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New progress in our Horizon 2020 project
How are NGOs reacting to the EU policies concerning migration?

New progress in our Horizon 2020 project

As we have talked in several occasions, just over a year ago, the European Commission accredited Worldcoo as the European standard for crowdfunding in ecommerce.

Logo_widget_3.0Since then, we have worked in our project Widget 3.0 in new and better channels that will help to increase the number of donations. For example,

  • We have launched “public campaigns”, which consist of several companies can raise funds for a single cause. Companies can install the Worldcoo widget quickly and easily through this
  • We have improved our internal campaign management platform to expand and improve our recruitment channels with a much more personalized response to all the companies that collaborate with us.
  • On the other hand, we are finalizing the details to launch the new and revolutionary fundraising channel in Spain that will allow us to round up the final amount of our purchase in physical stores. All donated cents will be used to help those who need it the most.


Worldcoo Team

How are NGOs reacting to the EU policies concerning migration?

pexels-photo-113885Migratory movements from last year, who featured heavily during the conflicts in Syria and the flight of Syrian citizens in search for better prospects in life, have forced international organizations and the receiving countries of immigrants to define their positions and to establish policies to confront the huge wave of immigrants.

Naturally, the European Union has had to take action and implement policies, which, from their point of view, address the situation in the most efficient way.  However, these policies have not convinced everybody and have even mobilised people and organisations against them.

Thus, on the 27th of June, one-hundred European NGOs signed a declaration, which firmly condemned the policies, which according to them, whose purpose was to reduce migration without taking into account the protection of fundamental rights and values.

What are the opinions of the NGOs concerning migration? Here are seven key points.

  1. The EU’s policies, according to the NGOs, leave people stuck in inhumane conditions, a situation which affects both children and adults and violates their fundamental rights as human beings.
  2. The right to asylum has also been violated by these policies, making it more and more difficult the search for international protection for those people who find themselves in conflict zones.
  3. The aim of the policies implemented by the EU, seeks to contain the migratory movement and reduce it, forgetting that by doing this, it does not stop the trade of human trafficking and it forces migrants to take paths that are even more dangerous.
  4. In addition, these policies do not open safe routes to enter the EU for those people who need international protection.
  5. The EU should take into account the circumstances in which migrations take place and its consequences.
  6. The aim of the European Union’s policies should not be to reduce immigration (an aim that many consider unsustainable and unattainable in the long term) but to maximise the benefits of the migratory movements and reduce the risks for them.
  7. The EU should show an example of solidarity, therefore it should be coherent with its discourse and it should find a system based on the protection of rights and on a viable strategic vision for the long term.

After a detailed statement including these points, NGOs have signed a list of six petitions in line with these points aimed at European leaders, which you can read here.

Amongst the NGOs who have signed these petitions are Oxfam, Amnesty International, Refugees Welcome, and another 77 supportive bodies that you can find here.

*You can read the full statement here by following this link: https://oxfamintermon.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/default/files/articulos/adjuntos/Declaraci%C3%B3n%20Conjunta%20_Esp.pdf


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