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PcComponentes against child malnutrition in Spain
The experience of Jordi and Joana in Tumm (Kenya)
Dining scholarships for 2 students at social risk
758 million of adults in the world, 15 years & older, still cannot read or write a simple sentence

PcComponentes against child malnutrition in Spain


Did you know that in Spain 1 in 3 children are at risk of social exclusion?

educoThe risk of poverty and social exclusion of children in Spain has increased to 33.4; a situation that undoubtedly has an impact on the emergence of problems related to child nutrition and affects their physical and social development.

In order to fight against this situation, PcComponentes customers have started a new campaign in which they will help EDUCO to implement their project “Lunchroom Shcolarships”.

Their challenge is to ensure that 10 children at risk of social exclusion can have a daily meal.  

pcThe launching of this campaign coincides with the financing of its previous project, which helped 250 children to continue their social and educational activity during the summer (you can remember HERE).

Remember that you can check the actual campaign status at any time HERE.

Worldcoo Team


The experience of Jordi and Joana in Tumm (Kenya)


2nd chapter of the experience of our two ambassadors in Africa.

Jordi and Joana have visited one of the projects we have collaborated with: the nursery school in Tumm (Kenya).

During their experience in Africa, Jordi and Joana have had the opportunity to visit some of the projects we have helped to fund in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda or Sierra Leone.

For example, some months ago, we helped to fund a social project in Tumm, a very small village located Nord of Nairobi (Kenya) in collaboration with the NGO Active Africa and with the solidarity of the users of Zacaris, one of the e-commerce with cause that collaborate with us.

Tumm is located in a very arid zone and its access is very difficult and complicated, so the population there has a lot of problems to have de minimum services related on health, hungry and education. The NGO collaborates there to face the hunger, education and malnutrition of the kids, one of the main problems of the area. Through this project, the NGO could improve the health control and influence in the behavior and the hygiene habits of the parents. You can remember it HERE.

Jordi and Joana managed to overcome the difficult conditions to arrive there. Following, they their experience!

DSC03917“What is the first thing you would do if you need to go to somewhere you don’t know? We put Tumm in Google Maps and… surprise! It didn’t appear. That was a small clue of the difficulties we would face to arrive there. 

They told us that we would have to get to Baragoi and from there try to get some kind of transportation that would arrive more on the north, until Tumm. So, once in Baragoi, we got up very early, had breakfast and we sat outside the bar, on the main road of the village and wait for some car. After five minutes, we managed to go there with car. At 9.30am we were at the village! We couldn’t believe it!

After meeting Steven and Angelica, a very nice couple of missionaries from Northen Ireland, and their fascinating cooperative adventures, we went to the house where the Missionary Teresitas Sisters were working with the NGO Active Africa.

20160916_112426We met Sister Dora and later, we decided to visit the school that the NGO Active Africa. impulse there. On the way there, we could look a little bit more how the village was. It was a dusty road and around there were some shops, cottages and cabins. There were people in the shade of large acacias and goats and camels grazing everywhere. All of them, with the uncertainty of not knowing who we were and what we cold be doing there.
A few minutes later, we arrived at the school. There were two buildings: the dining room and the kitchen in one, and the classes and a small office in the other. With the money that had been collected from Worldcoo’s hand, it was possible to finance the material and food for the boys and girls and the salary of the kitchen workers during that last year.

It turned out that the children were only two days gone, so the building was empty. Only two teachers and the sister were supervising the works of the court of basketball of the patio and planting some trees. It was a fairly simple place, but very cozy. That same day we were able to interview the mothers of some of the children and two kitchen workers to know the impact of the project.

20160916_113536The feeling we had after visiting the project is that it is doing a very good job and that many more projects like these are needed to continue to improve the quality of the people who need it the most. We believe it is important to emphasize that in the search for new social projects, it is important to continue giving support to those who do not give anything to the population, but rather provide them with tools so that they themselves are the ones who make the change.

We are not always aware of the fate that we have when we were born where we have done it and with the conditions that have been given to us. A little help on our part makes a big difference for those who have not had the same fate.

We are not always conscious of how lucky we are to have born where we had and with the conditions that have been given to us. With a very small thing we can make a big difference for those who haven’t had the same lucky”.

Thank you Jordi and Joana to share with us your experience with us!

In the next post we will explain you their experience in Patongo, on the north of Uganda.

Worldcoo Team.

Dining scholarships for 2 students at social risk


As you know, one of our commitments is to show with totally transparency  the progress of each of the projects we collaborate.  In this sense, today we present you the final report of the Family Aid program in Spain (promoted by “Action Aid”) and which the users of Zacaris, the main online shop where customers can buy any kind of shoe, were involved.

Thanks to their collaboration, 2 students that are living in a low-income household, will have the chance to have a guaranteed annual scholar lunchroom. Thank you so much!


Worldcoo Team.

758 million of adults in the world, 15 years & older, still cannot read or write a simple sentence


Today is the Internacional Literacy Day

Fifty years ago, UNESCO officially proclaimed 8 September Internacional Literacy Day to actively mobilize the international community and to promote literacy as an instrument to empower individuals, communities and societies.

The truth is that numbers talk by themselves: new literacy data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) indicate there are 758 million adults 15 years and older who still cannot read or write a simple sentence.  This means that more than 750 million people don’t have the basic knowledge that allow them to know their rights as an individual; so they are more susceptible to exclusion and poverty. Roughly two-thirds of them, 505 million, are female.

bookBoth for families and for communities, literacy means a necessary instrument to improve health and the relation with the world. In fact, we can affirm that literate society is more proactive to interchange knowledge, and illiteracy represents a difficulty to improve life quality and can generate exclusion and violence.

“The capability of reading or understanding documents is directly related to the eradication of poverty and to the development of communities and societies”, affirms Fidele Podga, coordinator of the Department of Studies and Documentation in Manos Unidas.

UNESCO is celebrating this day under the banner “Reading the Past, Writing the Future” and claim the importance of including literacy in the education programmes.

In Worldcoo we have joined to this commemoration and we encourage society and companies to make that literacy right will be a reality around the world with social projects like the following ones…

  • Regalador is supporting education in Honduras. Thanks to their collaboration, ACOES will be able to distribute 100 school kits among students of ACOES Schools in Nueva Capital.

If you want to celebrate this day with us, we encourage you to share your expressions with the hashtag #LiteracyDay.

Worldcoo Team.

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