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Refugee crisis: your help is very valuable

Refugee crisis: your help is very valuable

The poverty and the lack of opportunities in countries at war like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan have caused that thousands of people don’t have any alternative to flee to other countries looking for protection and new opportunities.

From the beginning of the year 2015, more than 500.000 people have tried to arrive to Europe and almost the 75% (387.000 people until September) have arrived to Europe through the Balkans, crossing East countries, especially Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. The crisis at Syria and the instability in that region suggest that the number of newcomers will continue increasing.

Refugees arrive to Europe exhausted, thirsty, and hungry. Many times they also need urgent medical attention because of they often sleep outdoors and they don’t have resources to endure the winter. The 25% of the refugees that arrive in these situations are kids.

Oxfam has worked for years in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, among other countries, to provide drinking water and help to people that have lost everything. In this context, Oxfam Intermon has decided to begin a humanitarian response program in Serbia to help thousands of people that flee looking for protection.


To combat the bigger refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War all the possible help it is necessary. For this reason, Uvinum has wanted to godfather Oxfan Intermon’s project in order to provide water, refuge and health care to help thousands of refugees who are forced to leave their homes. All these activities will be carried out thanks to the solidarity of Uvinum customers.

Oxfam are focusing in Šid, near the border with Croatia, Dimitrovgrad near the border with Bulgaria and in Preševo/Miratovac, near the Macedonia border. With the donations made by Uvinum customers, 154 refugee families will receive hygiene kits and blankets to cope with the cold weather. In addition, these families will receive information and legal support to advise the refugees about the social laws and the risk they may find in their travel, for example mafias or human traffickers.

If you are an Uvinum customer and you want to give humanitarian help to refugee crisis don’t hesitate, add your solidary euro in your purchase, your help is very valuable.

The Worldcoo team.

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