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Hospitals are full of smiles thanks to PcComponentes customers
Educo will give new dining scholarships
Two scholarships lunchroom from Ayuda en Acción guaranteed during a year
Dreivip customers say NO to child poverty
Preservation of the last mature forests of the Mediterranean
Combat child malnutrition in Sopachuy
Therapy for youth with addiction problems
Syrian refugees: emergency help
Emergency laughter for hospitalized children
Therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition

Hospitals are full of smiles thanks to PcComponentes customers

For many people who live a hospital admission, the health centres are associated with fear, pain, sadness and tension. If for an adult the fact to stay hospitalized during a long time is a hard experience, for children is worst, because to this feelings we have to add fear for the unknown and the concern of their parents.

Children routine completely changes when they are admitted into hospitals. This change in their daily life may make children feel stress and/or anxiety. With Christmas on the way, this situation is aggravated, apart from the change in their routines, sick children can’t celebrate Christmas period with his family and this fact may cause a feeling of loneliness, anxiety or uncertainty caused by the cold hospitable environment.

Pupaclown Association and Theodora Foundation are NGOs with the same aim, make better the stance of children and youth in hospitals during their hospitalization process. For this reason, this Christmas, Theodora Foundation and Pupaclown Association joined with PcComponentes in order to support sick children and youth in order to break their hospital routine through the magic, storytelling, music and the art of clowning, and give them a reason to smile.


PcComponentes customers have wanted that the paediatric floor of the hospitals Virgen de la Arrixaca (Murcia), Gregorio Marañón (Madrid) Germans Trias y Pujol (Badalona) y Marqués de Valdecilla (Santander) are full of smiles. For this reason, in just 3 months, they have donated 20.000€ to help both NGOs to obtain the following aims:

  • Humanizing hospital stay and reduce stress and anxiety of children who are forced to remain hospitalized by creating an atmosphere of relaxation and joy through laughter.
  • Release tension of hospitalized children and their families and mitigate the negative effects of long hospitalization.

Thanks to help of PcComponentes customers, 2.820 children and youth, of one of the 5 hospitals we have mentioned before, will receive a weekly visit of one artist from Theodora Foundation or Pupaclown Association for 5 months.

Together we can do big things!

The Worldcoo team.

Educo will give new dining scholarships

In early September the NGO Educo informed us about the increase of grandparents that had provided economic aids to their sons and grandchildren. Specifically, the 80% of the grandparents had given an average of 290€ per month as an economic aid to assist their families.

According to Educo with INE data, the 57% of grandparents explains that their  personal and welfare situation are getting worst because of the economic difficulties that their family are suffering, as more than 700.000 families had no income the first trimester 2015, this data are almost the double than 2007.

For this reason and concurring with the new school year, Educo began a new scholarship dining campaign with the aim to give support to families in need and to guarantee that children from families facing economic hardship receive a least one meal a day.

The alliance between Educo and Redcoon continues and, from the beginning of September, the clients of Redcoon have been making donations to help all the children living at risk of poverty.

One more time, Redcoon customers have demonstrated that they want to finish with childrens poverty. Thanks to their solidarity, 6.000€ have been raised with whom 2.400 healthy and equilibrated meals will be provided to different Spanish schools.

Many Spanish households have big difficulties to makes ends meet. Many families only eat meat, chicken or fish every two days and this fact hurt the children growth living in these homes.

Educo’s dining scholarships will guarantee a healthy daily meal to all the children living in a poverty situation and also help the situation of the children family. Moreover, this kind of grants have additional benefits to those children who couldn’t access to their school lunchrooms. It is proven that afternoon absenteeism is reduced by 100% and helps improve school performance and boost self-esteem. Furthermore, increase the time children spend in a safe, warm, comfortable and protective environment.

Educo - girl - eating

To continue helping the maximum number of children living at poverty situation, Redcoon will continue raising funds. Thanks to the collaboration of its clients, Educo will be able to provide more dining scholarships and thus eliminate the malnutrition that many Spanish children are suffering and, at the same time, Educo help them to increase their school performance and their self-esteem.

Thanks to Redcoon and its clients for their solidarity and for continue helping to fight against childrens poverty in Spain.

The Worldcoo team.

