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Today is the World Cancer Day
Charity Rounding Up to collaborate with Save the Children
Ticketmaster collaborates to improve the nutritional situation in Peru
Condis launches a new campaign to reforest the South of Catalonia
Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up

Today is the World Cancer Day

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Today is the World Cancer Day, a key date on the calendar to make visible the importance of medical research, necessary to find new and better treatments that contribute to increase the healing capacity and decrease the side effects of the disease.

This month, some of the companies that collaborate with us, have joined the cause and show their commitment with people with cancer and with the medical research.

logo_BonPreuEsclatFor example, through the Charity Round Up all the customers of Bonpreu i Esclat can make a micro-donation and collaborate with AFANOC to improve the life quality of children with cancer through leisure.

logo_ticketmasterBut they are not the only ones.  Ticketmaster España, for example, offer to all who buy a ticket, the option to add 1€ for charity and collaborate with AECC to guarantee the coverage of basic needs of patients with cancer at risk of social exclusion.

logo_hawkersAlso Hawkers collaborates with the cause. They have launched a new project in which they invite their customers to make a micro-donaton and collaborate with Cris Contra el Cáncer to contribute to improve the current medical therapies.

Finally the customers of bonÀrea have raised more than €46,500 to collaborate with child cancer research through the creation of the new Pediatric Cancer Center, leaded by SJD Sant Joan de Déu.

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Charity Rounding Up to collaborate with Save the Children


condisCondis Supermarkets start today a new campaign to help Save the Children to promote the development of children under 6 years old in vulnerable situations.

From now on, the customers of Condis who want, can round up their ticket and donate the cents to a social cause each time they pay with card.

The children’s stage (0-6 years) is one of the main stages of development. In this age range, most of the neurological development of children occurs, and is critical in order to reach the cognitive and neurological bases.

37-Save-The-ChildrenThrough the “Let’s Play Together” program, the organization works to reduce the consequences that poverty causes to children and encourage their integral development.

The program works as a space where families who are in precarious, disruptive situations and who experience important challenges can access them with their children.

Through intervention, children develop cognitive, emotional and relational dynamics, placing them in the center of the intervention, as rights holders.


Thanks to all the funds collected, the organization will be able to provide the necessary material for the development of the activities and 40 children under 6, as well as their families, will be part of these activities.


You can get more information about this project HERE.

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Ticketmaster collaborates to improve the nutritional situation in Peru


This October, all their customers will be able to make a micro-donation and collaborate with Acción contra el Hambre

Almost 50% of the population in the Huamanguilla Region, in Peru, presents anemia, a serious health problem, especially for women with high risk pregnancies and for children under 3 years.

Anemia affects seriously to the brain development, reduces children’s defences against disease and decreases their physical activity.

logo-vector-accion-contra-el-hambreIn front of this situation, Acción Contra el Hambre realises a community work to implement activities for the prevention and control of anemia, especially among the most vulnerable groups.

logo_ticketmasterThis October, the customers of Ticketmaster will be able to add €1 to their ticket and collaborate with the organization to improve nutrition in these rural communities in Peru.

The objective is to help reduce iron deficiency anemia in children under 3 years of age, by improving family prevention and control practices that are culturally relevant; capacity building in the health sector, local government, social programs and community organizations in the district of Huamanguilla Ayacucho Region, Peru.

You can have more information about the project HERE.

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Condis launches a new campaign to reforest the South of Catalonia

logo-condisLast month, a huge fire affected the South of Catalonia, with more than 5,000 hectares burned. For this reason, Condis Supermarket launches today a new fundraising campaign to help the people affected and respond to the damage that the dire caused to the territory.

Through the Social Round Up, from this week, all the customers of Condis who pay with card have the option to round up the final amount of their purchase and donate the cents to the project leaded by “Rebrotem”.


“Rebrotem”  is the social initiative created by a group of people from the territory and its objective is to dignifying and reducing the damages caused to the peasantry, livestock and the territory of the more than 5,000 hectares affected.



We invite you to visit https://condis.worldcoo.com/es/ to get more information about the project.


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Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up

The new campaign, “Cent to cent, we make future”, invites to collaborate with Gasol Foundation when paying with card


LOGO VIENAAs you know, since the end of last year, all the customers of Viena that pay with card have the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause. Until now, they have been collaborating in favor of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. In total, they have raised more than €235,000! This contribution will help the organization to implement a new Research Unit in the Prevention of Dementia, a pioneering project promoted by the same organization. From here, we would like to THANK all the “Viennese” people who have made it possible!

The new project: promote and support scientific research in the field of child health

logo_gasol_foundationViena launches a new social project this week. On this occasion, the objective is to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation to carry out a new study – called PASOS- that will help to know the habits and lifestyle of Spanish children and teenagers.

Did you know that 80% of young people doesn’t have a sufficient level of physical activity? (OMS 2018)

The results obtained from the PASOS study will help establish some lines of action for children’s health according to the reality and the identified needs, always with the objective of combating the sedentary lifestyle of children and the little physical activity.


We remind you that, if you want, you can get more information about this project and check the fundraising status through this link: https://viena.worldcoo.com/

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