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#Newsponsor & #Newproject: PcComponentes & Aldeas Infantiles SOS

#Newsponsor & #Newproject: PcComponentes & Aldeas Infantiles SOS


This December PcComponentes joins the list of socially responsible e-commerce’s with the commitment to generate more positive social impact together and to tackle poverty during Christmas.

Worldcoo launches together with the new sponsor the project “No child without a meal at Christmas” from Aldeasinfantiles.es to ensure a healthy and balanced meal to those children that live in a vulnerable situation.

Through the solidarity of PcComponentes.com users the feeding of 186 minors will be covered and 6 school lunchrooms will be provided to ensure a healthy and balanced meal for these children during the school year.

With 9.400€, is Worldcoo’s most ambitious project up to date.

Thanks PcComponentes for joining the Worldcoo community and welcome!

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