Two scholarships lunchroom from Ayuda en Acción guaranteed during a year

The last data related with the child poverty are still worrying and that is a 35,4% of children living in Spain living at risk of poverty and at risk of social exclusion. In other words, one in three children live at risk of poverty and at risk of social exclusion.

By the end of 2013 was born, by the hand of Ayuda en Acción, the Program of Support to childhood and their families in Spain in order to give a response to all Spanish children that had been affected by the consequences of the crisis and the cuts in aids and in the education of children.

During the 2013-2014 school year, from Ayuda en Acción could support directly 1.700 Spanish children (7.500 children were supported indirectly). Ayuda en Acción provided scholarships lunchroom, scholarships for books and teaching materials and scholarships for excursions and school support in 21 schools in Spain. One year later, they duplicated the number of children who was benefiting directly thanks to the project and Ayuda en Acción gave support to children from 31 schools in Madrid, Valencia, Aragon, Cataluña, Galicia, Islas Baleares, Asturias and Andalucía.


In the current school year, the aim of Ayuda en Acción is to benefit directly 5.00 children and benefit indirectly more than 11.000 children in 37 schools from Madrid, Valencia, Aragón, Cataluña, Galicia, Baleares, País Vasco, Asturias y Andalucía.

To achieve this aim, Ayuda en Acción will deepen in the innovation line of education and, in view of the seriousness of the unemployment situation in Spain, they will also increase workshops of employability to generate new opportunities that help the families to leave situation of vulnerability in which they live.

In order to help Ayuda en Acción with the Program of Support to childhood and their families in Spain, our e-commerce with a cause Zacaris, has been offering to its customers since May the possibility to make a donation to help getting the aim of Ayuda en Accion for this school year.


Today, we are pleased to inform that thanks to each euro donated by Zacaris customers, 900 euros has been raised which will be designated to help to give an annual scholarship lunchroom to 2 students from the schools in which Ayuda en Acción is collaborating.

Thanks to Zacaris to be an ecommerce with a cause and to their users to make this project a reality. With this project, we have 44 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

Dreivip customers say NO to child poverty

In Spain, the 30.5% of children live at risk of poverty and social exclusion. In addition, because of the crisis, the government has reduced the investment in childhood, especially in education and social protection, limiting the opportunities of the children that are in poverty situation and increasing the possibility that their poverty becomes chronic.

The situation, in which children and their families are, is becoming unsustainable because they haven’t incomes or basic helps to go ahead. To help to overcome this situation, Obra Social “la Caixa” created the program Caixa Proinfancia. This program has the collaboration of more than 30 social entities from the 10 main Spanish cities and their metropolitan areas and which in turn, coordinate more than 300 organizations working in network around Spain.

At the end of July, the first club of private sales Dreivip, integrated the Worldcoo’s solidary widget. Since then, Dreivip has offer to its customers the possibility to help fund the project that had the aim to fight against child poverty.

During these months Dreivip customers have been making donations in their purchases. Today we are very happy to announce that thanks to the solidarity of Dreivip customers, Obra Social may help to break the poverty cycle of 10 children. With 3.500€ donated by Dreivip customers a daily breakfast and a weekly educative session for 10 kids during 6 months.


With this project we already have 43 funded projects!

Thanks to Dreivip to be an ecommerce with a cause and thank to its customers to make this project a reality and help to say NO to child poverty.

The Worldcoo team.

Preservation of the last mature forests of the Mediterranean

The last April we informed you about a new project of Uvinum and Acció Natura that had the aim to preserve the last existing mature forests in Spain.

According to Compensa Natura, a mature forest is a forest with none or very little human intervention, which has evolved naturally over decades, or even centuries, until it has developed into a unique and singular indicator of what nature is able to generate in a specific ecosystem. The preservation of mature forest is key to protect biodiversity, especially to protect many animals that are endangered.

For more than 20 months, Acció Natura is collaborating with the “Selvans Program” to preserve the last mature forests remaining in Spain. With this project Alma Natura wants to help to preserve the last existing mature forests in Spain through its purchase or through the purchase of its stumpage trees to 25 years in order to avoid that forest and trees which are centennials with a unique and irreplaceable habitat for their countless species of flora and fauna.

