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Sports grants for children with cancer
Summer camps for children at risk at social exclusion
Drinking water wells in Malawi

Sports grants for children with cancer


Unfortunately, 1,400 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed each year.

The practice of physical exercise helps children with cancer to be more tolerant to treatments and helps to alleviate the side effects of these. It increases the muscular strength of children, decreases the systematic inflammatory levels and improves the immune function, reducing fatigue.

aladina_noticiaThat is why the Aladina Foundation has launched the Aladina Sports Scholarships for children with cancer and families. Through this initiative, the entity can favor specialized physical exercise therapies for children and adolescents with cancer.

logo-sprinterAfter collecting the necessary amount so that 20 students can participate in activities where Ayuda en Acción promotes gender equality and opportunities (you can remember the project HERE), now Sprinter customers start a new project to promote the practice of physical exercise between children and adolescents.




Thanks to the contribution of Sprinter, 10 children with cancer will be able to participate in these specialized physical therapy therapies for a month.

The total amount collected will go entirely to the entity, who can perform specialized physical therapy therapies for a month.

Remember that, if you want, you can get more information and know in which state this project is found HERE.

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Summer camps for children at risk at social exclusion


logo_ticketmasterToday we start July and, with it, the new project for the customers of Ticketmaster.  Last month, they could participate with the clinical research against prostate cancer and they raised more than €5,000! On this occasion, they will collaborate with Save the Children in order to guarantee that this summer, children at risk of social exclusion have the opportunity to participate in summer camps.

stc_logoDid you know that in Spain one in three kids are at risk of social exclusion or poverty?

Summer camps are a great opportunity to for those children whose families can’t afford these activities and have no one to leave them while they are working.

Through these camps, Save the Children favors the social inclusion of these children and guarantees them, at least, a healthy and balanced meal a day.

To participate, Ticketmaster customers only have to add a solidary euro to their purchase.

Click HERE to see the status of live collection and know the different campaigns that Ticketmaster has supported.

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Drinking water wells in Malawi


Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Living conditions are harsh, almost 90% of the population lives on subsistence agriculture. There are no infrastructures that channel the water of the great lake of the country, the farmers depend on rainwater, which makes them extremely vulnerable.

355Once collected the necessary amount to guarantee that 400 children receive annual treatment against childhood malnutrition in Kenia (you can remember the project HERE), the customers of Uvinum start a new challenge in order to distribute drinking water in Malawi.

active_logoThey will do it together with Active Africa, a NGO which is dedicated to improving the socio-economic and sustainable development of the poorest rural populations in Malawi and Kenya.

Thanks to the construction of a water well, the population of Nkhotakota (one of the most deprived regions of Malawi), will avoid having to collect water in exposed places (such as rivers, streams, lakes or ponds), a great source of water diseases.

At the same time, women and children and children in the region will not have to travel long distances to find water, which will facilitate the continued enrolment of children, especially in the case of girls.


Euro to euro, Uvinum’s customers will facilitate that Active Africa can build a well in the district of Nkhotakota and provide Access to drinking water to 600 people.

Would you like to follow the donation process? Click HERE.

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