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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Jean Ziegler, an ambassador for hunger
Sinergiaycredito also fundraises for the project
Cases of Noma disease progressively rise in Nigeria
Preventing Noma is a must, but, what happens with ill children?
Fundació Campaner has helped 25 children to solve the cleft lip
Where’s Diffa?
Eradicating Noma in Diffa is closer thanks to Eva Cosmetics

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Since 1966 The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working within countries of need, so that they can individually become sustainable and the livings of those populating these countries are improved. Today the UNDP is aiding 177 countries and territories providing understandings to help lives and develop resilient nations.

An intention that the UNDP share, are the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ which achieved by 2015 would see:

  • An eradication of extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achievement of universal primary education
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Deduction of infant mortality
  • Improvement of maternal health
  • Combating HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases
  • Assurance of  environmental sustainability
  • Development of global partnerships for development.

The UNDP teaches these countries how to use aid effectively so they can become sustainable. The UNDP has many ongoing projects, in countries like Gaza, South Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Zambia, Indonesia, Haiti and Mali. A large proportion of these projects are focused on health especially relating to HIV/ Aids where their goal is to fight it globally, give aid quicker and strengthen hospitals. Other projects are based within the police force, fighting poverty, aiding refugees, improving transport and working with Law and Order to help prevent corruption.

This is a mission that is also shared with Worldcoo with the fundamental end goals of helping people’s lives, through educating about diseases, health, gender equality and basic human rights.

Like the UNDP, Worldcoo has been investing time into many projects like Agronomic Engineering in Diffa, Niger, where they aim to build a fence around the crop area to protect from animals during the harvest, which will be a benefit to many who are malnourished. Other projects are based in Vietnam, Senegal, Gambia and Nicaragua where there is an intention to improve sanitary conditions, aiding territories to become economically advanced and educational developments within schools.

The UNDP and other like-minded charities have a considerable task ahead of them to achieve the ‘Millennium Development Goals’, however seeing the achievements of the UNDP over the last 47 years the following two years are sure to be extremely productive.


The Worldcoo Team



Jean Ziegler, an ambassador for hunger


Jean Ziegler is a Switzerland politician and professor. During his life, he held several posts : Member of Parliament in the Federal Assembly of Switzerland, professor of sociology in Genava and Paris, and member of the Advisor Committee of the UN Human Rights Council. He also had some responsibilities within the United Nations as Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

He tracked Noma which touch malnourished children, and ravages their faces. To end this problem, Ziegler has worked with states and UN institutions to make them aware of this disease and push them to join the efforts of NGOs.

In February 2012, he presented a study from the Human Rights Council to the Advisor Committee. That study reports that Noma can be prevented by tracking malnutrition, moreover Noma is certainly a neglected disease. Finally, a global approach is needed to monitor the incidence.

Today, Jean Ziegler is well know for this sentence :
“A child who dies from hunger is a murdered child.”

Ziegler believes  in a better world and dedicated a huge part of his life to human rights. What do you think about that, are you going to follow the steps of this great man ? If yes, just donate for this Worldcoo project!

Sinergiaycredito also fundraises for the project

Sinergiaycrédito is an online tech platform which aims to foster social and local economy as well as development cooperation, solidarity and human ethics.

To ensure these goals the platform generates synergies when using its own technology based in trades between users. The trades don’t have to be between same users or at the same time. The system balances all the offers and bids allowing a fairer trade.

Also, Sienrgiaycrédito, integrates social and cooperation projects in the trades. For each 10€ given to a social cause, the user gets a reward of 200€ in credits to spent in trades within the platform.

Here, is where the relationship between Worldcoo and Sinergiaycrédito takes place. The project “Construction of a fenced area for crops” is now listed also inside the Sinergiaycrédito’s platform allowing users to fundraise it.

We expect that this collaboration helps the project in its funding needs and allows Fundació Campaner NGO to bring the needed help to the beneficiaries of Diffa.


The Worldcoo Team.


Cases of Noma disease progressively rise in Nigeria

In 2006 126.000 Nigerians were affected by the Noma disease. Since then, this number has progressively raised . One of the main problems, apart from the entrenched malnutrition already discussed on this blog, is that a lot of people think Noma is an act of God, others think it’s ancestral curse or the anger of God.