Every year, the world lose 20,000 hectares of forest and, with them, their capacity to house an extraordinary biodiversity, mitigate climate change, cover the water cycle and maintain the ecological process. For this reason, Uvinum didn’t hesitate and decided to collaborate with Accio Natura to preserve the last mature forests through the stumpage acquisition (25 years) aimed at the possible maximum number of forests.


According to a University of Girona study, mature trees emit substances to the air that are beneficial to our health. Thanks to the solidarity of the customers of Uvinum, 7,895m2 of mature forest will be preserved and, at the same time, the biodiversity of the area will remain intact and we will continue to benefit from the substances emitted by the trees there are in the mature forests.

The Worldcoo team.

Combat child malnutrition in Sopachuy

We are glad to announce that we have a new funded project by Nicequest users. In this case, the project had the aim to reduce child malnutrition in the Bolivian community of Sopachuy.

Like we had said in the post that explain the project, the community of Sopachuy is in Bolivia and it has one of poorest IDH in Bolivia (rank 286 of 327). The child malnutrition rate in Sopachuy is high, for every 100 children, 24 have chronic malnutrition. Definitively, in Sopachuy exist social inequalities that affects negatively, physically and emotionally to children and the general population.

Together with Alcalá and El Villar, Sopachuy be a part of the Program of Territorial Development Area (ADT). This program together with the collaboration of the NGO Ayuda en Acción has created a project that will allow to articulate the resources and efforts of three micro-projects: Food Security and Revitalization of Local Economies, Quality Schools and Social Health Management.


Thanks to the solidarity of Nicequest users, 9.595€ has been funded in order to help to combat child malnutrition in Sopachuy. With the money raised, the following aims are to be carried out:

  • Increase the availability of diversified foods in families and schools.
  • Consolidate healthy eating habits in families.
  • Increase the family incomes from crops and improving access to irrigation water.
  • Reorientation of local health system, articulating in efforts to reduce malnutrition and in the health promotion.

Thanks to this project, 122 persons will benefit directly. This persons are divided in 67 children and teenagers, 42 adults, 10 teachers, 1 Community Social Education Council (CESC), 1 local health agent, 1 Local Health Committee.

With this project, we have still 39 funded projects!

Thanks very much to Nicequest and its users for making this possible and continue to generate positive social impact.

The Worldcoo team.

Therapy for youth with addiction problems

In June, the National Committee of Smoking Prevention, warned that more and more youth start smoking cannabis before tobacco. According to the memory of activities of Proyecto Hombre, one of ten people attended in centers for treat drugs addiction is under the 16 years.

The Household Survey on Alcohol and Other Drugs 2013/2014 reflects that in Spain, 168.677 people had started to consume cannabis and, of these, the 36% were under 18 years (they were between 15 and 17 years). Cannabis effects are devastating for health, in addition, smoking cannabis increase the possibility that one of these people will consume other dangerous substances or may have a mental illness. Apart from Cannabis, youth under 20 years are also consuming alcohol and tobacco.

The consumption of alcohol, cannabis and other substances by youth under 20 caused the creation of Young Program of Proyecto Hombre. It is a prevention program indicated for youth and teenagers that have a problem behavior because of the consumption of substances and need an educational-therapeutic intervention.

Youth with addiction problems

From Young Program different activities are performed in order to help youth with addiction problems to generate a change and they will be able to think in have a future where drugs will don’t exist and also help families whose sons are addicts and need support to change their situation. The activities are the following:

  • Individual interviews with young people and teenagers.
  • Group therapy sessions with young people who need it.
  • Training workshop for families.

In order to help to 47 youth from the centers of Proyecto Hombre located in Barcelona, Logroño, Madrid, Málaga and Murcia and help to 90 families, in early July our e-commerce with a cause PcComponentes gave to their users the possibility to make a donation for this project. About 3 months later, we are glad to announce that thanks to Pc Componentes consumers we have 10.000 euros to give help to all these youth and their families.

With this project we have 36 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

Syrian refugees: emergency help

The situation of Syrian refugees is not improving. Syrian people continue to come to Europe to flee from the situation they are having in their country and the number of people who have died trying to cross the Mediterranean has increased. Refugee reception centers are scarce, winter is coming and the government does not respond with the celerity and solidarity that this situation requires.

