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The right to see in Mozambique
Worldcoo is part of the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation

The right to see in Mozambique

The Right to See has been set as a priority in the world’s development agenda by the World Health Organization. The objective is to eradicate avoidable blindness by 2020. Mozambique is one of the most affected countries in the world, counting with a 500.000 eye diseased population and as few as 8 professional ophthalmologists.

Acknowledging that most of these diseases could be prevented by a minimum health care, we at Worldcoo believe we have the power to change things. With the help of our visionary sponsor Cottet, the project “Out of sight, not out of mind” could make the difference. By bringing an ophthalmologic training course to the Central Hospital of Maputo doctors and nurses, and treating 80 eye patients, Ocularis surgeons will help improve Mozambique health care system.

Help us bring Mozambique a new vision for a brighter future.   

Worldcoo is part of the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation

This Tuesday, Sergi Figueres did a speech in the “Millennium Development Goals and Decentralized Cooperation”, in the VI Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation. It has been held in the Palau Centelles on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of March.

The “Millennium Development Goals and Decentralized Cooperation” promotes the global challenge of changing the cities in which we live and the way we use our resources. This vision encompasses solutions in the fields of energy, technology, mobility, urban planning, the environment, geospace and management for developing more efficient and sustainable cities.

On Tuesday 5th of March, Sergi Figueres, talked 15 minutes about Development Cooperation and how Worldcoo can improve it, in front of an audience about 40 people.

This IV Meeting of Autonomous Regions and Development Cooperation has represented an encounter of the 17th Directors of the Development Cooperation agencies from the different Spanish Autonomous Regions, which has become a discussion on cooperation and about how politics can manage it, now that investments have dropped enormously.

Moreover, Sergi Figueres will be in the VII Regional Youth Conference, organized by the Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat, held in Molins de Rei on Wednesday 6th of March. There, Figueres will do a speech about entrepreneurship and Worldcoo.

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