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“Kiciclos” at hospitals
Healthcare assistance against severe food insecurity
School lunch for children at risk of exclusion
Ticketmaster against child malnutrition
Ticketmaster against AIDS
Ticketmaster against gender violence
Uvinum collaborates with the alphabetization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Decántalo with the food provision
Gender equality in the school
Rescuing lives in the sea

“Kiciclos” at hospitals

The customers of Santa Fixie Group collaborate with Juegaterapia


Playing brings great benefits in children who are hospitalized during long periods. It generates a different atmosphere with positive emotions and help them to escape from stress and anxiety.

logo_SFThe customers of Santa Fixie start today a new challenge and, for the first time, they do it together with Fundación Juegaterapia, an institution which was born in 2010 with the mission to brighten the lives of hospitalized children. They work so that every day all children with cancer just think about doing what any other child: play!

Everybody who wants to collaborate, they can add €1 to their purchase and help Juegaterapia to buy new “kiciclos”.

What is this?

logo_juegaterapiaThe “kiciclos” are tricycles with a built-in carrier so that the little ones can run around the hospital while they receive their chemotherapy sessions. The children will be able to carry out dizzying careers with their friends at the hospital while receiving the treatment.

Thanks of this, children at hospitals will be able to reduce the anguish that comes with receiving chemo-therapy sessions through play. Through the “kiciclos”, they will receive chemo while running around the hospital with these funny tricycles.


If you want, you can get more information about the campaign and check out the current fundraising status by clicking THIS LINK.

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Healthcare assistance against severe food insecurity

This month, Ticketmaster collaborates with Médicos del Mundo.

Coinciding with the celebration of the World Health Day, which will take place next Sunday 7, Ticketmaster collaborates to facilitating the access to health for those who need it the most.


Did you know that In South Sudan, an estimated 5.1 million people will suffer severe food insecurity every year?  The country has been in a conflict situation for more than 5 years now, the humanitarian crisis in the country continues to intensify and expand: violence is spreading and economic decline threatens the health, security and subsistence of the population. The most vulnerable population groups are minors, women, and people with disabilities or the elderly. They suffer even more from the consequences of the conflict, such as violence or lack of access to basic services such as healthcare.

logo_medicosIn front of this situation, entities such as “Médicos del Mundo”, provide assistance and contribute to the protection of the population of the Bor region, with special emphasis on women and children.

Now, when you buy a ticket in Ticketmaster, you can add a solidary euro and collaborate so that the entity can acquire medicines and appropriate equipment.

MdM - SouthSudan 2

Thanks to this, children of pediatric age (up to 5 years old) and pregnant or lactating mothers will receive adequate health care.


You can get more information or check the donation process by clicking this link.

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School lunch for children at risk of exclusion


The customers of PcComponentes can add one euro and collaborate with Educo

logo_pccompAfter collaborating with Pupaclown and Fundación Theodora in order to share smiles between hospitalized children (you can remember the project HERE), the customers of PcComponentes start a new project today.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in Spain, the number of children at risk of poverty or social exclusion has been increasing. Today more than 2.6 million children – that represents one in every three- are in this situation. Malnutrition is one of the direct consequences of this situation and it is estimated that more than 260,000 children cannot afford to eat meat, fish or chicken twice a week.

LOGO-EDUCO-CHILDFUNDNow, when buying at PcComponentes it is possible to add €1 to the shopping basket and collaborate with Educo in order that kids at risk of social exclusion or poverty can receive a daily meal in their school during one year.

Thanks to the amount raised through PcComponentes, 1,200 meals can be provided, which means that 8 children will be able to eat daily in their school canteen throughout the course.

As usual, we remind you that you can follow the donation process HERE.

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Ticketmaster against child malnutrition


We have started a new year full of new social projects in which the customers of Ticketmaster will have the opportunity to collaborate each time they buy a new ticket.

As you know, through the “Charity Euro” campaign, Ticketmaster allows their customers to add €1 (or more) to their bill and contribute to multiple causes.

