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Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!
Football as a social inclusion tool in Chad
Therapy dogs with children with autism
Art and youth labor insertion
Training of women as bicycle technicians
Italia Tren collaborates with AMREF to promote specialized surgery in regional hospitals of Ethiopia
Help homeless dogs not go hungry
Fighting against leprosy in Africa

Ticketmaster raises €30,000 for social causes!


As you know, since last October, Ticketmaster offers their customers the chance to collaborate with social causes though our charity widget.

logo_ticketmasterEach month, Ticketmaster has supported a different cause and its customers have had the opportunity to add € 1 (or more) to their purchase and show their social commitment. The response of the initiative has been so good that today they have already raised more than € 30,000!

This amount has been allocated to 8 social entities so that they carry out their social projects: Ayuda en Acción, Oxfam Intermón, Fundación Theodora, RAIS, Fundación Unoentrecienmil, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Unicef ​​and Voces.

Thanks to this, Ticketmaster customers have collaborated with medical research to cure leukemia, help the homeless or promote the labor insertion of women in India, among others.

Celia Carrillo, Chief Marketing Officer of Ticketmaster Spain, emphasizes that “for Ticketmaster, collaborating with Worldcoo is a priority because it allows us to respond to a social demand from our own clients. Now, they can contribute quickly and effectively with different causes of solidarity in their purchasing processes. “

For his part, Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo, adds that “through the union with Ticketmaster, we have detected that the world of entertainment and culture has an important component of solidarity. Since we started our collaboration with Ticketmaster, donors have increased every month and the response from all of them has been more than positive. “

This month of June, coinciding with World Prostate Cancer Day – June 11 – Ticketmaster supports medical research of this type of disease with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Until December, clients will have the opportunity to make their micro-contribution to fight against gender-based violence, child poverty or AIDS, among others.

All donations made by Ticketmaster users can be followed in real time through the web https://ticketmaster.worldcoo.com/

Worldcoo Team

Football as a social inclusion tool in Chad


logoThe customers of PcComponentes have funded their last challenge. Thanks of that, 45 children who have or have had parents with cancer, will participate in children’s camps organized by the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). If you want, you can remember the project HERE.

Now, together with Ramón Grosso Foundation, they start a new project with the pursue of promote education in Chad through sport practice.

logo_ramongrossoIn Chad, 87% of rural population lives below the poverty line. In Trouka (town located 20 km from the capital, D’Jamena), the  Ramon Grosso Foundation school provides education to more than 1,300 children; a key aspect to improve life conditions in the town. 125 of them take part of a football school where there are educated and motivated to continue studying through the values that characterize sport.

It is a task that is not always easy; because of the high temperatures, the soccer field is not well conditioned and the need to get them adequate material and footwear to play, is essential.

Thanks to the charitable euros donated by the customers of PcComponentes, 120 boys and girls from Trouka (Chad) will receive school and sports equipment and will thus help to promote their school motivation.


You can check the current fundraising campaign status HERE.

Worldcoo Team

Therapy dogs with children with autism


Those who follow us on social network, may know that Mascoteros has recently funded its last project, which has helped Jadoul Foundation to feed 170 homeless dogs during one month and a half.  You can remember the project HERE.

It is not the first time that Mascoteros customers show their social commitment when making their purchases. In fact, to date, its customers have raised close to € 10,000. Thanks to them, 4 social entities could start up their projects related to the animal world

Now, they initiate a new challenge so that children with autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) can carry out their therapy together with dogs, something that will increase their motivation and, consequently, the results of the therapy they follow.

bocalan_logoThey will do it together with Bocalán Foundation, an entity characterized by the inclusion of animals within therapeutic or educational processes with different groups that allow greater participation.

And it is that, often, people with autism show alterations in communication and social interaction, causing them difficulties in relating and understanding social behaviors, as well as difficulties in the language. Dogs help to capture the attention of children and encourages their participation in therapy by being a living being that moves, has different textures, smells and interacts directly with them.

 The challenge of the Mascoteros clients will be to obtain the necessary capital so that 10 children with autism can benefit from the assisted therapy with dogs for 4 months.

Click HERE to follow the donation process.


Worldcoo Team

Art and youth labor insertion

As you know, since some months, Ticketmaster offer their customers the option to donate one social euro when they buy their tickets and collaborate with social causes; each one, one different.

vocesThis may, Ticketmaster will collaboratw with Voces Foundation in order to facilitate the labor insertion of young people at risk of social exclusion through art.

Nobody better than Ticketmaster to attest that culture is a tool of social cohesion that stimulates citizen participation, generates opportunities for economic development and for the reduction of poverty.

In that sense, Voces Foundation takes culture as a basis for social change and it’s committed to improving the socio-personal and professional positioning of young people at risk.

16kms_Talleres 1

logo_ticketmasterThanks to the donations received through Ticketmaster, the Foundation will organize the recording of a short film with the participation of young people at social risk of exclusion in Cañada Real (Madrid). The objective is to offer social and professional training through creative tools and written expression.

This is an extremely important challenge if we take into account that, according to the INE, in Spain more than 40% of people under 25 are unemployed.

The challenge of May will be to raise the necessary capital so that 100 young people at risk of social exclusion can participate in the recording of a film short film, favors their development and access to the labor market.

Don’t forget that you can follow the donation process HERE.

