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Bonpreu and Esclat Supermarkets join the Worldcoo community!
No child without food this Christmas
Goal #10: Reduce inequalities in the world

Bonpreu and Esclat Supermarkets join the Worldcoo community!



A partir de ya mismo, los clientes de esta cadena de Supermercados tendrán la posibilidad de aportar su granito de arena de forma solidaria, rápida y efectiva al mismo tiempo que realizan su compra mediante la aplicación móvil que dispone la marca o desde el espacio privado de la web de Bonpreu y Esclat.

From now on, all their customers will have the possibility to collaborate with social causes at the same time that they making their purchase through the mobile application that the company has or from the private space of its web.


Customers will have the option to collaborate in two different causes:

1. FIGHT AGAINST CHILD CANCER with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Foundation.

asociacion-anita-sant-joan-de-deu-research-foundation-logo-investigacion-tumor-celulas-germinales-germ-cell-tumor-research-jaume-mora-james-amatrudaNow the Foundation wants to build the new PEDIATRIC CANCER CENTER, a new center dedicated exclusively to child cancer treatment. This is a further step in order to improve the investigation of childhood cancer and reduce the side of the 300 little braves.  You can read more about this project and the current donation status HERE.

2. HELP TO THE REFUGEES OF LAKE CHAD with Oxfam Intermon. 

OX_INM_VL_C_RGBMore than 2,6 million people have been forced to escape from their home and 9 million people need urgent help in Nigeria, Niger and Chad. In front of this situation, Oxfam helps all this people who have been displaced and those communities that are helping them.

Customers of Bonpreu and Esclat will contribute to distribute 7.000 L of water to 300 people affected in the Lake Chad.

You can read more about this project and the current donation status HERE.


They only have to have the customer card to make donations of the amount accumulated in the piggy bank.

Once you have your shopping cart ready and ready to pay for the total purchased, all customers will have the possibility to add an extra € 1 to their purchase before making the full payment via bank card.

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No child without food this Christmas


Nicequest users are more solidarity than ever before! After Matthew Hurricane, which struck the Caribbean cost last October, we launched an emergency campaign to help the victims and, trough their collaboration, they have raised €8.000 that will help Oxfam Intermon to send hygienic kits to more than 600 families. Thank you very much! You can remember the project HERE.

logo3Their next challenge will be provide a decent meal per day to 800 children in Bolivia thought SOS Children’s Village during Christmas time. It is an important dare because every day, in every Latin America country, thousands of children lose the care of their families. They have nowhere to find the protection care and support they need for their healthy development, such as access to a healthy and nutritious diet.

In this context, SOS Children’s Villages works in order to guarantee one of the fundamental rights in the life of a child: food, essential for their growth and development.  And now, our friends from Nicequest have the opportunity to collaborate with it too.

You can follow theprocess HERE.

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Goal #10: Reduce inequalities in the world

Few weeks ago we were talking about a goals (Sustainable Development Goals) that 193 UN’s Members had approved in order to reach 3 extraordinary purposes: ending extreme poverty, fight against inequalities and injustice and combat climate change.

Since the beginning of 2016 until December 31, 2030, different economies, companies and citizens of the world will have to follow the itinerary marked by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in order to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

A days after, Oxfam Intermon NGO published a report in which talked about inequalities there are in the world. The report called “An economy for the 1%” has the aim of this report is to end with the privileges and the concentration of power to slow the extreme inequality.

Today, we are creating an infographic with the most relevant data we have found about inequalities in the World and in Spain. If you want to read the whole report, you can download it in Oxfam Intermon webpage.


Growing economic inequality harms everybody as it weakens the growth and the social unity. But is the poorest population who suffer their worst consequences.” – Oxfam Intermon

Oxfam Intermon has made this report to demand the governments to work hard for having more redistributive societies and get a social justice. Furthermore, for the future government in Spain, the NGO has asked a new law against tax evasion with more effective steps and with greater control.

Oxfam Intermon also asked social steps that guarantee, among others, a minimum incomes for all homes, increase the minimum salary to 1.000€, reduce the salary gap between women and men and promote recovery of 0,4% of international development aid.

It is time for world leaders in this era of modern capitalism work together on all governments to change the system and make it more inclusive, equitable and sustainable” – Lady Lynn Forester

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