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Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its 3rd campaign through the Social Round Up
New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique

Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its 3rd campaign through the Social Round Up

logo_sr_solidarioAs you know, since  January, the customers of Sanchez Romero supermarket can round up their ticket and donate their cents to social causes when paying with card.

So far, the total cents collected have made that CRIS Cáncer can combate breast cancer  and that Down Madrid can  help children with Down Syndrome. We remind you that, if you want, you can have more information about each funded project here.

imageNow, the company starts its third challenge in favour of Saniclown, entity which works to improve the emotional health of patients, their family and health professionals.

Visit to hospitalized children

The customers of Sanchez Romero can round up their purchase and donate their cents with the aim of visit hospitalized children with the collaboration of professional clowns who can help them to create an environment that helps them to break the routine.

You can have more information about this campaign and check the fundraising status HERE.

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New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique


In Mozambique, more than two million kids have lost their parents, most of them, due to infectious diseases such as AIDS.

logoThe need to take care and help those kids is so big that the South Mozambique Foundation has created a shelter – La Casa do Gaiato – in the South of the country. In total, it welcomes around 160 children and young people who they also proportionate human, academic and professional education.

One of the main needs that they have now is the lack of mattresses where the little ones can rest and sleep, and Maxcolchon will help them to get it.

After completing their last project, with which they helped make Timothy’s dream come true (you can remember it here), all customers who buy a rest product through their website, will have the option to add a social euro to their purchase and collaborate with the Mozambique South Foundation.

In addition, the company will donate the same amount that will be collected among all micro-donations made by Maxcolchon’s clients until the financing of the project is completed.

Thanks to this, the entity will be able to acquire 32 mattresses that will help children and young people of Casa do Gaiato to rest as they should.

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Would you like to know the fundraising campaign current status? Click HERE.

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