In 2018, the company raised more than €70.000 destinated to 12 NGO and, in total, they helped 11.300 around the world. All of that, through micro-donations!

The first challenge of 2019

logo-vector-medicos-sin-fronterasThe first challenge in which they will collaborate will be the fight against child malnutrition in Borno State, in the North of Nigeria.  It is an area that, from many years ago, suffers the consequences of violence and the lack of food provision. In fact, close to 80% of the country’s internally displaced people are there.

The objective of Ticketmaster is to facilitate the nutritional and therapeutically treatment to 204 children who suffer from malnutrition in order to reduce child mortality and morbidity. They count on the job that Doctors without borders  develops there to achieve it. They are a medical-humanitarian organization that assists people threatened by armed conflicts, violence, epidemics or forgotten diseases, natural disasters or exclusion of medical attention.

How to collaborate

Remember that, if you want to collaborate, you just have to add the total amount you wish to donate in “Add €1 for charity in your ticket” and continue with the usual process.


You will have access to more information about this project and being able to follow the donation process HERE.

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Ticketmaster against AIDS


The company collaborates with the fight against this disease in Africa

Coinciding with the International AIDS day, the social cause that Ticketmaster supports this December is the fight against AIDS, a disease that, unfortunately, is still very stigmatized and affects more than 35 million people all over the world.

logo_enThe Fight AIDS Foundation and the Carmelo Hospital have started a new program called “Phambene!” (which means “go ahead”) in Xhosa in order to fight, in a long term and in a sustainable and respectful way, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The objective is to train doctors and laboratory personnel at the Carmelo Hospital and implement the laboratory technology required for the diagnosis of HIV. In parallel, the project will be used to obtain data on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mozambique and will be useful for the design of public health policies.

How can I collaborate?

Do you plan to buy a ticket for a concert, theater or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your basket and collaborate with the Fight AIDS Foundation.

We remind you that you can follow the donation process and have more information about the campaign through this link.

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Ticketmaster against gender violence


This November, the customers of Ticketmaster collaborate to promote the labor insertion of women who have been victims of gender violence.

If in October, the customers of Ticketmaster raised more than €9,000 to help the Spanish Association Against Cancer to offer psychological support to patients of cancer, this month they can support Ana Bella Foundation.

Did you know that 13% of Spanish women have been victims of gender violence and only 27% of them denounce it? There’s an unemployment rate of 22% according to Ministry and INE data, which means that 100,000 women survivors of gender violence without education are at risk of social exclusion.

Logo Ana BellaThere are 1,500,000 invisible women who do not access resources because they do not report what is happening to them. Thinking about them, in 2006 Ana Bella created the Ana Bella Foundation, a network of surviving women who help victims break the silence and start a happy life.

The most effective way for women to overcome violence is to favor their labor insertion in socially valued jobs. For this reason, at the Ana Bella School, surviving women at risk of social exclusion complete a Personalized Empowerment Itinerary that consists of specific professional training in sales, personal training to enhance their skills as victorious women and a job opportunity trampoline of face to the public as Brand Ambassadors.

The Ticketmaster collaboration

Throughout this month of November, the full amount collected through the solidary euros that Ticketmaster customers add to their basket, will go to the Ana Bella Foundation with the aim of offering training and job opportunities to Spanish women survivors of gender violence and that they are unemployed.

How can I collaborate?

Do you plan to buy a ticket for a concert, theater or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your basket and collaborate with the Ana Bella Foundation and collaborate with the labor insertion of women victims of gender violence.

Turn your ticket into solidarity with just one click!


cómo donar

We remind you that, if you want, you can check the status of live collection, as well as get more information about Ana Bella and the project HERE.

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Uvinum collaborates with the alphabetization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the third poorest country in the world; life expectancy doesn’t reach 50 years and children mortality sands at 19%. In addition, primary education is not free, so that less than 40% of children between 6 and 11 years can go to school.

inteRedIn front of this situation, InteRed, an NGO which is committed to a transformative education, which generates the active and committed participation of all people in favor of justice, gender equity and social and environmental sustainability, carries out various literacy and professional training projects in the city of Kinshasa

355After collaborating with Active Africa  in the construction of a water well in Malawi that will help to ensure the access to drinking water for its population, Uvinum customers have a new challenge: achieve an educational and social improvement of the child, youth and adult population in Kinshasa.