Worlcoo Team

Training of women as bicycle technicians


Santafixie-GroupWe have spoken many times of Santa Fixie Group’s continued commitment to the use of bicycles as a tool for social and labor inclusion. Through their latest funded project, they have managed to get 25 children and young people from Palmarín (Senegal) to go to school thanks to the delivery of multiple bicycles (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, through Maya Pedal, they present us with a new concept of bicycles: bicimachines, an ecological alternative that proposes to replace motors that consume electricity or petroleum derivatives.

mp_logoMaya Pedal is an organization that works to improve the conditions of Guatemalan families, while at the same time contributing in each of their actions to the environment. The entity is a pioneer in the creation of bi-machines, which are driven with the force of pedals, through human propulsion.

They are machines that use the power of pedaling to drive “appliances”, such as blenders, washing machines, water pumps… No need for electricity. So they are a good tool to support the family economy.


In addition, since they are built by hand in the Maya Pedal workshop, they are also a very good opportunity to access the labor market. This is the goal of this campaign: to raise the amount needed to train adolescents who have left school so that they can work as bicycle and bicycle mechanic techniques.

All the euros collected by Santa Fixie will enable the entity to train 30 teenagers between 14 and 19 in San Andrés Itzapa (Guatemala) as bicycle and bicycle repair techniques, which will allow them to enter the labor market.

Would you like to know the current fundraising status?  Click HERE.

Worldcoo Team

Italia Tren collaborates with AMREF to promote specialized surgery in regional hospitals of Ethiopia


The ratio of surgeons stands at 1 per 277,819; the ratio of obstetricians is 1 per 659,583 people and the ratio of anesthetists is 1 per 2,203,600 inhabitants, which are also concentrated in hospitals of the largest cities.

For some months now, Italia Tren, the distributor company of TrenItalia.com (leading railway company in Italy), collaborates with different social causes offering its customers thee opportunity to add a micro-donation to their purchase.

logo 1024x576pxIn this occasion, they will do it with Amref Salud África (Spanish Delegation of Amref Health Africa), the main health international organization of African origin and management.

The total amount collected thought the micro-donations done by all the customers of the company, will be addressed to train health personnel and promote specialized surgery campaigns in Ethiopia. The objective is none other than to improve access and quality of specialized health services for the country’s most vulnerable population.

During one week, a group of surgeons and ethiopian medical specialists, coordinated by the foundation, will move from the capital to the regional hospital to train in specialized surgery eight health professionals who work in that hospital. At the same time they will be able to do specialized consultations to about 90 patients and operate to 45

The greatest value of the campaign is based on the training received by the health staff of the regional hospital, which will acquire the capacity to care for patients who were not sufficiently prepared before, reducing the waiting time for admission and improving the system Ethiopian public health service.

This project starts today after completing the last one, in which the customers of Italia Tren were able to collect the necessary funds to help Plan International to distribute daily meals to 650 children during one month (remember the project here).

If you want to know which is the status of the fundraising campaign, click HERE.

Worldcoo Team

Help homeless dogs not go hungry


cap_eng_mascoterosToday we want to share with you the history of Bombón, a young dog that appeared at the beginning of last November in one of the refuges of the Jadoul Foundation  in a state of clear neglect.

A friend of the Foundation saw her and brought her directly to one of the centers of the  Jadoul Foundation in Cheste (Valencia).

“When Bombón arrived at the centre, the scenario was terrible” – Maria tells us, responsible of fundraising in Jadoul Foundation.  “We took her to the vet and they did several tests. She had a leishmania that had manifested cutaneous and due to the neglect and non-treatment of the disease, had affected the dog very aggressively. They prescribed special food, in addition to their medications, and special bathrooms to recover the skin and hair.

logo_1346From the first minute the dog proved to be an authentic sweetness, a real bonbon (hence its name). He allowed himself to do everything, and only had to endure the stinging when you healed her and stabbed you with a look of thanks when you finished. It broke our hearts. But as always, these furry ones we love so much do not give up, and she struggled and improved to become the preciousness that is now“, he adds.

Now, Bombón is a very nice dog, supper affectionate and, in the refuge of the Foundation she lives with many other dogs that, like her, look for a home.

After collecting the necessary funds so that 100 companuin animals of homeless people can have veterinary assistance, now the customers of Mascoteros will collaborate with Jadoul Foundation to help the 170 animals that, like Bombón, the Foundation host in order to ensure veterinary assistance and basic care.

Thanks to the amount that Mascoteros collect, Bombón and 170 more dogs will have food insured for a month and a half.

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.


Worldcoo Team


Fighting against leprosy in Africa


Zacaris, the online shoes retail, has achieved its last challenge: collecting the necessary funds in order that 80 boys and girls from slums of Sangharsh Nagar, Powai, Kanjurmarg, Vikroli and Marol (Bombay) can receive medical checks and prevent ocular diseases with Mumbai Smiles.

In line with its social commitment, their new challenge now is to fight against leprosy in Benin (Africa), where over 55% of population have difficulties to access to health services and other basic services.

anesvadWith its help, the NGO Anesvad will be able to provide medical and hospital supplies kits (bandages, disinfectant material gloves…) to the Saint Camille Health Center in Benin, where the entity has been collaborating for years to end leprosy. Thanks of its solidarity, the center will be able to treat 80 people affected by this infectious disease, with special attention to children.  

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

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