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The power of a smile :)
Report of funding and monitoring of the project Giggle Doctors

The power of a smile :)

Promofarma starts new project!

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Once again, Promofarma users, one of the e-commerce with cause who work with us, have showed their solidarity. Through their collaboration with the campaign “One plus one, it is much more” promoted by Unicef, more than 7.000 kids will have access to clean water during one month. You can remember this project HERE.

The well-known Theodora Foundation is the next entity with which now the community of Promofarma can begin to collaborate. As you know, through the visits of Giggle Doctors, Theodora Foundation humanizes the stay in the hospital and helps to alleviate the suffering of all hospitalized children. Nonetheless, on this occasion, the euros collected will go to the “Able to Smile” project, an initiative that we haven’t talked about yet and which seeks to promote the autonomy and development of children with intellectual diversity through sensory stimulation.

A child with functional diversity responds very differently to stimuli; for example, some unexpected things can make them laugh, like a cry or a sneeze. Through the provocation of this laugh,Giggle Doctors acts by favouring their sensory and physical response, motivating the oxygenation of the cellular tissues and improving the immune system response.

Thanks to their collaboration, Giggle Doctors will be able to visit 35 children with intellectual disability, thus enhancing their sensorial and physical development.

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

Worldcoo Team.


Report of funding and monitoring of the project Giggle Doctors

At the beginning of December 2014 we informed you about the new project of our e-commerce with a cause Promofarma.

When a child is hospitalized during an extended period of time, his/her routine completely change, especially if the period of time is too long. Giggle Doctors from Theodora Foundation try to do more human the stay of children and youth hospitalized in 20 Spanish hospitals.

The aims of the project are to address the emotional care of hospitalized children comprehensively in health as an essential right and raising public awareness about the importance of humanization in hospitals.

In order to get this objectives, Giggle Doctors perform two different activities:

  • The first one is to visit all hospitalized children and youth. This visits are once a week in the afternoon all year.
  • The second one is to stay in the operating room to make easy the anxiety that have the child before his surgery and also to help that medical personnel can focus on their work.

Every time that a Promofarma customer made a purchase, he had the possibility to make a donation for these project and, thanks to do it, in 8 months 3.500 euros were raised to guarantee weekly visits of Giggle Doctors and directly benefit 330 hospitalized children in one of the 20 hospitals in whose Giggle Doctors make their visits.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to monitor the funded projects and track every € donated by the users of our e-commerce with a cause.

Today we show you where has gone the donated money by the Promofarma customers. In the following image you will see the Worldcoo report of funding and monitoring of the project, seeing that there have been 5 personalized visits at the Xeral Cíes Hospital in Vigo and at Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada. Furthermore 5 accompaniment visits in the operating room have provided to children at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

Giggle Doctors final report

Thanks to all people who helped make this project has been made possible and we take this opportunity to encourage you to continue helping to create a high social impact collaborating with the new Promofarma project.

The Worldcoo team.

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