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Education against childhood poverty in Spain
Combat elders loneliness and isolation in summer
Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

Education against childhood poverty in Spain

Spain has the second highest percentage of childhood poverty out of all of Europe.  Nowadays, one of three Spanish children live at risk of poverty or social exclusion. In the last five years, the investment in childhood has been reduced by almost 15% and this fact makes it ever more difficult to come out of this situation.

The NGO Save the Children attends to more than 5.000 Spanish children daily. They provide to the children the opportunity to have a better future so they may leave of the circle of poverty in which they are now in. Thanks to the coordination between Save the Children, Social Services and schools, they identify children that could be at risk of poverty and they talk with their parents in order to make them form part of their comprehensive care program.

For Save the Children, education is the main road for children will be able to leave from the situation of poverty and social exclusion. For this reason, Save the Children support difficulties that the child may have to reduce school absenteeism, promote the education through the values, healthy habits and in the educational games and comprehensive work with the families through the family psychosocial support to solve the emotional conflicts with their child. At the same time, they give help to their feeding, school supplies, glasses… according to the needs of each child.


This Christmas, Lets Bonus has prepared a #SolidarityPlanLB with the aim to support children living at risk of poverty or at risk of social exclusion to get, through the educational success, children lift themselves out of the situation of poverty or social exclusion in which they are.

The customers of Lets Bonus will be able to collaborate with the program of fight against childhood poverty of Save the Children through the following ways:

  • With 2€ a child will have an educational toy.
  • With 5 € a child will be provided with a school kit to develop activities throughout the school year (cardboard, paper, pencils, etc.).
  • With 10 € a child with learning difficulties will receive special attention for one month.

If you also think that children should have to have the same opportunities, whatever their economic situation is, join the fight against childhood poverty and collaborate with this project.

The Worldcoo team.


Combat elders loneliness and isolation in summer

Miles of elders confront with loneliness and the isolation in our country. The disappearance of a loved one, an illness or loss of mobility are factors that driving elders to an unwanted loneliness.

In Spain, there are a million and a half elders that are living alone. According to some studies, the 59% of elders feel theirselves alone and, this fact causes a feeling of insecurity, sadness and depression.

In summer, heat weaken the physical state and the absence of neighbors intensify the isolation of this elders and also the feeling of loneliness.

To combat this situation, the Federación Amigos de los Mayores, has created a special program Vacaciones Amigas” that aims elders to leave their homes, enjoy with workshops and activities for few weeks and establish new friendships with other old people that are in the same situation.


Let’s Bonus consumers will be able to help 50 elders to enjoy with moments in company either for receive phone calls in order to break with the daily monotony, receive weekly visit from a volunteer or receive the opportunity to pass an unforgettable days in community.

The Worldcoo Team.

Report of funding and monitoring the Project “Care at Home”

The project of ´Care at home´ by the foundation “Friends for the elderly” , was the first project we did with LetsBonus in February 2014 and with which initiated their intention to work closely with #LetsBonusActúa program. Thanks to the solidarity of its members, who managed to raise € 1,015 in one month. Here we present the report of investments and everything that was made possible due to the help received.

  • 67 gatherings with 3 volunteers at the home of an elderly person to discuss providing personal support and dynamic activities for them.
  • 450 telephone calls to the elderly person to know how they are and for a follow up.
  • 51 Carers in the individuals home for two hours to give them emotional support and to build stronger ties with them.

One of the commitments from Worldcoo is to support the transparency of donations and so we track every € donated by the users of our committed e-commerce service. In this case, 586 seniors have benefited from the program activities. This project is great way of providing emotional support to elderly people living alone and also to avoid the social isolation that affects a umber of people.


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