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Fundació Campaner has helped 25 children to solve the cleft lip

Fundació Campaner has helped 25 children to solve the cleft lip

The cleft lip is a birth defect lip fissure consisting of a crack or separation in the upper lip. It is estimated that some environmental factors (such as certain medicines, drugs, lack of vitamins,…) can react with certain specific genes and thus infect the normal procedure of the palate and lip creation. The embryo’s head is formed during the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy.

In Niger there is a considerable number of children suffering from this malformation. In this case it is likely to be caused by malnutrition of the mother in gestation length.

In 2012, Fundació Campaner subsidized surgery to solve this disease for 25 children, who are often discriminated by the society due to Noma.

These interventions have been carried out by Nigerian doctors. Health services in Niger are payable, which means that most parents of the children suffering from Noma have no possibilities to pay the surgery. Through collaborations like the Fundació Campaner conducted in the area, these children may have a more dignified life and are prevented from social discrimination.

Source: Fundació Campaner’s Report.

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