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The refugee crisis goes on
Refugee crisis: your help is very valuable
Emergency relief for the refugee crisis

The refugee crisis goes on

The boats continue arriving to the European coasts through the Mediterranean. All the travel risks, the waves or the low temperatures are insufficient to stop all the refugees that every day trying to arrive to Europe.

The refugees arrive to European coasts exhausted, wet and frozen. They are exposed to the death but it doesn’t matter, they prefer suffer this situation before that continue living with the concern that one day a bomb may hit in their home or that a bomb may explodes near them when they are in the street.

Despite the difficulties, there is no evidence that this situation will change. From the beginning of the year, 31.500 refugees have arrived to Greece. Last year in the same period, this data was 1.700 refugees.


Unfortunately, when refugees arrive to Europe, their situation doesn’t improve. European countries don’t know how to manage the flow of refugees neither humanistic or logistically. For example, only 322 refugees of 160.000 (that the European countries had promised) have been relocated in the whole European territory. In addition, some countries have started to monitor the number of persons who cross the borders.

For many refugees their stay in the refugee camps had to be temporally but the truth is that their stay there is becoming to a permanent stay. Low temperatures have arrived with the winter and this fact has become in a new challenge for the refugees. The reason is that if they want to have fuel for heating, they have to pay and their savings are running out. For that reason it is difficult for refugees look a future beyond the refugee camps.


If you are an Uvinum customer you can help Oxfam Intermon to provide water, refuge and health care to help thousands of refugees who are forced to leave their homes. If you want to know more information about the project, click here.

Together we have to avoid that this situation becomes “something normal” for us. Syrian refugees still need protection and humanitarian aids.

The Worldcoo team.

Refugee crisis: your help is very valuable

The poverty and the lack of opportunities in countries at war like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan have caused that thousands of people don’t have any alternative to flee to other countries looking for protection and new opportunities.

From the beginning of the year 2015, more than 500.000 people have tried to arrive to Europe and almost the 75% (387.000 people until September) have arrived to Europe through the Balkans, crossing East countries, especially Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. The crisis at Syria and the instability in that region suggest that the number of newcomers will continue increasing.

Refugees arrive to Europe exhausted, thirsty, and hungry. Many times they also need urgent medical attention because of they often sleep outdoors and they don’t have resources to endure the winter. The 25% of the refugees that arrive in these situations are kids.

Oxfam has worked for years in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, among other countries, to provide drinking water and help to people that have lost everything. In this context, Oxfam Intermon has decided to begin a humanitarian response program in Serbia to help thousands of people that flee looking for protection.


To combat the bigger refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War all the possible help it is necessary. For this reason, Uvinum has wanted to godfather Oxfan Intermon’s project in order to provide water, refuge and health care to help thousands of refugees who are forced to leave their homes. All these activities will be carried out thanks to the solidarity of Uvinum customers.

Oxfam are focusing in Šid, near the border with Croatia, Dimitrovgrad near the border with Bulgaria and in Preševo/Miratovac, near the Macedonia border. With the donations made by Uvinum customers, 154 refugee families will receive hygiene kits and blankets to cope with the cold weather. In addition, these families will receive information and legal support to advise the refugees about the social laws and the risk they may find in their travel, for example mafias or human traffickers.

If you are an Uvinum customer and you want to give humanitarian help to refugee crisis don’t hesitate, add your solidary euro in your purchase, your help is very valuable.

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Emergency relief for the refugee crisis

Countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea are living in a situation of constant conflict and destruction. Many people living in these countries are running away and they are taking a risk in the long and risky sea voyages because they can lose their life.

In the first half of 2015, more boats have come to Europe than in the entire 2014. It is estimated that at the end of 2015, the number of refugees and migrants that will make the voyage for the Mediterranean Sea to Europe will arrive to 400.000 people. At the present, the number of refugees and migrants exceeds the 322.500 people.

The Mediterranean Sea is known as the deadliest border in the world because of thousands of desperate immigrants and refugees drown in boats that try to arrive to Europe from Africa and Middle East. Throughout 2015, about 2750 people have lost their life during their trip to Europe and as this emergency situation progresses, people arriving alive are facing an increasingly difficult reception.

All the European countries that welcome refugees are overwhelmed. For example, in Greece 205.000 refugees have landed, the 65% of these refugees came from Syria. The worst thing is that the number of children that have lost a family members and end up alone has increased.

refugee crisis

ACNUR is training European governments to take care and treat all the refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Also, ACNUR is deploying 900 shelters in Greece, Macedonia and Hungary to help the refugees and the governments.

ACNUR focus their effort in realize different activities for help Mediterranean refugees:

  • They are improving rescue services in order to manage the needs of housing, food, water and basic support of refugees arriving in Europe.
  • Other activity that they are realizing is offer their specialized staff to develop more quickly and correctly the refugee registration and guarantee that they will be able recognized, protected by law and have access to doctors.
  • Their staff is also helping to governments to identify if some refugees need specific help, for example, help children traveling alone.
  • Provide direct emergency humanitarian assistance, for example, providing hygiene kids, sleeping bags, food or water.

The fourth banking group in Spain, Banc Sabadell, with more than 2.000 bank offices and 6 million of banking customers, will help ACNUR to support and advice to the Government and local Greek authorities at front line reception for newly-arrived people seeking international protection on their rights and obligations and to provide direct support to refugees. In order to help in the refugee crisis, Banc de Sabadell will offer to their customers and their workers the possibility to make a donation for this cause.

Thanks to the customers and employees of Banc de Sabadell, 460 emergency rescue kits will be distributed, each kit has a cost of 25 euros. Also, a reception center, where thousands of asylum seekers can receive vital medical care, will be installed. It costs around 8,500 euros.

In this project, the funds raised will be designated to Greece because it is the country that has received more refugees in the last months.

The Worldcoo team.

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