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New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique
Guaranteed vaccines for children in Mozambique
The right to see in Mozambique
New sponsor : Cottet
Ocular hygiene in Mozambique

New mattresses for orphans in Mozambique


In Mozambique, more than two million kids have lost their parents, most of them, due to infectious diseases such as AIDS.

logoThe need to take care and help those kids is so big that the South Mozambique Foundation has created a shelter – La Casa do Gaiato – in the South of the country. In total, it welcomes around 160 children and young people who they also proportionate human, academic and professional education.

One of the main needs that they have now is the lack of mattresses where the little ones can rest and sleep, and Maxcolchon will help them to get it.

After completing their last project, with which they helped make Timothy’s dream come true (you can remember it here), all customers who buy a rest product through their website, will have the option to add a social euro to their purchase and collaborate with the Mozambique South Foundation.

In addition, the company will donate the same amount that will be collected among all micro-donations made by Maxcolchon’s clients until the financing of the project is completed.

Thanks to this, the entity will be able to acquire 32 mattresses that will help children and young people of Casa do Gaiato to rest as they should.

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Would you like to know the fundraising campaign current status? Click HERE.

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Guaranteed vaccines for children in Mozambique

Every day, 18.000 children under 5 die prematurely because of diseases which could be prevented or treated with vaccines but, unfortunately, in development countries haven’t access to adequate vaccines.

Vaccination is one of the best ways to guarantee to children a healthy life since the beginning because with vaccines many diseases can be prevented. Vaccines are a key tool for the communities’ development and are the most-effective way to save lives.

Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi have been teamed up with the aim to help fund the necessary vaccines to protect children living in the poorest countries. Thanks to Vaccine Alliance, until the end of 2014, they have been able to immunize 500 million children averting millions of premature deaths.

The first cause of death in Mozambique is pneumonia. Thanks to customers, partners, employers and companies who collaborated with the alliance between Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi, more than 300.000 children from Mozambique were vaccinated.


6 months ago, Promofarma began to collaborate with Obra Social “la Caixa” and Gavi and offered to its customers the possibility to make a donation to guarantee the use of vaccines in Mozambique. Today we are glad to announce that thanks to the solidarity of Promofarma customers we have funded a new project.

With 4.574€, vaccines will be introduced in Mozambique in order to facilitate its access to the population. In addition, the markets will be able adapted for vaccines and other immunization-related products. With the help of Promofarma customers and, thanks to the fact that Obra Social “la Caixa” will quadruplicate each euro donated, 2.287 children from Mozambique will have access to adequate vaccines to guarantee them a healthy life.

Thanks again to Promofarma for being an ecommerce with a cause and thanks to its clients because thanks to their solidarity a new project has been funded. We encourage you to continue generating a positive social impact collaborating with the new project of Promofarma and Amics de la gent gran.

The Worldcoo team.

The right to see in Mozambique

The Right to See has been set as a priority in the world’s development agenda by the World Health Organization. The objective is to eradicate avoidable blindness by 2020. Mozambique is one of the most affected countries in the world, counting with a 500.000 eye diseased population and as few as 8 professional ophthalmologists.

Acknowledging that most of these diseases could be prevented by a minimum health care, we at Worldcoo believe we have the power to change things. With the help of our visionary sponsor Cottet, the project “Out of sight, not out of mind” could make the difference. By bringing an ophthalmologic training course to the Central Hospital of Maputo doctors and nurses, and treating 80 eye patients, Ocularis surgeons will help improve Mozambique health care system.

Help us bring Mozambique a new vision for a brighter future.   

New sponsor : Cottet

Cottet Optics is the third group to join Worldcoo as a sponsor.

Cottet Optics, founded in 1902, is a revolutionary company focused on optics / opticians. At the moment, they have more than 37 shops.

You can read more about their history here (in Spanish; in Catalan).

As a sponsor, they decided to support the project Out of sight, out of mind, in Maputo, Mozambique, carried out by the NGO Ocularis. We thank them a lot.

Website of Cottet : http://shop.cottet.es/

Ocular hygiene in Mozambique

The vast majority of eye diseases could be treated simply by the knowledge and skills of a trained Ophthalmologist. In fact, most of them are easily cured in Europe, but in Mozambique they become chronic due to the lack of available professionals.

With this Worldcoo project, the NGO Ocularis aims to help more than 500.000 people who face eye problems in Mozambique. 50% of the cases of child blindness could be easily prevented by a minimum healthcare.

The money raised will allow to send 4 professional specialist doctors in order to dispense training courses to 7 local ophthalmologists and 30 technicians. The final objective is simple, make a campaign for local nurses to be able to take care of the eye hygiene (having a good habits would remove half of the eye disease of children.), and help to achieve the most delicate surgery operations.

The problem has been clearly identified, the solution is simple, they just need to raise 6.400€ to make it happens. Donate for the project and spread the word!

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