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Worldcoo pitched @ KIC Innonenergy Business Booster
Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…
Worldcoo is happy to pitch @ ESADE Cleantech Club

Worldcoo pitched @ KIC Innonenergy Business Booster

Last week Worldcoo attended the KIC InnoEnergy Business Booster in Barcelona. Business Booster strives to offer ideas and inspiration to pave the way for future success in businesses. It is the ideal place to mingle with other companies, sharing ideas and discovering new products.

We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and from the networking we did, we hope that future partnerships will arise.

by Sally Rice.

Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…

In today’s article we will approach the foundations of crowdfunding. Why? Because this funding method requires some knowledges to reach the success. Indeed, the base of crowdfunding is set on the crowd. On an internet platform, this crowd is your network.

So, the objective is to manage your network in order to glean some participations. How to do that? Why? Let’s see the answers.

How to manage your community?

Nothing more easy. When we say “manage”, it means “share” and “commit”. Your role as a member of worldcoo, a provider of project, or just a visitor, is to keep tuned your network. A little reflex like a share button clic, a comment, a like, or retweet is a lot more efficient that you can imagine! Truly, the internet communication is viral and extremely powerful. The slightest action gives birth to an incredible result.

Why do I have to engage my community?

Because you are the ambassador of the project. Worldcoo is only a platform who host it, but the communication is made by you. Also simply because it is the strongest way to bring a project to success. For example, if you make a donation and then tell it on your social account, there are many chances that your friends, members of your family, or anybody who can see what you’ve done do the same.

To conclude, if you are a donor, a mentor, or if you just want to support a project without involving money, you strongly should share a maximum the cause(s) you believe in to make them successful.

Got it? If so, lets join Worldcoo on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
And don’t forget to spread a maximum the project(s) you support!

Sharing is caring my friends 😉

Worldcoo is happy to pitch @ ESADE Cleantech Club


Worldcoo will be a guest speaker @ the Sustainability in Business Environement session held by the Cleantech Club. Also KIC InnoEnergy will be pitching together with Worldcoo. This is the program:

  • What is KIC InnoEnergy? What kind of ventures they support? What is their acceleration program about?
  • What is Worldcoo? How it works? What we learned?
  • Sustainable energy business.

Agenda: Presentation followed by networking cocktail in MBA cafeteria.

Date: April 17th.
Time: 3 to 5 pm.
Where: ESADE CREAPOLIS room 3D02.

We are looking forward to exchange opinions and learn from the Cleantech Club members, which are also studens from The ESADE MBA.

See you there!

The Worldcoo Team.

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