Thanks to the collaboration of Uvinum’s clients, 650 children and young people of Kinshasa will be able to improve their education by participating in the activities organized in the Karibuni Library.

Remember that, if you want, you can have more information or see the fundraising status by clicking THIS LINK.


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Decántalo with the food provision


A couple of days ago, the customers of Decántalo completed the challenge of raising the necessary amount so that 30 people with disabilities could perform assisted therapy sessions with horses through the entity GLOBAL HUMANITARIA. You can remember the project HERE.

Thes next challenge is to achieve that 50 people at risk of social exclusion, receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for, at least, a month and a half.  

logo_nutricion_sin_fronterasThey will do so together with Nutrición Sin Fronteras, entity that provides food to social centers through the program “Barcelona shares food”, an initiative to take advantage of food cooked surplus of hotels in the city. The entity deals with the transport of the same and performs training to food handlers, ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene and food safety throughout the process.

Thanks to the entire work circuit, it is possible to achieve the objective of reducing food waste and protecting the universal right to food for citizens living in poverty.

Remember that, if you want, you can have more information or follow the donation process lively HERE.

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Gender equality in the school


logo_sprinter“The latest report of the World Economic Forum on the gender gap warns that, after a decade of slow but steady progress, this year several indicators of parity have not only stagnated but have worsened.”

Coinciding with the return to school, Sprinter launches today a new fundraising campaign with which they offer to all their customers the option to donate one euro for charity and collaborate with Ayuda en Acción through their program “Aquí también”.

logo_ayudaenaccionThe objective is to apply the gender perspective in education to achieve full equality of rights between women and men from childhood through extracurricular leisure activities.

Thanks to this, 20 children will be able to participate in this program and end the intergenerational transmission of poverty through education outside the classroom with an inclusive perspective on gender equality and favoring equal opportunities.

How to do it?

When you’re paying for the articles you have bought, you can add one social euro and collaborate to end gender inequality.


Remember that on our website you can follow the status of the updated collection of all the projects. Click HERE to see this.

This action takes place in the context of the campaign “Vuelta al cole de Sprinter”, which promotes the importance of making visible the need to have inclusive spaces that ensure that all girls and boys have the same place to play in the playground of the school.  Through the Sprinter School, the company offers its clients the possibility to attend free online workshops on gender equality and family storytelling also focused on promoting equality from childhood. For more information and registration: https : //www.sprinter.es/escuela-sprinter

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Rescuing lives in the sea

Since September 2015, Proactiva Open Arms has rescued more than 60,000 people who escape from their countries due to wars, violence and poverty.

open armsAfter collaborating with SOS Children’s Villages in order to improve the nutrition of 30 children at risk of social exclusion (you can remember the project HERE), the customers of MeQuedoUno have now the opportunity to collaborate with the FREEDA Project,  an initiative leaded by the HEMAV Foundation and Proactiva Open Arms.

HEMAV_Logo_Foundation_2017_Tagline_AzulThe FREEDA Project was born with the aim of give a response to the humanitarian crisis through the use of technology. With this project, the Foundation facilitates the equipping of the boats of Proactiva Open Arms with an extensive search drone that flies over the sea with a very clear mission: to find and locate people and boats adrift.


With these drones, the Proactiva Open Arms team can cover a greater extension and multiply the capacity of rescuing people in the sea, especially in the area of the Aegean Sea and the Central Mediterranean.

Through this project, MeQuedoUno’s customers will collaborate with the reduction in the number of deaths or missing persons compared to the figures provided by the UN Refugee Agency, which accounts more than 16,000 deaths and millions of displaced people in the recent years.

Remember that you can follow the donation process through THIS LINK.

More information (in Spanish):

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