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Help against the cold and the rain, refugee’s new enemy

Help against the cold and the rain, refugee’s new enemy

According to UNHCR dates, so far this year, more than 643.000 refugees have arrived in Europe by sea. To this day, we have to add the cold and rain to the danger of crossing the Mediterranean.

In these times the cold arrive, the night are chilly and in many areas in Europe there are abundant rains. These circumstances not only affected to the refugees that try to cross the Mediterranean, it also affects to refugees that try to cross borders (as the borders of Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Serbia, Slovenia or Croatia) and people who are still in Syria. Unfortunately, most of them have not a place to shelter from the cold and rain.

UNHCR alert that despite the bad weather, the arriving of refugees will increase because of the fear about new borders closures and because dealers are offering discounts to travel despite the weather.

Against this background, UNHCR knows that refugees will need help against the cold and the rain. For that reason, they are beginning to provide raincoats, blankets and other relief items to refugees buffeted by the first winter storms that have already struck many parts of Central and South Eastern Europe, along with freezing temperatures. These packages will be distributed up to February 2016.

Help from the cold and the rain

There are many ways to give help to refugees and today we are explaining some of them:

The Syrian People Support Association has created a Facebook group called “La Manta de la vida” or “The blanket of life” with the aim to gather blankets that it will be sending to Syria before the arriving of the winter. To the date, the association has collected about 3.500 blankets from knitters throughout Spain. Every blanket have a label with the following message “We are with you”.

Banc de Sabadell has joined with Worldcoo to help Syrian refugees. If you are a customer or you work there, you have the option to make a donation and collaborate with UNHCR in the help to refugees crossing the Mediterranean.

In the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid have made a request that promotes the need to eliminate the visas from people who come from countries in conflict. Thanks to do it, they will be able to travel in a quickly and safe way through the European Union.

The Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council (Barcelona) has created a record for persons and entities can collaborate in assisting refugees from Syria and other conflicts.

Together we may help to improve the refugee situation. There are many ways to do that and all the refugees really need your help now more than ever as their situation is worse because of the cold and the rain.

The Worldcoo team.

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