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Against family desintegration in Ghana
A warm welcome at the airport
Special summer for three children from Ghana and Nigeria

Against family desintegration in Ghana


The users of Zacaris have already completed their latest social project! Thanks to this, Giggle Doctors will visit 100 hospitalized kids in their room, which will allow them to spend a funny time and escape from the daily routine. If you want, you can remember the project HERE.

For their next challenge, our e-commerce with cause moves to Ghana, where 80% of the children that live in orphanages have family, but the lack of resources prevents them from taking care of them.

They will collaborate with the NGO OAfrica, a non-profit organization working in Ghana whose mission is to empower vulnerable children and young adults whose rights have been compromised and reduce child abandonment and family disintegration.

Through their Family Support program, they keep children out of orphanages and in their own families. Specially trained social workers locate families and assess whether minors can meet with them. Then an individualized care plan (food, school and medical costs) is developed to ensure that the child receives the necessary care and supports the family to grow up healthy and happy within their own family.

Thanks to the money raised by the users of Zacaris, an individualized plan of care for 10 children could be offered for one year.

You can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.

A warm welcome at the airport

Last week, the three children from Ghana and Nigeria : Lydia, Kobi, and Belinda, arrived at Manresa in Catalonia.

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They are now starting a stay of 6 weeks, immersed in a familly and in the european culture. On the picture, you can see the tenderness of the families, which are very happy to host them, and happy to spend a special summer with children from impoverished countries. By the way, they will receive medical care that they don’t have in their originary country.

Worldcoo is proud to share those pictures with you, we believe that this is the best reward we can give to our donors. Transparency is the main aspect we want to show in order to initiate confidence.


Special summer for three children from Ghana and Nigeria

This project is presented by two NGOs, Blessa for Nigeria, and Sunrise Africa for Ghana. The main objective is to provide to three children a trip in Catalonia. Why these children? Because they have problems at home, they are abandoned, or they need medications.

Many issues for them. First of all, they will receive medical care that they often cannot have in their country. Then, they will enjoy a family environment. This second point is especially important because a child needs a family to grow in the best conditions. Furthermore, the families will discover a culture from an African country. It’s a double advantage!

Today, the three spanish families committed to provide all the needs to the children during their trip (home, food, entertainment). Nevertheless, the travel has a cost, plus the prices of the visas. That’s why this campaign has been released on Worldcoo.

Three children need your help! Everything is planned, they just need tickets and visas to come.
Support the project by giving a donation and sharing it with your network.

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