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Italia Tren collaborates with AMREF to promote specialized surgery in regional hospitals of Ethiopia
Healthcare attendance in isolated areas of India
World Health Day

Italia Tren collaborates with AMREF to promote specialized surgery in regional hospitals of Ethiopia


The ratio of surgeons stands at 1 per 277,819; the ratio of obstetricians is 1 per 659,583 people and the ratio of anesthetists is 1 per 2,203,600 inhabitants, which are also concentrated in hospitals of the largest cities.

For some months now, Italia Tren, the distributor company of TrenItalia.com (leading railway company in Italy), collaborates with different social causes offering its customers thee opportunity to add a micro-donation to their purchase.

logo 1024x576pxIn this occasion, they will do it with Amref Salud África (Spanish Delegation of Amref Health Africa), the main health international organization of African origin and management.

The total amount collected thought the micro-donations done by all the customers of the company, will be addressed to train health personnel and promote specialized surgery campaigns in Ethiopia. The objective is none other than to improve access and quality of specialized health services for the country’s most vulnerable population.

During one week, a group of surgeons and ethiopian medical specialists, coordinated by the foundation, will move from the capital to the regional hospital to train in specialized surgery eight health professionals who work in that hospital. At the same time they will be able to do specialized consultations to about 90 patients and operate to 45

The greatest value of the campaign is based on the training received by the health staff of the regional hospital, which will acquire the capacity to care for patients who were not sufficiently prepared before, reducing the waiting time for admission and improving the system Ethiopian public health service.

This project starts today after completing the last one, in which the customers of Italia Tren were able to collect the necessary funds to help Plan International to distribute daily meals to 650 children during one month (remember the project here).

If you want to know which is the status of the fundraising campaign, click HERE.

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Healthcare attendance in isolated areas of India


In the North of the state of Maharashtra, in India, there live a tribe called “korkus”; they live in the isolated jungle and they are a very poor population.  Most “korkus” families live below the poverty threshold (more than 70%) with a high illiteracy rate (more than 60%) and their main livelihood, agriculture, is scarce.

In front of this situation, entities such as Manos Unidas carry out many projects in order to face malnutrition, prevent diseases, and improve hygienic-sanitary practices among tribal “korkus” populations in the Melghat region.

logoIn their new challenge, Nicequest users will help 2.000 people who live in isolated areas of India to have access to a healthcare attention trough Manos Unidas.

manos_unidasThis new project starts after completing the last campaign in which they facilitate the access to drinking water to more than 1.000 children, an important fact in order to prevent new cases of cholera (you can remember the project HERE).

Remember that if you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

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World Health Day

Today – World Health Day– we want to briefly review some of the health projects that our eCommerce with cause are helping to fund. We are very proud to know that, thanks of them and their users, so many local and international NGO’s around the world will be able to carry out several initiatives with the aim of making universal access to health care a reality and medical research a priority. THANK YOU ALL!


  • Able to smile thanks to Giggle Doctors:thanks to the collaboration of Promofarma users, Giggle Doctors from Theodora Foundation will visit 35 kids with intellectual disability, thus enhancing their sensorial and physical development.  More information.
  • No child with leprosy:In India, 9 out of every 100 new cases of leprosy detected are boys and girls. Together with Fontilles, Uvinum community will fund the surgical material and medicines needed because orthopaedic surgery could be performed in 40 children suffering from leprosy. More information.
  • Health care for the population of Sierra Leone:through the NGO África DirectoPercentil is raising funds so that 6.000 people in Sierra Lena have access to basic health services during 6 months. More information.
  • Help children with rare disease have quality education:this is the objective of MeQuedoUno, who is contributing to promote the inclusice eduation of 25 children through FEDERMore information. 

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