Many people that are arriving in Europe from Syria are children, most of them are traveling alone and they may be exposed to become victims of violence, human trafficking, corruption or extortion. Aldeas Infantiles SOS, are focusing on attending to children that have lost their parents or that are separated from them. They are also focusing on mothers with young children. They are giving food supplies like products for babies, blankets and diapers and they are increasing childcare places.

Nicequest, the online platform that converts the participation in opinionated studies in a new pleasant and remunerated experience, wanted to contribute with Aldeas Infantiles SOS. Their aim is to help children traveling alone, young mothers and mothers with young children with malnutrition and protect them from the effects of war and displacement, offered to its users the possibility to change their points for donations.

Syrian Refugees: emergency help

In only two weeks, Nicequest users have donated 10.000 euros and, thanks to them, Aldeas Infantiles SOS will provide emergency kits with food and basic hygiene and food products to address the most pressing needs of Syrian children.  They also will provide kits with basic products of sanitation and hygiene, raincoats and blankets to cover children needs.

We would like to thank Nicequest for their commitment, once again, to give assistance to refugee children and we would also like to thank to Nicequest users for their solidarity, thanks to them, 500 people will be directly benefited.

With this project, we have 35 funded projects and more than 64.000 direct beneficiaries!

The Worldcoo team.

Emergency laughter for hospitalized children

Children routine change when he/she is hospitalized. It moves the child from his habitual environment to put him in another unknown, altering his and his family daily life. In order to try to make more human the stay of hospitalized children from 20 Spanish hospitals, the Theodora Foundation was created in Spain the year 2.000.

Giggle Doctors are professional artists having a specific mission, help to create hope spaces, making that the hospitalized children and teens have no tensions and help their families and the medical personnel, as far as possible, that their situation becomes less dramatic and they have a faster recovery.

Thanks to PromoFarma customers, two weekly visits from Giggle Doctors for 2 months will be guaranteed. The activities that Giggle Doctors will do during that time are the following:

  • Visit all hospitalized children and teenagers in one of the 20 Spanish hospitals, one afternoon a week. The essential aim is to cheer up pediatric plants, change the room environment and create hopes and smiles.
  • Stay in the operating room for help ease the anxiety in the child and provide that medical personnel can focus on their work.

fundación theodora

For the families of hospitalized children is also very important the work done by Giggle Doctors because while they are giving smiles, all forget where they are and why.

With 3.500€ not only 330 children and teenagers will be benefited, their families and the medical personnel will be also benefited (in total 990 individuals) all thanks to the important and rewarding work from Giggle Doctors.

Thanks to PromoFarma for being an ecommerce with cause and thanks to their customers for helping to realize this project.

The Worldcoo Team.

Therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition

According to UNHCR data, in the last year almost 60 million people have been displaced by force, 20 million of them are refugees and over half are children. The majority of these displaced people are found on the African continent due to armed conflicts and poverty.

In Africa, these two factors- wars and poverty- are present on a terrifying scale. It is rare to find a country that has not had strong social, political or ethnic tensions. Unfortunately, this fact means these people are forced to choose between staying and dying, or running away, knowing that they face risks such as detention, torture and forced recruitment. Unfortunately, this fact means these people are forced to choose between staying and dying, or running away, knowing that they face risks such as detention, torture and forced recruitment.

Some of the problems that affect refugees are undernutrition and food insecurity. About a third of deaths in children are believed to be due to undernutrition, and more than 12.340 children die of hunger every day.

With the “Hungry for help” project, ACNUR aims to both increase food rations of refugee families and to identify and treat malnutrition in children under 5 by preforming medical examinations and providing therapeutic feeding to babies and children.

hungry for help

Thanks to help from mequedouno users, we have successfully raised 3.600€ that will help 66 babies and children to receive a month of a therapeutic diet that will help them to combat severe malnutrition. With this, we will help to avoid several malnutrition and food insecurity consequences such as the risk of higher rates of disease and infant mortality, the higher likelihood of suffering physical and / or mental illness, increased dropout rates especially among girls and many other consequences.

Thanks mequedouno for being an ecommerce with cause, and thanks to their users for helping babies and children to combat severe malnutrion.

With this project, we have 30 funded projects!

The Worldcoo team.

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