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Social networks and e-commerce: how can you take full advantage of their potential?
The communication, the best way to reach your crowdfunding aim

Social networks and e-commerce: how can you take full advantage of their potential?


Whether you are in charge of an online business or whether you are contemplating opening one soon, you will already know that creating the business is relatively simple task – the complicated part comes after. Giving visibility to your business once the option to buy online is activated will be essential for its success, but how do you manage to do this?

Social networks are, for whichever e-commerce, an essential tool and of prime importance, if well managed, to leading your digital business to success.

What makes social networks so effective?

  • The target audience for e-commerce are social network users. Users of social networks are people who have integrated new digital media into their daily lives naturally, they feel comfortable with them, and therefore, are a clear target audience for online businesses.
  • There is a social network for everything. There are more and more existing social networks, which are increasingly more specific and aimed at a more particular audience, which allows you to decide in which social networks your business will be present.
  • The possibility of segmentation. The majority of social networks already allow you to choose which target audience you want to reach, according to their age, sex, geographic area and even tastes and interests, therefore being able to take more specific and targeted actions through this channel of communications.
  • The ability to make e-commerce more human. Social networks allow e-commerce businesses to create an image of itself, to let people know who works in the store, and to give the digital side of the business a human touch which customers still look for.

The keys to maximising the results on social networks.

Captura41.Which social networks should I use? There are all types of social networks for all types of audiences and in this situation, like many others, quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Choose the social networks you are going to use according your target audience.

2. A plan of action. Don’t leave anything to improvisation, plan what content you are going to publish, at what times of the day and how often. Planning will assure you better results.

3. Excite your followers. Emotions move us, choose content that puts your target audience through the motions, which makes them feel and transmit positive feeling.

4.Take care of the image and design of your business in both its audio-visual and graphics materials. Publications with images are more successful those that only have text, as are videos more successful than photos; however, it is not as simple as that! The images you use have to be of quality, as well as the videos.

5. Mix up the content you publish. Don’t just simply settle for always sharing photos, nor always videos, nor always texts. Surprise your followers and don’t let them get bored of following your company.

6. Not everything has to be your own content! Look for those people who share topics and information that could relate to what you want to communicate and publicise their materials (be careful and don’t claim this work as your own and copyright other people’s work!).

7. Take advantage of the power of paid campaigns on social networks. Paid advertising campaigns are already possible in the majority of social networks; they are campaigns that allow you to reach out to the right audience and monitor the results very accurately, and best of all, all of that with a very small part of your budget. Make the most of them.

Ultimately, the content you publish is key to success in social networks and the possibilities are endless. Get started! We will give more information about this topic in our upcoming posts.

Worldcoo team.


The communication, the best way to reach your crowdfunding aim

Getting money from a crowdfunding site requires much more than having a good project. Crowdfunding experts say that it is not enough to communicate that you’re working on a good cause, which is also needed, they remark that the key factor is to reach your audience in the best way. And that means that you should invest a huge effort on planning your communication campaign, and then, of course, making it available to many people as possible.

As ReelSEO publishes, the communication in crowdfunding is a must to success, so it requires effort, patience and creativity for doing your best in it. The best idea to start is making a good video to show your project in a funny and interesting way. “You need an idea that attracts great interest, and you need to be able to spread the word using the various media outlets at your disposal”.

This is an example of a good audio-visual communication to show your project and to ask money for it:

The video is about two guys who have decided to create a peanut butter company called GoodSpread. They promise to donate a pack of therapeutic food to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition just from a purchase of one pack of their peanut butter.

This video has humour, a delicious, enticing product, and the feeling you’re doing something for a good cause aside from just helping two guys with their business. And another important thing emplaces you to share it and to explain it to all your contacts. Because sharing is caring!

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