This situation has lead the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, to launch a campaign against the disease together with the Paul Jegede Foundation, and sponsored by Japaul Oil and Maritime Services. To know more about this campaign the local newspaper Vanguard, is publishing detailed information.

In Worldcoo we are also worried about the Noma disease. That’s why we have the Construction of a fenced area for crops project together with Fundació Campaner NGO. In this case to eradicate Noma in Diffa, a small town in the border between Niger and Nigeria. Are you helping us?

If you want to know more about Niger, Noma and the Fundació Campaner NGO, we are pleased to encourage you to visit the photographic exhibition which will take place in Les Cotxeres Casinet in Barcelona, from April 15th to 28th. Full details here.

The Worldcoo Team.

Preventing Noma is a must, but, what happens with ill children?

Fundació Campaner’s first priority is to prevent Noma. As we have already explained here, the project: the fenced area for crops construction is a fundamental goal to avoid malnutrition in Diffa, one of the principal causes of the disease.

The WHO (World Health Oraganization) estimates that 140,000 new cases of Noma occur each year and of these, only 10% survive. That means that 126,000 die each year, mainly in sub-Saharan countries from Senegal to Ethiopia, a region known as “the Noma belt”.

Thus, the prevention is fundamental, but there are also lots of children infected who need to be treated. Its treatment is very easy and cheap: if the condition is detected in the early stage, progression can be prevented with only the use of mild antibiotics and immediate nutritional rehabilitation. Fundació Campaner is also aware of this, and they have decided to start the construction of a hospital in Diffa, Niger. Fundació Campaner wants to make everybody part of it, feeling complicit with the sick and underprivileged children assistance in the country.

Worldcoo gives its full support to this foundation and its projects, because we believe we can change Diffa’s children reality.

They are not guilty of their situation. They all deserve something better and you can change it. It’s up to you. Are you in?

Fundació Campaner has helped 25 children to solve the cleft lip

The cleft lip is a birth defect lip fissure consisting of a crack or separation in the upper lip. It is estimated that some environmental factors (such as certain medicines, drugs, lack of vitamins,…) can react with certain specific genes and thus infect the normal procedure of the palate and lip creation. The embryo’s head is formed during the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy.

In Niger there is a considerable number of children suffering from this malformation. In this case it is likely to be caused by malnutrition of the mother in gestation length.

In 2012, Fundació Campaner subsidized surgery to solve this disease for 25 children, who are often discriminated by the society due to Noma.

These interventions have been carried out by Nigerian doctors. Health services in Niger are payable, which means that most parents of the children suffering from Noma have no possibilities to pay the surgery. Through collaborations like the Fundació Campaner conducted in the area, these children may have a more dignified life and are prevented from social discrimination.

Source: Fundació Campaner’s Report.

Where’s Diffa?

Diffa is a region situated in the southeast extreme of Niger. Its capital it’s also called Diffa and it’s near the country’s border with Nigeria. In 2010, the region had a population of 473,563 people, 51 % of men; in a country where the same year the population was more than 15 million people.

Niger is a relatively young country, the average age in 2011 was 15 years. This is due to the fact there is a significant number of children per woman in the country, 7.1. The mortality rate is no one of the highest in sub-Saharan Africa, as life expectancy for both men and women is around 60 years.

The economy of Niger, and also Diffa’s Region, is primarily agricultural, based upon pastoralism and farming. The major crop, grown both for subsistence and sale, is Millet, especially drought tolerant varieties.

Eradicating Noma in Diffa is closer thanks to Eva Cosmetics

Eva Cosmetics has become Worldcoo’s first sponsor. This company, who has passed Worldcoo’s ethic code, has decided to give one euro for each euro given by their customers. If you are one of their costumers, when buying through their web platform, we will find the option to give one euro to the project they have selected, in this case is the one we have in Niger, “Construction of a fenced for crops”, from Fundació Campaner. If the costumer does it, the company will double it.

Eva cosmetics takes care of the environment, as well at it’s a company who cares about health and beauty of people. They have decided to support this project because it tries to eradicate Noma, the disease against children, by building a fenced area for crops.

Worldcoo feels proud to have this dynamic and interesting company as a sponsor.

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