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The European Commission give funds to Worldcoo’s innovation project
Sinergiaycredito also fundraises for the project
Crowdfunding grew 81% in 2012
Worldcoo in the EIT Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum
iWith.org becomes Worldcoo’s new partner!
Worldcoo was part of the TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup

The European Commission give funds to Worldcoo’s innovation project

Horizon 2020 is the biggest European Commission Research and Innovation program ever. From 2014 to 2020, this program contributes to addressing key social challenges, promoting industrial leaderships in Europe and strengthening excellence in science. The total budget for such initiatives will amount to nearly 80.000 million of euros.

As part of the Horizon 2020, SME Instrument program is designated with 3.000 million of euros to boost breakthrough innovations by funding highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and potential for high growth and internationalization.


Aspiring recipients of SME Instrument funds must be based on an innovative idea. This idea has to be groundbreaking in their sector or market and must primarily perform innovation activities. The process of filing is based on three phases:

  • Phase 1. Concept & Feasibility Assessment
  • Phase 2. Demonstration, Market Replication, R&D
  • Phase 3. Commercialization

Achieving this funding is highly competitive and companies must meet the highest expectations required. It is necessary to demonstrate talent, differentiation and probabilities of success.

This year, the European Commission received 960 project proposals from 13 countries considered Phase 2. Italian SMEs were the most successful with 10 beneficiaries who will receive € 12.7 million in total, closely followed by 9 Spanish SMEs who will share € 13.5 million.


We are honored and pleased to announce that Worldcoo is one of the 9 Spanish SMEs chosen under Phase 2 of the SME Instrument by the European Commission. Our innovative business model has contributed to reaching significant national big growth.  By continuously investing in innovation, our widget will lead the path be a global leader in social impact innovation. These factors have made Worldcoo’s recognition by the European Commission within the category SME business model innovation possible.

Thanks to this high level recognition and to the funds granted by the European Commission, we will continue to innovate and improve our widget to ease and streamline universal implementation.  Through focused technological investments we will gain the efficiency necessary to organically obtain the resources needed towards a ubiquitous position and goal to become the leading tool in funding social projects global reference.

The Worldcoo team

Sinergiaycredito also fundraises for the project

Sinergiaycrédito is an online tech platform which aims to foster social and local economy as well as development cooperation, solidarity and human ethics.

To ensure these goals the platform generates synergies when using its own technology based in trades between users. The trades don’t have to be between same users or at the same time. The system balances all the offers and bids allowing a fairer trade.

Also, Sienrgiaycrédito, integrates social and cooperation projects in the trades. For each 10€ given to a social cause, the user gets a reward of 200€ in credits to spent in trades within the platform.

Here, is where the relationship between Worldcoo and Sinergiaycrédito takes place. The project “Construction of a fenced area for crops” is now listed also inside the Sinergiaycrédito’s platform allowing users to fundraise it.

We expect that this collaboration helps the project in its funding needs and allows Fundació Campaner NGO to bring the needed help to the beneficiaries of Diffa.


The Worldcoo Team.


Crowdfunding grew 81% in 2012

Crowdfunding had last year an 81% increase over 2011, reaching $2.7 billion in 2012, according to the ‘Report Crowdfunding Industry 2013’ drawn up by the research firm Massolution. The study was based on data collected from 308 active crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) worldwide and further research done by a team of academics and analysts from around the world.
By regions, the study reveals that North America’s volume of crowdfunding contributions grew 105% to $1.6 billion raised. Europe is the second one, with a growth of 65% to $945 million. Both two dominate the landscape of crowdfunding, with a share of over 95%. All other markets grew about 125%. Oceania ($76 million), Asia ($33 million), South America ($800,000) and Africa ($65,000) come after them.

Most of this growth came from donations and rewards-based platforms (680,000 campaigns) and lending-based crowdfunding (about 250,000). The lending-based crowdfunding is arising mainly from microcredit and loans driven by local communities to SMEs, also with the adoption-reward campaigns such as based on Kickstarter. Social causes accounted for 27% of all activity of crowdfunding, which Massolution expected to change it as more start-ups and SMEs begin to take advantage of this platform. The other nine most active categories by were business and entrepreneurship, cinema, music, energy, fashion, art, ICT, editorial and science & technology. Videogames, which in 2012 raised $83 million just on Kickstarter, are also an emerging category, according Kartaszewicz-Grell.

Massolution, which is specialized in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries, were right in the forecast of 2012 about the growth of total crowdfunding volume and they expect that these figures will reach $5.1 billion in 2013, 72% in North America.

Worldcoo in the EIT Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum

Sergi Figueres participated last March 26th in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Foundation’s Annual Innovation Forum in Brussels to share his experience and to present Worldcoo, in the “Big data to capture and show knowledge” group.

Thirty young leaders from the worlds of business, academia and research shared their inspiring ideas with policy-makers and business executives. The young professionals, entrepreneurs and students presented their ideas on innovative solutions to business opportunities in sectors such as health, energy, information and communication market, startups or to promote smart cities and knowledge Societies. The EIT Foundation young leaders’ programme aims to discover a new generation of talented entrepreneurs who can drive the development of sustainable innovation in the EU.

The EIT Foundation’s priorities are:

  • Promoting entrepreneurial education and bridging the gap between academia and business
  • Creating a new generation with an entrepreneurial mind-set ready to drive the development of sustainable innovation
  • Developing an international network of talented professionals in education, research, innovation and business

The main theme of the Annual Innovation Forum is on how ‘data-driven innovation’ can benefit society and the economy. In how Europe can harness the full potential of the amount of data that is generated nowadays to address the economic, environmental and societal challenges of our time. From better delivery of public services to more efficient energy use, data-driven innovation is seen as crucial for economic growth.

iWith.org becomes Worldcoo’s new partner!

iWith.org is a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping NGOs in the Internet use. As well, its expert’s network is able to create and manage all Internet services from professional websites. In an everyday more digital World, be present in Internet is a must for everybody, but more for that organizations who ask for money to make possible cooperation projects. Communication must be the principal tool for these organizations to reach their target, and now it’s impossible to think about communication without having in mind the Internet and the new digital ways of being in touch.

Also, for a cowdfunding project, Internet is the main communication channel so it’s important to know how you can use it. As well, a social community is needed, and to build it, the good use of the Internet tools is a must. Communication objectives have to be identified, actions should be planned, and everything has to be carried out through the web and the social networks. This is why Worldcoo started to work in synergy with iWith.org Foundation.

iWhit.org offers advisory scholarships as a prelude to the development of a good Internet presence. Between the conditions for the granting of these scholarships, the projects submitted in Worldcoo are positively considered.

Internet is Worldcoo’s way of life, and it’s becoming to be also NGO’s way, therefore this synergy with iWith.org gives Worldcoo a huge value.

Worldcoo was part of the TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup

Last Thursday 13th of December, Worldcoo went to the “City’s Hottest Startups Competition”, at the TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup.

TechCrunch is one of the most influential web publication about technology news and analysis, as well as profiles of startup companies, products and websites. It was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, and nowadays it has more than 2,5 million of Twitter followers in all over the world.

Being part of its Meetup is an honour for any startup. In this case, Worldcoo not only went there, but it was one of the 15 pre-selected startups for being evaluated in a session involving investors. After this evaluation, the finalists did an open pitching competition. We weren’t finalists, but we could explain our project in front of more or less 200 people.

Worldcoo feels proud of being part of this meeting, full of interesting people and startups.

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