development, it also affects in his school performance. Before this situation of vulnerability, Educo in 2013 launched a school lunchroom program in 17 autonomous communities to reach the maximum of children who are in family with financial difficulties.

With Educo Spring-School lunchroom program and thanks to Redcoon users, a scholarship will be given to children at risk of poverty and /or social school.


The aim of this project is to assure a healthy and balanced daily meal to children that, because of economic crisis, their family are at risk of social exclusion. With 8.040€, 3.216 healthy meals will be distributed among these children.

Having a healthy daily meal helps these children to improve their scholar performance and improve their socializing with the other children. It also helps their families: their economy will improve and they will be able to search jobs for improve their situation.

Thanks again to Redcoon for being an e-commerce with cause and thanks to their users because without their help we couldn’t have done their project.

The Worldcoo team.


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