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Social Round Up to collaborate with Juegaterapia
Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up
The Social Round Up presentation
The customers of Bonpreu Esclat can now round up their purchase!
Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!
Social round up is already here!

Social Round Up to collaborate with Juegaterapia


LOGO_POSITIVOSánchez Romero Supermarkets start today a new fundraising campaign through our Social Round Up. On this occasion, the objective is to raise funds so that Juegaterapia will be able to reform the “Hospital Niño Jesús” (Madrid) and make it more attractive to children.

The “Hospital Niño Jesús” in Madrid is one of the oldest one in the location. It is right in front of the Retiro Park, one of the main leisure venues, a place where the locals go to enjoy the green surroundings, to practice different sports or to enjoy cultural or social activities. It is a space which contrast with the Hospital.

logo-juegaterapiaThe idea for the project is born from this contrast between two venues that are physically so close. On the one hand, the hospital where children spend so much time “confined”, and on the other, the park, open, inviting, a place of enjoyment.

The project is intended to transform the look of the Hospital and give it a new look and fill it with light. The Hospital will be refurbished, its hallways and common areas to depict very recognizable landscapes mimicking the nearby Retiro Park. Children will be able to look at birds, trees and flowers with their eyes and their imagination.


Now, those customers of Sanchez Romero who want to round up their ticket and donate few cents to the project, will collaborate with Juegaterapia to reform the corridor of the 0 floor of the Hospital.

You can get more information about this project and check the daily fundraising status through this LINK.

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Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up

The new campaign, “Cent to cent, we make future”, invites to collaborate with Gasol Foundation when paying with card


LOGO VIENAAs you know, since the end of last year, all the customers of Viena that pay with card have the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause. Until now, they have been collaborating in favor of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. In total, they have raised more than €235,000! This contribution will help the organization to implement a new Research Unit in the Prevention of Dementia, a pioneering project promoted by the same organization. From here, we would like to THANK all the “Viennese” people who have made it possible!

The new project: promote and support scientific research in the field of child health

logo_gasol_foundationViena launches a new social project this week. On this occasion, the objective is to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation to carry out a new study – called PASOS- that will help to know the habits and lifestyle of Spanish children and teenagers.

Did you know that 80% of young people doesn’t have a sufficient level of physical activity? (OMS 2018)

The results obtained from the PASOS study will help establish some lines of action for children’s health according to the reality and the identified needs, always with the objective of combating the sedentary lifestyle of children and the little physical activity.


We remind you that, if you want, you can get more information about this project and check the fundraising status through this link: https://viena.worldcoo.com/

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The Social Round Up presentation


Yesterday afternoon, we celebrate the presentation of the Social Round Up, our new fundraising mechanism that has already helped us to collect more than 900,000 donations thanks to the 500 commercial establishments who already offer their customers the option to round up their ticket for charity.

During the event, that brought together more than 150 people, we listened the experience of some of the companies that have already implemented this new channel, such as Condis, Viena or the Bon Preu Group, as well as the beneficiary entities of the new channel, such as “Arrels“, Educo, Pasqual Maragall Foundation and “Casal dels Infants“.


Although each of them explained their own experience from the business and social point of view; all of them highlighted the good reception of Solidarity Rounding by the clients. In fact, the first surveys conducted show that 83% of people who donated would do it again. Proof of this is that since last year, more than €300,000 have been collected so far.

In addition, Alfred Vernis, Director of Sustainability of Intitex and ESADE professor, explained the importance of social actions and the relationship of companies with social entities, and Elisabet Carnicé, journalist and presenter, made that the event conduction was a success.


All this happened in the “Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm“, the support of Diari Ara and Corresponsables.


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The customers of Bonpreu Esclat can now round up their purchase!

logo_BonPreuEsclatBon Preu Esclat is the latest supermarket which has joined our “Companies with a Cause” community; they’re companies that offer their customers the option to round up their purchase and donate a few cents to charity.

In line with its social commitment, the Group Bon Preu is committed to promote the small donations to achieve big projects.

Since now, their customers have had the opportunity to collaborate with many fundraising campaigns through their “customer card”. Now they will able to do the same in the physical store.

How to collaborate

When paying with card, the same dataphone will ask if we want to round up our ticket and donate the cents to a social cause. To collaborate, the customer just has to press the green button and continue with the usual payment process.

IMG2_ Bon Preu posa en marxa l'arrodoniment solidari

The first cause:  Education support for children in vulnerable situations

logo_casalDid you know that in Catalonia the 14% of students don’t have the high school education? Inequality presents a clear territorial dimension and punishes especially some neighborhoods and municipalities in the country, where many families suffer social and economic precariousness. The local entity Casal dels Infants has been working for 35 years with the aim of preventing school failure of more than 2,000 young people at risk of exclusion in Catalonia.

Through the amount collected, the entity will be able to offer support and school reinforcement to those young people from the neighborhoods of Catalonia who concentrate inequality situations and thus promote equal opportunities.


Clients can follow the status of the project collection or request their donation certificate through the web https://bonpreu.worldcoo.com/es/.


Do you have a retail and would like to offer the Social Round Up?

You just have to write us through contact@worldcoo.com and we will give you all the details.

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Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!

The revolution of the “Supermarkets with a cause” has just started. Each time, there are more and more supermarkets that offer their customers the possibility of rounding up the final amount of their purchase anddonate the cents to contribute with a social cause.

Most of time, for us, three cents don’t mean anything; but the sum of these few cents can help change the lives of thousands of people.


logosrThe last company to offer this option is Sanchez Romero, a gourmet supermarket that has ten physical stores and an online store located in Madrid.

Under the “Sanchez Romero Solidario” campaign, the brand offers its clients the possibility of collaborating with different social causes with a direct impact on the Community of Madrid.

logo_crisThe first of these is Cris Contra el Cáncer, an organization born with the aim of financing research projects for the treatment and cure of cancer. Specifically, the clients of Sanchez Romero will collaborate so that the entity has the necessary economic resources to develop a new treatment that improves the survival rate of breast cancer, the most frequent tumor among women.  

Customers can have more information about the project and the fundraising campaign through this link: https://sanchez-romero.worldcoo.com/es/

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Social round up is already here!

We couldn’t imagine a better start of this 2018. Social round up is already here! From now on, all companies can offer their customers the option to round up the final amount of their purchase and donate the cents to a social cause.

The first social establishment

company_logoCottet Óptica y Audiología” is the first company which is implementing it. All their customers can round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause.

In line with their social commitment with the eye health of who need it the most, all the customers of Cottet collaborate with Ocularis, an entity that focus their activity in the ophthalmological training in developing countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Through the help of Cottet, Ocularis will train ophthalmologists and optical so they can treat thousands of people who need it. You can follow the donation process HERE.

I want to be a Social Establishment too! 


If you want to become a “Social Establishment” you can contact us HERE. We will be very pleased to count on you in order to help all the different NGO to boost their social projects around the world.

logo_ue“Social Round Up” takes part of the “Widget 3.0” project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 711367.

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